Local SEO – Definition and The Best Strategies

Local SEO – Definition and The Best Strategies

In our sophisticated Internet world, everybody has come across the term “Search Engine Optimization.” With SEO being a necessity for every website, all the companies having online presence follow the guidelines moderated by the search engines. Although the majority of companies have a fair knowledge about SEO strategies, the term Local SEO is quite new to their ears. If you own a small company but are unaware of Local SEO, this article is for you.

Here, we provide you with the basic knowledge of local SEO and introduce you the strategies that can help you in your website’s online presence.

Idea and Definition

First of all, we start with the definition of the term “Local SEO”. This is the process of optimization of your website in the search engine on the basis of geographical boundaries. It is the procedure that improves the local search engine rankings of a website by involving it in the results page when the keywords entered is not geo-targeted.

You must have noticed that when you enter a keyword in Google, several results are displayed, out of which one-third comprises of the local results. The local results that are displayed at the top of the SERP is the outcome of the implementation of local SEO strategy.

The companies that follow Local SEO tactics are rewarded by search engines in the form of improved rankings. Therefore, if you are looking forward to achieving improved results in SERP, you must know the following strategies.

Strategies and Tips

Local SEO Strategies and TipsListed here are some of the most effective strategies that can be followed for improving local search engine results.

Creating Local Places Page
Being associated with website and SEO, you must have fair information about local business pages. You need to create local business pages for three major search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing. In other words, you have to manage three listings and dashboards in order to ensure proper local SEO.

The main thing that you need to do for creating local places page is quite simple, and demands just a few minutes. To execute this local SEO strategy, you just need to fill up your information about your business such as location, contact details, and workings hours, etc. Completing these steps can be sufficient enough to create local places page and set up an account.

Optimizing Your Website
The local search involves two factors – the information presented in your website and the buzz about your company around the web. Although you can’t do much about the latter factor, you can work to improve the local SEO of your company.

You can optimize your website locally by creating a section for your contact details such as a phone number and address of your business’ principal place. Adding to it, you should add regional keywords naturally and publish locally-optimized content. You can also participate in local forums and communities to improve your local SEO listings.

Using Online Reviews
Using Online ReviewsAs your business is not popular all over the world, search engines believe that the reviews presented by residents of your primary place of business can provide useful information. As a result, Google trusts the reviews about your company.

More than the search engines, the reviews have importance in the eyes of prospective consumers. Consumers can go through the reviews without spending much time and decide which website to enter. This is possible because Google offers the reviews section in its results page after listing your company’s name.

The positive thing about the reviews is that you can manage them effectively. You can add a review button in your webpage so that viewers can quickly and conveniently provide a review about your company. These results can be displayed on the SERP as a local strategy for the SEO of your site.