Looking for Linode Promotion Code? Then Read This

Looking for Linode Promotion Code? Then Read This

Recently, a vast majority of emails from our readers manifest that they are concerned with the matter that whether the promotion code provided by Linode is trustworthy. To find out the answer to this question, we have personally experienced its service by applying the following coupon code. In below, we are to unravel the veil of the coupon code with analysis at length.

As for Cloud VPS hosting, this company comes with a total of 8 packages from Linode 2 GB to Linode 96 GB with their price ranging from $20/mo to $960/mo. Now Linode is promoting all packages with discount for webmasters who apply the coupon code 9109738f7398247297c253e69b142379e90eef89.

Using this code, webmasters are entitled to enjoy a 15% discount for a 24-month subscription and a 10% discount for a 12-month subscription. Moreover, this company does not accept payments via PayPal.

Is the Coupon Code Trustworthy?

After the coupon code applied, the price for a contract period of 24 months can be reduced to be from $17/mo to $816/mo whereas that of a 12-month one can be cut to be from $18/mo to $864/mo. In addition, please note that Linode charges $0.10 for each GB over the given transfer quota. Frankly speaking, the price is affordable but turns to be a little bit expensive when it is renewed. Therefore, in the long run, the discounted prices are not that cost-effective.

Does Linode Offer Money Back Guarantee?

money back guaranteeThis company promises 7 days money back guarantee that allows customers to get a refund when cancelling their accounts by clicking “Cancel Account” link that is located at “My Accounts” of the Linode Manager.

After this done, accounts will be cancelled immediately after confirmation. However, if webmasters ask for a cancellation after the first 7 days, they should pay additional $5.00 for service charge.

Summary – There Is a Better Option

Due to the renewal price and money back guarantee, Linode has not stood out from the crowd of Cloud VPS hosting provider. To look for a better one, we objectively deem A2Hosting Cloud VPS hosting to be commendable.

The reason is its exclusive SwiftServer Platform featuring blazing fast SSDs, which makes sure page loads up to 300% faster than standard drives. Furthermore, webmasters are capable of purchasing its service with only $9.89/mo by going with this particular promotional link.