JustHost WordPress Hosting Review & Special 63% Discount

JustHost WordPress Hosting Review & Special 63% Discount

JustHost has a wonderful performance in providing WordPress hosting service to individuals and small businesses around the world since 2008. Over the years, JustHost has gained much appreciation for its outstanding WordPress hosting affordability, compatibility, usability, reliability and customer support. This JustHost WordPress hosting review will help you have a better understanding of whether JustHost is a good choice for you to create a WordPress site.

Among the thousands of web hosts in the market, the majority of them meet the minimum requirements for WordPress hosting. But many of them have not been optimized professionally for hosting WordPress site in result to the poor loading speed, hosting uptime and security. If you choose a good hosting provider, you only need to take care of the work to build and market the site for business. This is because all the left works will be well managed by the WordPress hosting company.

In this sense, we recommend JustHost WordPress hosting for personal businesses, based on the WordPress hosting compatibility, usability, migration service, reliability, customer support and price.

JustHost 100% Compatible With WordPress

JustHost is 100% compatible with WordPress, in view of its WordPress hosting package that covers rich features needed to host and optimize a WordPress site.

Since WordPress is programmed with PHP, JustHost supports the latest PHP 5.3.19 as well as running PHP as suPHP for an increased security, with all the required PHP extensions and modules such as cURL, GZip, DOM, .htaccess customization, custom cron jobs, etc. Besides, JustHost configures 256 MB memory as the PHP memory_limit, which is sufficient to deal with large requests.

Easy-to-Install WordPress Sites With JustHost

In most cases, you need to deploy WordPress site. such as, upload files, debug, configure hosting environment, and more. During the process, you may have trouble making your hair white without the professional support and server privilege, especially you’re a newbie in this field. cPanel, one of the most popular choice in the market, is the control panel JustHost integrates into each WordPress hosting account.

JustHost is thoughtful enough to provide every customer with SimpleScripts. The powerful 1-click installation software enables WordPress to be completely installed and configured in seconds with no technical experience required automatically. For WordPress users who have used cPanel but are not familiar with SimpleScripts, JustHost also offers another 1-click installer – Fantastico.

JustHost WordPress Site Migration Service

If you are dissatisfied with the previous WordPress hosting provider and want to transfer your sites, you can be totally away from the boring transfer process. You only need to provide the login information of the old account, then JustHost professional staffs will do the rest for you. The migration service is free of charge with the guarantee of no downtime.

Furthermore, if you need more control over the blog hosted on WordPress.com, JustHost really helps in this case. JustHost has instructed the detailed manual to help users migrate the sites over WordPress.com to theirs.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Environement

JustHost guarantees 99.9% hosting uptime for all WordPress sites. To maintain the promise, JustHost utilizes lots of advanced facilities and technologies in its data center, such as multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections and the high performance dual quad processor servers with UPS power backup generator.

Moreover, JustHost network is monitored 24×7 by a small dedicated team to ensure that customers won’t suffer from unexpected latency or downtime. Even if a problem happens to the network or server, JustHost technicians can always find a solution as soon as possible before it’s escalated to customers.

Also, it can be learned from our monitoring that JustHost is a fast WordPress hosting provider. Take a close look at the JustHost fast hosting environment in the past 30 days.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Technical Support

The rock-solid technical support is a key of the satisfied web hosting service. JustHost is exactly one of those providing best pre-sale and after-sale customer services. All the WordPress users are all well backed by JustHost professional support staff who are very familiar with WordPress site support.

When you meet with any perplexity, you can reach JustHost staff by calling them directly via the toll-free phone number, quickly chatting with them online, or opening a support ticket. No matter which way you choose, the response will be made in the shortest time possible.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Price

As one of the most budget-friendly web hosting provider for WordPress, JustHost charges the WordPress hosting package at $9.49/mo regularly. To be honest, the price is a little expensive to some users. With the aim to attract more users, JustHost is now carrying out a special promotion for only $3.49/mo, 63% off the regular price. All new consumers going through this promotional link can activate the JustHost discount.

JustHost Coupon Link Activation

There are also a number of extras coming with the cheap JustHost WordPress hosting package. For example, every account comes along with 1-year free domain name which values $12 elsewhere. With the consideration of guaranteeing a good hosting environment, JustHost divide the WordPress hosting to 3 plans to meet different levels of needs. As a whole, JustHost is very budget-friendly for users to hatch small WordPress sites.

Conclusion: JustHost Is Recommended for WordPress Hosting

Given what we have reviewed above, the conclusion can be naturally made that JustHost is indeed a reliable and affordable WordPress hosting provider. If you are looking for a host for your small WordPress site, we suggest you to choose JustHost. Once you find any disappointment, the JustHost 30-day money back guarantee will allow you to ask for a full refund within 30 days. This is a reflection of the JustHost confidence in the WordPress hosting service quality.

To learn more about the JustHost WordPress hosting, visit http://www.justhost.com/