Is iPage a Scam? – Read This In-Depth Analysis on iPage Shared Hosting Service

Is iPage a Scam? – Read This In-Depth Analysis on iPage Shared Hosting Service

Before answering the question, our editors suggest readers to know the company first. iPage, as is announced, now serves over one million websites since its establishment in 1998. To find out whether this host is a scam or not, we are going to review it in the aspects of price, features, reliability, performance and technical support.

Readers can get overall information by referring to the following iPage ratings, which are produced by considering real customers’ feedbacks and our experienced editors’ practical investigation.

What does iPage offer?

$1.89/mo is what the company provides now, and the regular price is $8.95/mo. With over 77% off the original charge, this sales price is very tempting. Credit cards and PayPal are both available payment methods, so the security of purchase is well ensured.

Over $500 of extras, as an important part of the hosting plan, are sent to customers, including $100 Google AdWords, a total of $25 search credits on Yahoo!&Bing, $50 advertising credits on Facebook, $20 Shopsite online store and $100 value SiteLock. iPage hosting priceMoreover, there are free business listing at YELLOW PAGES and free WordPress blogging tools.

To show confidence in hosting quality, iPage claims anytime money-back guarantee to customers encountering quality issues. We have done a research among a number of customers, none of them once asked for a refund. That is to say, the iPage hosting service is very satisfying.


iPage displays core features containing unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases; free drag and drop site builder (6 pages); template-based builder; and blog setup wizard.
Besides the basic useful features, we list some highlights of the web hosting plan.

  • Hosting Utilities & Settings: FTP Manager, Secure FTP, URL Redirect Service, MIME Types.
  • Power Plugins: CMS (Joomla, Drupal, Manbo, e107), Blogs (WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution), Forums (Gbook, phpBB, SMF),Photo Galleries (Gallery2, Coppermine, ZenPhoto).
  • Support Software & Scripts: Perl support, Server Side Includes, Website Backup Software, MIDI File Support.

What’s the uptime & speed in the practical application?

In terms of uptime, iPage declares 99.9% uptime guarantee and eco-friendly wind power generation. As far as our editors concerned, the 99.9% uptime is truly convincible when the test result comes out, which indicates the uptime in real practice is 99.95%. The 30-day monitoring details are as follows.

Meanwhile, besides the uptime test by our own monitoring and reviews from verified customers, we figured out the average iPage server response time which is at a relatively fast speed. To make readers get a clear concept of the figure, we work out the following performance chart.

How can get help?

After-sale service is the most concerned part because customers want a wholesome assistance system. iPage, honestly speaking, iPage hosting supportmeets customers’ expectations. It promises 24/7 technical support including live chat, email, and toll-free phone calls.

All technical support staff is patient and knowledgeable. Moreover, we strongly recommend the live chat service. Based on our own contacting experience and what customers fed back, iPage’s live chat service is the most efficient and the operators are very nice and good problem solvers.

Is iPage a scam?

After the in-depth review on this company, we give out the answers one by one aspect. The Yes or No answer also suggests our attitude to whether this host is recommended or not.

  • 1. The $1.89/mo plan is rewarding enough to have so many excellent features. (Scam? – No)
  • 2. The anytime money-back guarantee is fully fulfilled and customers seldom encounter the hosting quality issue. (Scam? –
  • No)
  • 3. Useful and powerful features. (Scam? – No)
  • 4. 99.9% uptime guarantee is fully fulfilled so that websites run smoothly. (Scam? – No)
  • 5. Live chat, email and phone support. (Scam? – No)

Judging from what we listed above, iPage is absolutely not a scam. On the contrary, it is a trust-worthy host that provides customers all-in-one excellent service.


Readers should have had a basic understanding on iPage now. This company not only is with great reputation and reliability, but also lives up to the high server performance commitment. Thus, we recommend iPage as an ideal hosting company for personal websites and small businesses.

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