JustHost vs SiteGround for Budget Hosting Blog

JustHost vs SiteGround for Budget Hosting Blog

Both JustHost and SiteGround are budget-friendly web hosts that have been in this industry for a long time. Therefore, when choosing between them, some webmasters, especially newbies, may feel confused. To help you have a better and more comprehensive knowledge about their hosting service, we have carried out the JustHost vs SiteGround comparison in the following, introducing their pros and cons for the aspects of affordability, features, uptime, speed and support.

Editorial Rating

Founded since the year of 2008, JustHost is one of the famous brands owned by the US-based EIG company. This web host focuses on the affordable blog hosting, and can be viewed as the best choice for new webmasters.

SiteGround has been set up since 2004 by some university friends. At present, this company simply grows to be one of the leading hosting providers with over 450,000 domains under management. Besides, backed by more than 280 employees, they claim to guarantee the best customer service.

In the following, we have showcased an editorial rating chart that demonstrates the overall impression these two web hosts give to us. Obviously, we regard JustHost as the better option for blog hosting.

Rating JustHost SiteGround
Technical Support
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Their Similar Aspects for Blog Hosting

First of all, we have to admit that both JustHost and SiteGround are affordable web hosting providers that leave no heavy financial burdens for their customers. Also, as all of them are experienced web hosts who know the importance of website uptime, you can enjoy a high level of hosting reliability with either of them.

Budget-Friendly Blog Hosting Packages

JustHost has three web hosting plans in total, which are charged starting at $5.99/mo regularly. Now, if you sign up with them via this exclusive promotional link, you can enjoy a 58% discount and purchase at the prices ranging from $2.5/mo to $9.95/only. To be frank, this level of hosting price can be afforded easily by almost all the webmasters.

SiteGround also has three packages that are coming with the different allocation of features and prices. To get them, you initially need to spend at least $9.95 for each month. But now, they offer a default 70% discount that reduces the charges down to $2.95/mo for their cheapest StartUp plan. As for the GrowBig and GoGeek packages, they are charged at the prices of $4.5/mo and $8.95/mo respectively.

Highly Reliable Hosting Solution

The hosting reliability is a key factor when evaluating the quality of the web hosting solution. Therefore, to figure out whether they are reliable or not, we have carried out three practices.

  • Start the online monitoring using our sample sites that are hosted with them.
  • Collect the customer reviews for their hosting reliability.
  • Search for the information about their utilization of web servers and data centers.

According to the monitoring result of the site hosted with JustHost, this web host succeeds in achieving a 100% uptime for our sample website during the past 3 months.

JustHost Uptime

Besides, we have surveyed among hundreds of real customers for this hosting provider. Among these surveyed webmasters, almost all of them are highly satisfied with JustHost reliability, with no complaints at all.

Frankly, this great hosting reliability achieved by JustHost is not a surprise for us. After all, this web host only utilizes the DELL branded web servers to ensure the proper running of website, along with multiple world-class data centers as the server spaces.

When it comes to SiteGround, this web host also pays much attention to the quality of the server machines and the infrastructures of data centers to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. In their Terms of Services, they even claim to offer the compensation of 1 month free hosting if they fail to achieve the 99.9% uptime commitment.

As for the testing result of their reliability, SiteGround does not disappoint us by making our sample site 99.9% available on the web.

SiteGround Uptime

What JustHost Has Done Better

According to our review and comparison, we have found that JustHost has done a better job when it comes to the cost-effectiveness of hosting packages, page loading speed, technical support and refund policy.

More Cost-Effective Hosting Packages with Rich Features

It is true that both JustHost and SiteGround set the affordable charges for their web hosting packages and allow multiple billing cycles. However, if you sign up with SiteGround and choose the 1-month billing, you have to pay additional $14.95 for the setup fee. JustHost, in contrary, does not charge you the setup fee and any other hidden fee no matter which billing cycle you choose.

In addition, when comparing their hosting features, JustHost is surely more generous than SiteGround.

  • Server Resources – JustHost does not restrict your utilization of disk space if you do not deliberately over-consume it. SiteGround, however, only allows 10 GB, 20 GB and 30 GB of web space for their three packages.
  • Free Advertising Credits – JustHost provides $200 bonus for Google and Bing adverting. SiteGround, however, does not offer this kind of free extra.
  • Ease of Use – To ease your burden of website building, JustHost offers a free site builder with the drag and drop function, which is lacking from the feature list of SiteGround.

More Reliable Backup Service

Both of JustHost and SiteGround offer the free service of regular website backup, and JustHost has done a great job in this aspect.

As for SiteGround, they claim to hold no responsibility on the maintenance of the backup files, and cannot ensure you a complete backup process that covers all your website data. Even, if you need to restore your site using the backup files, the restoration service will charge you some money.

Better Money Back Guarantee

The money back guarantee is essential to ensure the risk-free and worry-free online dealing. Therefore, JustHost offers the 30 days full money back policy, along with the anytime prorated refund guarantee based on the reminder of your hosting term.

SiteGround, however, only offers the 30 days money back guarantee, plus a long list of non-refundable items.

Faster Hosting Speed

As we have tested their server response time, JustHost achieves a better result than SiteGround, only requiring an average of 200 ms for the response of each server request. SiteGround, however, simply doubles the time consumption.

JustHost vs SiteGround on Speed

Better Technical Support

Surely, both of these two web hosts have a professional support team that can assist you for troubleshooting 24/7. Therefore, no matter when you are in trouble, you can contact them by opening a ticket, sending them an email, dialing the toll-free number and clicking the live chat button.

However, the difference between them is that JustHost representatives can resolve all your issues no matter they are simple or technical. With SiteGround, if your request is too complicated that is within the area of paid service, they will charge you additional fees for the advanced technical support.

What SiteGround Has Done Better

As compared with JustHost, SiteGround has done something better in the following aspects.

  • They have a great knowledge base that contains a large number of useful tutorials for hosting, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, website building, SEO and many more.
  • There is a premium security service available for the GrowBig and the GoGeek plans, with which you can get a free SSL certificate and an up to 30 backup copies for your entire website.
  • If you use WordPress and Joomla for website building, this web host offers their unique dynamic caching to boost the page loading speed.


Both of these two web hosts are affordable and reliable, but JustHost is surely the better option by offering more features, achieving faster hosting speed, as well as providing better money back policy, backup service and technical support.