Is ixWebHosting VPS Hosting Worth Going?

Is ixWebHosting VPS Hosting Worth Going?

ixWebHosting has been offering high quality web hosting service since 1999, which now has over 110,000 clients. The company also offers VPS hosting service for customers to expand their websites. However, although its VPS hosting service has been widely used, webmasters may wonder whether the company is worth going. Therefore, our editors have reviewed its price, performance, technique support and features, to appraisal the correct answer.

In order to give our readers a clear impression of the company, we have collected some feedbacks from its customers in the real world, and brought out an overall rating as below including the reputation, features, speed, reliability, support, and price:


ixWebHosting has 2 VPS web hosting packages named X4 Linux and X8 Linux. The original price of these 2 hosting plans is starting at $74.95/mo and $97.95/mo. In order to help customers to save more money, this company offers a special promo, which reduces the price down to $54.95/mo and $89.95/mo. To be frank, the price of the company’s VPS hosting plans is really expensive compared with other companies like BlueHost and JustHost which price their virtual private servers from about $20/mo.

Price ixWebHosting ixWebHosting
Plan X4 X8
Regular Price $74.95/mo $97.95/mo
Special Promo! Yes Yes
Starting At $54.95/mo $89.95/mo
Money Back 90 Days 90 Days
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In terms of feature, ixWebHosting offers all the basic features needed to host a VPS website. For X4 Linux, it has 4x CPU cores, 768MB guaranteed RAM, 1500GB data transfer, 50GB storage, 2 dedicated IPs, unlimited hosted domains, burstable RAM, and complete root/admin access. X8 Linux offers 8x CPU cores, 2048MB guaranteed RAM, 2000GB data transfer, 100GB storage, 2 dedicated IPs, unlimited hosted domains, burstable RAM, and complete root/admin access.

Features ixWebHosting ixWebHosting
Plan X4 X8
CPU Cores 4x 8x
RAM 768MB 2048MB
Data Transfer 1500GB 2000
Storage 50GB 100GB
Unlimited Hosted Domains Yes Yes
Burstable RAM Yes Yes
Complete Root/Admin Access Yes Yes
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Hosting Performance

The company guarantees 99.9% uptime for all of their hosted websites, which is almost 100% in the real world as we tested. What makes this company achieve such excellent hosting reliability is the utilization of the most robust web servers coming with the world-class specifications instead of some low-quality ones with cheap pricing. Under this circumstance, customers can enjoy running their websites properly and do not worry about any internet break issues and down time.

Compared with some excellent hosting providers like BlueHost, ixWebHosting is much slower in server response time. As we have tested in the real world, the average server response time that ixWebHosting achieves is 795ms, which is much slower than that of BlueHost.

Technical Support

ixWebHosting takes support area very seriously. Thus, it offers 100% US based technical support via telephone, email, and live chat. All of these are on-site 24×7 that makes sure customers can get help in any time to solve their problems.

Besides, the support staffs in this company are well-trained and have been worked in this field for at least 5 years, which means that they are able to provide professional and efficient help for troubled customers to deal with issues.

Is ixWebHosting VPS Hosting Worth Going?

ixWebHosting VPS Hosting There is no doubt that ixWebHosting VPS hosting is very competitive and excellent for its unmatched reliability, rich features, and responsive technical support. But considering about the price and speed, we sincerely advise readers to think twice before choosing this company as their first choice.

Better Choice

Due to the fact that VPS is absolutely the basic hosting plan for building an e-commerce site, we’d like to recommend the top 3 choices for readers to choose – BlueHost, InMotion and HostMonster.

All of these 3 companies have affordable price, which is ranging from $10/mo to $50/mo, at least 30 days money back guarantee, rich features with enough server resources and all the VPS related technologies, excellent hosting performance with at least 99.9% uptime and fast page loading speed, and what’s more, responsive technical support via various channels.