Magento VS BigCommerce – Which Is Better for Your eCommerce?

Magento VS BigCommerce – Which Is Better for Your eCommerce?

Both Magento and BigCommerce are easy-to-use solutions with thousands of webmasters putting trust in. Additionally, these two platforms not only have many in common and but also hold their own highlights. Therefore, it may be a dilemma for you to select one between Magento and BigCommerce for ecommerce need.

Aiming to work out a comprehensive comparison between these two solutions for you to choose a suitable one, we have made an all-round study of these 2 site tools based on the information at their official sites and the users’ experience. According to what we have found, we are focused on comparing Magento Community Edition with BigCommerce from several perspectives, including pricing, marketing, support and more.


As far as cost is concerned, Magento Community Edition, an open-source software, charges no money at all and is free to download. But if you want extensions and support for Magento, you need turn to the third party. On the contrary, BigComerce offers 3 packages, namely, Silver meeting all your need to start an online store, Gold covering next-level to your sales and Platinum using as a pro-grade tool to scale business.

Particularly, all of the packages support unlimited built-in Blog & SEO features, 60+ payment options, 150+ App integrations and more. Moreover, Silver, charging $29.95/mo and 1.5% transaction fee, includes 3GB storage and 24×7 phone support. Gold and Platinum, charging respectively $79.95/mo and $ 199.95/mo with no transaction fee, support unlimited storage, multi-channel sales and others.

Site design

magento vs bigcommerce site designThe updated Magento Community Edition allows you to obtain a responsive and rich-featured site within about half time as before. Besides, this solution enables you to share multiple online stores from only one admin area. Also, web service API is available for integration with third party application. Moreover, it is also integrated with content management system for you to create and manage information pages. Importantly, you can also install a Magento theme to beautify and personalize your own site.

BigCommerce is highlighted by its 100+ gorgeous themes for you to select for catering different items. This platform with style editor allows you to customize your theme in favorite flavor by using point-and-click system to change colors and fonts. With BigCommerce carrying carousel builder, you are able to promote products on the homepage with various and stunning images. Moreover, it is coded with modifiable HTML and CSS files.

Order Management

The two platforms have an easy order management system. To be specific, Magento Community Edition enables you to create, view, edit and finish orders from admin panel with ease. You also have access to offer customers with re-order service and email notification about their orders. Besides, to improve your store’s friendliness, you also have the ability to create a wishlist for them.

For BigCommerce, it is easy and quick for you to track orders, print invoices and pack slips from a control panel. Moreover, it allows you to add additional features like dropshipping with APPS. More importantly, you are able to avoid you inventory appearing low stock with different size and color.


magento vs bigcommerce marketingMagento Community Edition offers you with built-in Newsletter which allows you to send any information of your store to your customers like promotional events. On another hand, BigCommerce is not carrying this feature. But it does have integration with MailChimp and iContact, which Magento does not master.

The former one comes with plenty of promotion features, including discount system, product review and gift cards. For BigCommerce, it provides you a way to create coupon system with lots of settings and product recommendations. Moreover, both of them offer multiple selling channels.

Analytics and Reporting

Both of them offer a dashboard with customized reports including business review, sales report with best-sellers and returns, tax report, etc. Besides, Magento offers you access to detailed analysis with about 30 statistics. BigCommerce is focused on not only overviewing store from unique visitors, conversation rate, revenue and order geographical locations, but also viewing top 20 consumers list.

Additionally, these two excellent platforms have integration of Google analytics for monitoring which product drives conversion. And Magento wins BigCommerce in having individual report which the latter one does not have.


magento vs bigcommerce supportAs far as this aspect, Magento Community Edtion, a free ecommerce solution may not good as BigCommerce with different charges. As this Magento product charges no money, it does not enjoy too many supports except for community-based support.

Unlike the former, the charged BigCommerce offers all clients access to its dedicated team of ecommerce experts who help consumers to set up sites, enhance sites and promote sales. Besides, the professional support is available for 24 hours a day by phone, live chat and email.


Based on our detailed comparison above, we find out that both Magento Community Edition and BigCommerce are obviously reliable ecommerce software. To be specific, the former one with no price offers all necessary features for online store’s setup and management. The latter also provides many built-in features and better technical support. Therefore, the latter is slightly over the former.

However, if you want a cheaper solution and more possibilities, we suggest you choose Magento or other awesome ecommerce software like PrestaShop and OpenCart supported by most leading web hosts including ones listed in the table below.