KVCHosting Review – Is It a Reliable Hosting Company?

KVCHosting Review – Is It a Reliable Hosting Company?

In the market place, KVCHosting is famous for providing web hosting packages at an affordable price. However, price is not the only factor that decides whether a company is worth going or not. Thus, our editors have given an in-depth review of this company and objectively summarized its pros and cons as following.

This company has been in teh industry for more tahn 4 years. Up to now, it has been followed by a large group of webmasters around the world. To make clear whether the company’s unlimited hosting is quality and reliable, we have hosted one of our Joomla sites with this service and kept monitoring the site closely since last June. Besides, we have collected a lot of information on the web. According to our experience and the information we got, we made the ratings of this service as below.

KVCHosting Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3 of 5
  • Feature
    rating 4 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 3 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Price


KVCHosting is popular for the cheap price, good reliability and easy-to-use 1-click installer integrated with cPanel control panel. In the following, we’ll discuss about these factors in detail.

Affordable Price

After thoroughly researching, we find out that its Unlimited Hosting is the cheapest one. There are three packages called K Hosting, V Hosting and C Hosting. These plans are featuring differently and accordingly they have various prices ranging from $1.89/mo to $3.49/mo. To be honest, this price is really affordable which is lower than the average of the over 200 hosting packages we have reviewed. Besides, the company accepts not only credit cards but also PayPal. The former is the most popular payment method in the market while the latter is a reliable and secure one.

High Reliability

ReliabilityThe company guarantees at least 99.9% uptime whereby its quality servers and state-of-the-art data center. Its data center is powered by 2500 kVA utility power feed , multiple Kohler 1250 kVA diesel generators and multiple powerware 9315 500 kVA UPS. To make the data center operate well consistently, the company also utilizes multiple liebert 20 and 22 ton upflow AC Units to cool its servers.

Out of security concern, it applies 24x7x365 manned facility, multiple closed circuit tv security cameras, electronic perimeter access card system and 3rd party security company monitoring. With all these cutting-edge technologies, KVCHosting is able to keep a good record on uptime.

Good Usability

The company offers the user-friendly cPanel which is famous for the graphic icons and easy-to-use interface. Besides, in order to help people install many popular scripts, the company offers a 1-click installer integrated with cPanel. With this tool, more than 200 applications can be installed easily, even for newbies.


Apart from the good aspects, KVCHosting also has some disadvantages which are undeniable. We have objectively concluded its cons one by one in the following.

Frustrating Features

FeaturesFor the most affordable package, the company offers limited features to them. For example, K Hosting features 100 GB disk space, 5 add-on domains, and without free domain name. Besides, many important features are also lacked such as SSH, Cron Jobs, CGI and many more. Without them, webmasters may feel troublesome when managing their websites.

Little Gimmicks About Free Package

When visiting its home page, we notice that the company offers free web hosting which is really amazing. In the home page, there are three plans and each of them are pricing at $0.00/mo. However, when looking carefully, we find out that the company charges a lot of setup fees for the three plans, even the cheapest one is $4.99/mo. Thus, the free package is not really free.

Disappointing Refund Policy

Money RefundAt a glimpse of KVCHosting money back guarantee, it is really secure and worry-free for it is as long as 45 days. However, when looking carefully, we notice that this policy exists many drawbacks. Setup fees and add-on packages are non-refundable for any hosting package. Besides, full money back is only valid for 15 days. After 15 days, there is a deduction of $10 and the fees of the used part. Compared with its peers, KVCHosting loses it competitive edge in this aspect.

Low Speed

To know the exact figure of its page loading speed, our editors have come up with a performance testing for several months. As a result, the server response time of this company is 776ms on average which is slower than the average in the market.

Time-Wasting Customer Service

This company provides its technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All its customers can get the service through toll-free phone call, live chat, and email. As response time is very essential in technical support, we have contacted the support staffs by live chat for several times. Unfortunately, we got their reply after 2 minutes on average which is really a waste of time.


KVCHosting is a trustworthy web hosting provider for the high reliability and easy-to-use cPanel. However, when it comes to feature, money back policy and speed, it is not the best choice to go. Considering this, our editors have carefully selected some reputable web hosts with rich features, secure refund policy, fast speed, responsive customer service and affordable price. Check the detailed information in below.