Is WordPress a Good Choice for Building a Photo Gallery?

Is WordPress a Good Choice for Building a Photo Gallery?

Is WordPress a perfect choice to set up a photo gallery? The answer is definitely Yes. After all, as the most widely used website building tool which powers more than 60 million sites worldwide, WordPress is powerful and user-friendly enough to build a website of any kind. Besides, with a large collection of beautiful themes available at and some other third party designers, you can easily find your preferred one to display your content in the most effective and stylish way.

In the following, we have listed some reasons why you should choose WordPress for building your photo gallery oriented website.

  • WordPress is easy-to-use because it has an intuitive and graphical user interface, which is understandable for anyone with the most basic computer knowledge.
  • WordPress is easy-to-install as there are so many 1-click installers included in the majority of web hosting packages, allowing you to have a WordPress powered website within minutes.
  • WordPress offers unlimited possibilities for customization. As estimated, there are over 2,000 themes and more than 26,000 plugins available in, which allows you to beautify and extend the possibility of your website with ease and freedom.
  • WordPress is search engine preferred as it has cleanest and simplest code which allows searching spiders to find your site quickly. Besides, with so many SEO plugins, you can improve your search engine optimization effortlessly.
  • WordPress offers a strong community support, which allows you to resolve your problems with the help of a large number of developers, designers, and professionals.

Best WordPress Web Host

To set up a popular photo gallery successfully, only have the WordPress downloaded and installed is far from enough. You also need a reliable and WordPress-friendly web hosting company. In fact, with the development and tremendous popularity of WordPress, almost all the web hosts are supporting this software and are claim to be 100% compatible with it. However, after reviewing more than 150 web hosts on the web, we find only BlueHost offers the most suitable environment for running and managing WordPress powered website.

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting providers which has been used and recommended by millions of webmasters all over the world. It devotes in offering unmatched web hosting service at the most affordable price. At present, it offers an attractive 63% discount, which allows customers to purchase its service starting at $2.95/mo instead of the original price of $7.99/mo by going through this exclusive BlueHost promotional link.

Unlike many other companies, BlueHost only offers one hosting package, which is absolutely rich-featured, including everything needed to run a WordPress site perfectly, including:

  • The latest versions of PHP and MySQL
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • Run suPHP for increased security
  • 1-click WordPress installer called SimpleScripts included in powerful cPanel
  • The advanced technologies like Python, Perl, CGI, Cron, Ruby on Rails, and .htaccess, etc.
  • Utilize world-class data center infrastructure to ensure fast page loading speed and no down time

One of the main features of BlueHost is that if keeps everything in hands, instead of outsourcing some certain part of hosting service. For instance, it doesn’t rent server spaces from any IDC company, but spends millions of dollars building its own well-equipped data centers.

Another feature of BlueHost is that this company focuses on constant innovation to improve the level of hosting service. While installing WordPress manually requires some certain degree of IT competency, it develops a powerful 1-click WordPress installer called SimpleScripts. Also, while many customers are suffering from abusive neighborhoods consuming too many server resources, BlueHost develops some neat tools to segregate I/O, CPU, and RAM.

Best Photo Gallery WordPress Theme

The design and layout are the determining factors of the popularity of your photo gallery site, but beautify the website by yourself is not easy, unless you are professional at programming. Thus, we highly recommend you utilizing some stylish and unique WordPress themes, which display your images effectively.

Best WordPress Theme

Glow is designed for image showcasing. With its bright color, bold design, and organized layout, you can grab readers’ attention easily and effortlessly. Besides, Glow comes with ePanel Theme Options page, which gives you the full freedom of your site.