Liquidweb VS BlueHost on Shared Hosting Service

Liquidweb VS BlueHost on Shared Hosting Service

We have made a comparison between Liquidweb and BlueHost, aiming to make clear which is the better shared hosting provider, although both of them are reputed shared hosting companies. To make this comparison unbiased, we have been closely monitoring our sites with the same size hosted on the 2 companies’ shared platforms for months. Besides, we have read many customer reviews online to learn how other real customers think about the shared hosting service of the 2 web hosts.

According to our monitoring results and the information we got online, we developed this comparison from several aspects, including price, feature, uptime, speed and technical support. Besides, we also made the following table to show the ratings that the providers’ shared hosting service respectively enjoy. Details are as follows.

Rating Liquidweb BlueHost
Overall 4 stars 5 stars
Features 4 stars 5 stars
Loading Speed 4 stars 4.5 stars
Reliability 4.5 stars 5 stars
Technical Support 5 stars 5 stars
Customer Ratings 3.5 stars 5 stars
Price $14.95/mo $2.95/mo
Recommend No Yes
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Background Information

Both Liquidweb and BlueHost have survived the fierce competition for more than a decade. With the release of multiple hosting services, both web hosts can meet your need for growth. Unlike A2Hosting whose focus is shared web hosting, Liquidweb concentrates the energies on cloud hosting. Those who want shared hosting from Liquidweb, managed WordPress hosting is at their service.

Since shared hosting is the first choice for most users, we want to have a detailed discussion on this hosting service. On our way to look for as much as details, we are able to reveal the fact with the combination of our personal tests and customers’ reviews. As a result, BlueHost shows their major advantages on price and speed. The BlueHost review chart is provided for you to better learn this web host.

With a tight budget, you are advised to leave Liquidweb out of consideration. When putting the price aside, we have to admit that Liquid is also a good option due to the good job on many other aspects.


Liquidweb VS BlueHost PriceTo ensure customers are able to find a suitable shared hosting plan to host websites, Liquidweb has released 3 different shared hosting packages with different server resources and features. The plans are named as Personal,Professional and Agency, respectively starting from $119/mo, $189/mo, and $289/mo. Each of the solutions comes with multiple domain names.

On the other hand, BlueHost that has been awarded as one of the top 10 web hosting companies, offering three plans and charging for $7.99/mo regularly. However, people who make an order by clicking the following promotional link are able to get a considerate discount and only pay $2.95 per month, coming with a free domain name for 1 year.

No matter which company people choose, they are capable of putting their money in safe, because both providers offer money back guarantee. To be specific, people with Liquidweb and BlueHost are able to ask for a refund within the first 30 days. In addition, both companies accept PayPal and credit cards, making the purchase easy and safe.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation


Liquidweb VS BlueHost FeatureWhen it comes to feature, the 2 providers have never disappointed any of their customers and share many similarities in this aspect. They both adopt cPanel as control panel, making customers manage their accounts and websites effortlessly. Besides, a 1-click script installer is included in cPanel, so customers are able to install and upgrade any of 100+ popular applications with several clicks. Moreover, they both provide shared SSL and SSH to ensure the security of customers’ data and the remote management.

However, there are also many differences existing between their shared hosting solutions. To help our readers know the detailed feature information, we made the following table.

Feature Liquidweb BlueHost
Plan in Review Personal Basic/td>
Monthly Bandwidth 5 TB Unlimited
Disk Space 100 GB 50 GB
Free Domain Name Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Shared SSL Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Site Builder No Weebly
Money back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
How to Claim Sign Up

Uptime & Speed

Liquidweb VS BlueHost PerformanceLiquidweb has invested a lot of money to enhance their 3 Michigan data centers and the Arizona data center. Each of the data centers is equipped with N+1 Generac diesel generators, Tier-4 power, UPS and powerful servers. Besides, all of them are SSAE-16 & HIPAA certified, featured with armed security, enabling customers to run websites stably and securely. All those tempting facilities help this web host provide 99.94% uptime on average.

As for BlueHost, this company made a guarantee to provide all their customers with at least 99.9% hosting uptime. To fulfil this promise, this company has invested lots of funds and time to optimize their 3 data centers, in each of which they use high quality Dell servers and reputed diesel generators. Besides, they use UPS power supply to ensure customers run websites with the best reliability.

In addition, technicians are standing by 24×7 to monitor the data centers and servers, guaranteeing customers can run websites with the least unexpected interruption. Our monitoring result shows that the average uptime of BlueHost in these months is 99.99%. Read the following chart to learn BlueHost uptime of the past 30 days.

The 2 companies also have done a lot to deliver fast hosting speed. Both of them have hired many technicians to keep monitoring the servers and network 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Besides, they both utilize high quality Cisco switches. Specifically, Liquidweb integrated its shared hosting service with SSD, just like InMotion and A2Hosting, while BlueHost adopts multiple 10-gigabit Ethernet connections and dual quad processor performance servers.

According to our monitoring result, the server response time of Liquidweb is 450ms, while that of its competitor is 320ms. See BlueHost server response time of the past 30 days in the following chart.

Customer Service

Liquidweb VS BlueHost SupportIn terms of customer service, the 2 companies both do a very good job. They allow all of their customers to contact their support teams by sending an email, making a call or starting a live chat. All their support staffs are on-site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so they are capable of responding quickly and offering instant help. In this way, customers are able to resolve their problems as soon as possible.

What’s more, in their knowledge base, there are many featured articles developed by professional technicians, from which customers can learn more about hosting and find the answers of common issues.


According to the comprehensive comparison above, we get the conclusion that both Liquidweb and BlueHost offer reliable and user-friendly shared hosting service and quality technical support. However, the service from the former company is a little slower and more expensive than that from its competitor. Therefore, we suggest people who are looking for a quality and affordable shared hosting package go with BlueHost.