iPage Dedicated Hosting Review on Feature, Performance & Pricing

iPage Dedicated Hosting Review on  Feature, Performance & Pricing

Offering several kinds of hosting services including shared, VPS, and dedicated, iPage has been followed by quantities of webmasters in over 50 countries. Up to now, this company is powering more than 1 million websites. In addition, this web host has been recognized as one of the most famous shared and VPS hosting providers, but how about its dedicated hosting service?

To make clear whether iPage dedicated hosting service is worth going, we have reviewed this service from multiple aspects in depth. What’s more, we started to host a large Joomla site on its dedicated platform for several months and kept monitoring this site closely. Besides, we have read many customer reviews on the web to make clear how other real customers think about this service.

According to our in-depth review, real experience and the information we collected, we have worked out a comprehensive and unbiased review on the dedicated hosting service of iPage from price, feature, performance and customer service. Moreover, we have developed the following chart to show this service’s ratings. Proceed to details.

Plan & Price

PriceTo guarantee people can choose a proper plan suiting their needs best, iPage has released 3 different dedicated hosting plans – Startup, Professional and Enterprise, regularly priced at $149.99/mo, $189.99/mo and $239.99/mo. Comparing with most dedicated hosting packages, the 3 plans are not expensive. Besides, the better thing is that people who subscribe to any of the 3 solutions via the following link are able to get a 20% discount and cut the price down to $119.99/mo, $151.99/mo and $191.99/mo.

With iPage, there is no need to worry the secure of the purchase, because this company allows people to pay for hosting fees using PayPal. In addition, the purchase is also risk-free and worry-free because of the anytime refund the web host offers.

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FeatureTo ensure their dedicated hosting users can manage their accounts and websites with the least effort being made, iPage integrated each of the dedicated hosting plans with the most user-friendly control panel – cPanel. Besides, an easy-to-use 1-click script installer is included in the cPanel, so that customers are capable of installing any of 100+ popular applications by just clicking the mouse several times, including Weebly, OpenCart, PrestaShop and so forth.

What’s more, every dedicated hosting solution includes a free domain name registration, saving customers a certain amount of money. Besides, people who already purchased a domain name are able to ask for the technicians in this company to transfer their existing domains for free. Moreover, personalized email accounts are offered to allow customers to customize their email addresses to enhance the professional image.

Much more features are listed in the following table.

Feature Startup Professional Enterprise
CPU Cores 2 4 4
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 5 TB 10 TB 15 TB
Disk Storage 500 GB 1,000 GB 1,000 GB
IP Addresses 3 4 5
cPanel Yes Yes Yes
100% Wind-Powered Yes Yes Yes
Free Marketing Credits Yes Yes Yes
Regular Price $149.99/mo $189.99/mo $239.99/mo
Discount 20% 20% 20%
Discounted Price $119.99/mo $151.99/mo $191.99/mo
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PerformanceiPage knows the importance of hosting performance for webmasters, especially for those people who are running eCommerce sites. Therefore, this company utilizes multiple first-class data centers that are equipped with hundreds of high performance Dell servers, N+1 power, multiple petabytes of storage, and other quality equipment.

In addition, a group of technicians are monitoring the data centers and servers 24×7, ensuring any issue that may cause an interruption can be resolved as soon as possible. In this way, customers are capable of running websites with the least interruption, reducing their losses. Our monitoring result shows that in last month the uptime of iPage is 99.98% on average. Besides, its server response time is a little less than that of the average of dedicated hosting providers on the market. Check the following chart to learn iPage uptime of last month.

Customer Service

SupportIn the knowledgebase of iPage, technicians and engineers have developed plenty of in-depth articles, helpful user guides and detailed video tutorials, from which customers can get the answers of common issues to deal with their problems. What’s more, this company also allows customers to contact them by making a call or sending an email.

What’s more, iPage offers live chat support to enable people who are unable to communicate with support staffs on phone smoothly but need instant technical assistance to contact the support team by starting an online chat. In this way, all customers are able to get instant and effective help to deal with their issues.


From the comprehensive review we developed above, we are able to get a conclusion that the iPage dedicated hosting service is affordable, user-friendly, feature rich and reliable. Besides, the technical support of iPage is really satisfying, helping people concentrate on their business without any distraction. Therefore, iPage is a good option for people who are looking for a quality dedicated hosting plan for hosting their big websites. Besides, the technical support of iPage is satisfying, helping people concentrate on their business without being distracted.