Lunarpages VS BlueHost – Which Is the Better Linux Hosting Provider?

Lunarpages VS BlueHost – Which Is the Better Linux Hosting Provider?

Both Lunarpages and BlueHost are award-winning web hosts. They offer various tailor-made hosting plans for millions of users. However, it might be difficult for users to make a choice between the two. That’s why we are going to compare their Linux hosting service in an objective and responsible manner.

Given the length of this review and the number of plans, it is unrealistic to compare everything of them one by one. Therefore, we shall only compare their shared hosting service since most people start web hosting with a shared hosting plan.

As usual, the review focuses on price, features, uptime & speed as well as customer support. Before starting our detailed comparison, we’d like to share with you the overall ratings of the plans based on our first-hand hosting experience and large-sampled customer reviews.

Rating Lunarpages BlueHost
Overall 3 stars 5 stars
Features 4 stars 5 stars
Loading Speed 3.5 stars 4.5 stars
Reliability 4 stars 5 stars
Technical Support 3.5 stars 5 stars
Customer Ratings 3 stars 5 stars
Recommend No Yes
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Plans and Pricing

Lunarpages has one Linux shared hosting plan named Basic Hosting. Its price starts from $4.95/mo, covering only the minimum features including free domain name, storage, bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL databases and softaculous web script. Users need to pay $2/mo for cPanel, $2/mo for shell access, $4.95/mo for SSL certificate, and uncountable extra fees for a full package.

In comparison, BlueHost offers three options – Basic, Plus and Prime, priced stating at $2.95/mo. Note that the special price is exclusive to people subscribing through promotional link.

Plus is the most popular plan which costs one dollar more than Basic Shared Hosting. But it is more cost-effective since there are no hidden fees or gimmicks. It is a price for a complete package including a free domain and $200 advertising offer. Besides, BlueHost also promises a 30-day money back guarantee.


In terms of features for shared hosting plans, Lunarpages and BlueHost have a lot in common. They both offer cPanel as control panel, free setup, 1-click script installer, etc. These are all popular and useful tools to run websites. Still we find BlueHost has more features than Lunarpages does. Please refer to this table for more differences and similarities.

Feature Lunarpages BlueHost
Plan in Review Basic Hosting Plus
Free Domian Name(s) Yes Yes
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
1-Click Installs Yes Yes
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL5 Yes Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
Free Site Builder No Yes
Money back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
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Uptime & Speed

Both companies have made painstaking efforts to provide fast and reliable performance. In particular, Lunarpages has leveraged some advanced technologies, such as top power, cooling and monitoring systems and redundant UPS to ensure servers are running stably all the time. It has also employed various security methods, such as firewalls, switches, routers and intelligent hardware to prevent possible data loss. Such efforts should be appreciated.

Though younger than Lunarpages, BlueHost is equally capable in delivering quality performance. Their servers are blazingly fast. Although the resources are unlimited, they are closely monitored. If one website is overusing resources to the disadvantage of other users, this site will be temporarily assigned to some isolated systems. This is just an example of how BlueHost guarantees performance. For more information about its speed, please refer to this chart.

Customer Support

lunarpages vs blueshot technical supportBoth Lunarpages and BlueHost attach great importance to customer support. They offer roughly the same support channels – phone, live chat and email. Their professional technicians are ready to help their clients with the most basic or complicated problems on a 24/7 basis.

In addition, Lunarpages has created a Lunarpages WIKI to answer frequently asked questions and share special tutorials. Besides, it also runs a community forum where users can share hosting experience, ask for help, and get the latest news and informative tips.

Such a forum is available in BlueHost, too. It has also created a knowledge base similar to Lunarpages WIKI. It is worth mentioning that BlueHost offers not only technical support to their customers but also necessary guidance they need to succeed online. Besides, our real experience tells us that BlueHost support team responds much faster than that of its competitor.

Customer Satisfaction

To get as much details as possible, we also give a chance for our readers of another website to express their opinion about Lunarpages and BlueHost. The reviews are relevant to their feature, price, speed, reliability, and support.

As recorded, it is BlueHost that has received many praises from the users. Almost 90% users have hosted their websites on the Linux web hosting. Only a very small minority show their dissatisfaction on the speed, reliability, and support. There are much more users who are satisfied with the service quality. In a big picture, it is hard for a web host to get such a high customer satisfaction rate.

When you have a quick view to the below chart, you will quickly understand that Lunarpages is not a good option for those who care much about the service quality. The low community reputation is also an evidence for our investigation.


Both companies seem to provide brilliant Linux hosting service. If a choice has to be made, however, we recommend BlueHost as your web host because the price is more reasonable, features more complete and the performance and technical support are nearly equally good.

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