Magento VS Volusion – Which Is Your Need, a Self-Hosted Solution or a Hosted One?

Magento VS Volusion – Which Is Your Need, a Self-Hosted Solution or a Hosted One?

With the increase in popularity and usage of e-commerce, Magento and Volusion have come forward to render service to web-based businesses. Among so many related tools available online, Magento is playing a considerable role in the e-commerce industry, offering versatile services to its subscribers.

However, Volusion gives a stiff competition to Magento and thus resulting in a hot Magento vs Volusion comparison. In the following, we have compared the two options based on popularity, usability, theme resource, plugin resource, and SEO.


It has been observed that the two options target different kinds of customer base. Volusion is designed in an effective manner to mainly deal with the small-ranged businesses whereas Magento likes to concentrate more on dealing with comparatively larger ventures.

As said earlier, Magento and Volusion target different groups of ventures as per their business ticket size. Besides that, Volusion keeps on launching new products and packages very frequently, whereas Magento believes in selling a small number of products for a longer period and gaining market reputation.

magento vs volusion targetThe launch of frequent new products shows that Volusion has gained lesser market reputation than Magento, and this launching strategy is nothing but a survival strategy.

But again, in the counterpart, the launching of new products on a short term basis acts as a center of attraction to the people by stimulating their curiosity part.


As the popularity is concerned, both of these shopping carts are popular in terms of service, and hold a good reputation in the industry. Though, Magento and Volusion are working on the similar grounds, but they have some unique features to offer to its customers. But, again in terms of popularity, Magento holds a higher reputation in the industry and among the customers because of its flawless services.


Magento has been designed and developed in such a manner that it works in a smooth and customized way for the easy use of the customers. It is very flexible in nature; therefore fits itself with the need of the customers. It has numerous things to offer that are very user-friendly and useful to the service subscribers.

magento vs volusion usabilityIn the case of Volusion, though the services provided by it are a bit more reasonable, it lacks in providing a smoother and flexible services as Magento does. Volusion also has some unique and effective features and facilities to provide with, but when it comes to the terms of usability, Volusion’s services are comparatively rigid and less user-friendly than the services offered by Magento.


Search engine optimization has a great importance in filling up today’s online business needs and requirements. If a person is eager enough to make his business successful on the internet world, only designing an attractive website is not enough. Proper SEO needs to be employed to increase the web traffic to the website. In SEO, Magneto beats Volusion hands down.

Out of the box features with respect to SEO gives Magneto a unique advantage over its competitors. Magneto generates meta data automatically and also offers keyword rich URLs. Volusion has some of these features, but overall Magneto is more search engine friendly than Volusion.


magento vs volusion usabilityLikewise SEO, a theme is an another very important factor that should not be avoided. A beautiful theme that is implemented in a website works as an eye catcher for the people can attract web users to visit the website on a regular basis.

Magento has been rated as one of the best theme providers to the webmasters. In addition to this, the custom theme concept is quite user-friendly. There are thousands of highly customizable Magento themes in the market. This not only helps in uplifting the customer sentiment but also boosts sales.

Volusion also offers theme services, but, unfortunately, its themes have not been that popular in the market. Besides, the number of template offering is smaller than that of Magento. Note that the constant process of upgradation of the themes is in progress both with respect to Magneto and Volusion.

Mobile Friendly

magento vs volusion mobile friendlyThe mobile trending with the mobile savvy is the key to ecommerce success in this generation. Magneto offers great features for the mobile environment with its advanced plugins and widgets.

Volusion is not far behind in the competition. However, Magneto is better with the more numbers of mobile tools that it offers.


Choosing the platform for an ecommerce application requires a lot of introspections and thoughts. Amongst the various options available in the market today, Magento and Volusion can be termed as the best shopping carts providing a good and effective service. But when these two are compared with each other, Magento holds a better position and a better reputation in every aspect than Volusion. Therefore, Magento can be highly recommended as it provides more flexible, hassle-free and effective services.

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