Is A2Hosting SSD Plan Valued for the Extra Money?

Is A2Hosting SSD Plan Valued for the Extra Money?

Having been in this industry for more than 10 years, A2Hosting is one of the most well known web hosting companies worldwide, which devotes itself in offering the super-fast hosting service. This company takes care of the fact that loading speed of a website doesn’t depend on CPU computing speed only, but majorly on disk drivers. Therefore, in order to help customers boost their websites, A2Hosting offers the SwiftServer platform with Solid State Drive, which speeds up the webpage loads up to 300% faster, and features flash memory and no moving parts.

It sounds great to purchase the A2Hosting SSD hosting plan, but remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to host your site on the blazing fast Solid State Drives (SSD), you need to pay $3/mo extra, other than the general web hosting starting at $3.92 per each month. However, is the SSD plan worth the $3 every month? Is the SSD plan really can load the websites up to 3 times faster compared to a normal hard drive? In this article, our editors have answered these questions carefully.

Solid State Drives

A2Hosting SSD PlanA solid state drive, also known as a solid state disk or electronic disk, is a data storage device, which utilizes integrated circuit assemblies to store data persistently. SSD has no moving mechanical components, meaning that it contains no contain spinning disks and movable write heads that are included by traditional hard disk drives or floppy disks.

Besides, SSDs are more resistant to physical shock, perform more input/output operations per second, have lower access time, and less latency than HDDs. Since 2010, most SSDs utilize NAND-based flash memories, which maintain the data without the need of power sources like batteries.

To be frank, these features of the solid state drive can greatly enhance the performance of a website, and are the main reasons why A2Hosting decide to offer it. According to the performance testing with PretaShop, the average page loading speed of a website powered by SSD is 0.3 sec, which is 0.8 sec faster than a site powered by a standard hard disk drives. Never underestimate this 0.8-second page loading delay, as it might cause a decrease in your conversion rate, page views, and visitor satisfaction

SwiftServer Platform

The SwiftServer Platform is A2Hosting’s exclusive product of 10+ years of expertise with multiple speed boosting tools, aiming to offer super-fast hosting solution, and one of the most competitive tools is the Solid State Drives (SSDs), which guarantees up to 300% faster page loading speed.

Besides, A2Hosting SwiftServer Platform is refined by a group of experts, with 10 GB Redundant Network, at least 8 Core Server, at least 24 GB RAM Server, instant account activation, and no server overloading.

Free Content Delivery Network

While many web hosts charge customers at least $20 each month for CDN service A2Hosting SSD Plan offers CloudFlare Content Delivery Network for free. CDN is used to boost the performance of a website by copying the content on different servers at different geographical locations, so once visitors visit the website or download files, the content will be delivered from the nearest CDN server.

The CDN of CloudFlare makes websites load faster to the largest extent. It has 23 data centers around the world, and utilizes Anycast to route visitors to the nearest data center, so the websites can load up to 200% faster regardless of where visitors are located.

Free Railgun Network Optimizer

Railgun Optimizer is totally free of charge on A2Hosting SSD plan, but will cost customers $2/mo on the Prime plan. This feature aims at accelerating the connection between each CDN data center and an origin as fast as possible, so web pages will be delivered quickly even when the origin web server is thousands of miles away. As tested, Railgun Optimizer allows customers to get up to 143% faster HTML loading speed.

Ultra-Reliable Hosting Service

In addition to the extraordinary hosting speed, A2Hosting SSD plan also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It has multiple top class data centers around the world, with redundant network, uninterrupted power supply, physical security measures, 15 air conditioning units, Static free flooring, and automatic Climate controlling.

Besides, this company has a group of 24/7 maintenance experts, monitoring the server day and night to keep it running at its peak.

Guru Crew Support

A2Hosting has hand-picked its support representatives, aiming to provide customers with an excellent trouble shooting process. These staffs are available 24/7/365, via email, live chat, and hot, so whenever customers have any problem, they can get the best solution quickly.

Besides, this company has a powerful Knowledgebase and Community Forum, with which customers can gain some valuable information and hosting skills.

Is SSD Plan Valued for the Extra Money?

According to the above mentioned features and technologies, the answer is definitely YES. In fact, A2Hosting now has offered a 51% discount, which allows customers to purchase the SSD plan starting at $ 5.39/mo by going through the following promotion link, but not the regular price of $8.99/mo. Besides, with hassle-free 30 days money back guarantee, customers can feel ease to purchase a long term billing circle.

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