KnownHost Review- Is the Company A Good Choice for Managed VPS Hosting?

KnownHost Review- Is the Company A Good Choice for Managed VPS Hosting?

On account of a relatively short engagement in the field since 2005, KnownHost has not been a familiar name, which triggers much bewilderment among webmasters. Hence, we make a comprehensive analysis to help our readers figure out whether this company is a dependable option by revealing the secret in terms of price, feature, performance and technical support.

First of all, we show the overall ratings of the service on the basis of our personal hosting experience, together with a thorough reading of hundreds of reviews from verified customers. Please check the chart in below for detailed ratings.

Furthermore, to ensure no-risk purchasing experience, all packages come with a 30 days money back guarantee that allows webmasters to get a refund when canceling the service. However, this money back guarantee is only valid for new customers who have never bought the service from KnownHost before. Therefore, for those customers who purchase the service more than one time, they are not eligible for this money back guarantee.

Can I Get Rich Features?

KnownHost divides its VPS nodes into isolated containers, which enables each of them to have their own set of memory, disk space, and CPU power by coming with 8+ CPUs ranging from 1xpriority to 8xpriority, guaranteed RAM from 512 MB to 5632 MB, disk space from 20 GB to 150 GB, and bandwidth from 2500 GB to 10,000 GB. Since there are differences among these packages, we have showed them in below. Please refer to the following picture to get detailed information on the amounts of the resources.


In the case of the control panel, the service comes with totally 3 different control panels including cPanel/WHM, Plesk and DirectAdmin which feature user-friendly graphic interfaces to make the administration of websites easier. Besides, webmasters can choose to use the command line with which they are capable of installing whatever they prefer without using the control panel.

What about the Performance?

knownhost_datacenterWith the aim to minimize the uptime, strategically, KnownHost operates altogether 3 data centers including one in North Texas, one in the West coast and one in the East coast each of which is equipped with fully redundant Cisco architecture using 12008 routers and 6509 Layer 3 switches, 100% diesel generator backup with auto start and auto transfer switch, and integrated smoke & heat detector system.

With the above state-of-the-art data centers, can this company make good on its promise of 99.9% uptime? Please check the following statistics that are worked out after we have hosted websites on a server and conducted a real-time monitoring by using Pingdom. Actually, its performance in uptime is satisfactory whereas that in server response time is not that remarkable.

  • Uptime: KnownHost delivers 99.97% on the average.
  • Server Response Time: KnownHost consumes 720ms averagely.

Is the Technical Support Efficient?

knownhost_supportThis company provides 24/7 technical support via the help desk that can be sought at its official website. Also, webmasters are capable of sending emails by visiting the support portal and clicking “Submit a Ticket” item to open a support, sales or billing ticket.

Moreover, its knowledgebase includes answers and solutions to some issues ranging from control panels to security. Backed by highly professional and experienced technicians, webmasters can always overcome difficulties quickly.

Nevertheless, its technical assistance is only available via email. Without the help that can be asked through phone and live chat, it may give rise to a great deal of inconveniences no matter for English speaker or non-native speakers. Hence, certainly, the efficiency of handling technical issues has to be reduced.

Summary – KnownHost Is Good But Not Remarkable

In a nutshell, from the comprehensive analysis we have carried out above, KnownHost is not a remarkable provider in spite of the truth that it still meets some common requirements of some webmasters. To spot a reliable and budget-friendly one, the companies in the following table may be a nice shot. Please refer to the following table to get more detailed information.