How to Integrate WordPress with CRM Function

How to Integrate WordPress with CRM Function

CRM, or the customer relationship management, is the base for all the successful online businesses, which ensures a great approach for you to manage the integration between your business site and your customers – both the current and the potential ones.

With it, you can keep track of your customers and contacts, check the data for their last purchase and preferences, analyze your business using the sales reports and many more. Due to its great function, now, there are a lot of online services that are exclusively used to achieve the effective CRM for your website. However, most of them are expensive. For instance, if you use the popular option of Salesforce to manage a professional e-commerce site, you can be charged around $100 for each month. Even if the affordable option of Zoho may cost you about $30 per month.

However, things can be much easier if you run your site using WordPress. As there are a lot of WordPress CRM solutions available, there is no need for you to spend a large sum of money for each month and take the time to learn and to get used to the new platform for the effective management of all your customers.

Here, you just need to check the below part to know how to integrate WordPress with CRM function.

Utilize the WP-CRM Plugin and Set Up It

This time, we think the WP-CRM plugin is a great option to try, with which you can get the precise data of your customer histories so as to better cater to their needs after learning more about them. Also, with the great user organization feature, you can manage all your customers easily.

After installing this powerful plugin, you firstly should decide some settings of it by clicking CRM > Settings on the admin panel of your WordPress site.

Main Settings

Here, you firstly need to decide whether to replace the built-in user page of WordPress with the CRM page. Personally, we recommend you to do so. This practice simply expands the default WordPress user management function and allows you to better organize all your customers with the custom attributes and the effective filtering feature.

In addition, you can allow your customers to create an account without the need to associate an email address. Also, as WordPress will automatically notify you if your users reset their password, you can disable this default function especially when your user base is pretty large. In addition, we think you can enable the functions of attribute grouping and the tracking of detailed customer activities.

Main Settings

These are our recommended main settings of this plugin. Surely, you can set up them based on your needs.

UI Settings

This part decides how the UI of the WordPress CRM will be showcased. Here, you can determine whether to show the user avatars on the overview page, which attribute is used to identify each customer, what can be shown on the User Card for each customer and whether to allow your customers to reset their password from the overview page directly

UI Settings

Data Settings

Here, you can decide what information to be collected for your customers. Surely, the most basic aspects should include the customer name, the email address, smart phone number, as well as the purchased products and services. Also, you can add some optional attributes, such as the preferred product colors and sizes, gender, interests, physical location and some others.

To add the custom options, you need to give them the clear titles firstly. If this attribute is an important one and you want to show it using a highlighted box at the profile page of your customer, you can set it with the Primary option. If you choose the Overview Column option, this attribute can be used for customer filtering.

As for the input title and the predefined values, they simply depend on what the attribute is. The predefined value, particularly, determines whether there are some default options that are expected to choose.

For instance, for the email, phone and the name attribute, you can only choose the Single Line Text option and leave the blank space for the predefined values. For the product attribute, you can choose the checkbox option and enter all your available products into the field of predefined values.

Data Settings

Role Settings

This part is used to decide the user role settings. If your website manages the vendors, resellers and customers, you’d better give them different capabilities and rights. In addition, in the Hidden Attributes section, you can choose to hide some aspects of their information on the overview page, such as the name, email, phone, company and many more. Note that all of these attributes are exactly those you have added on the Data Settings.

Create and Manage All Your Customer Information

Actually, after setting up all the above-mentioned configurations of this plugin, you have already added the CRM function on your WordPress site. And now, you can start managing and tracking the information of your existing customers.

Manage and Track the Current Customer Information

In the Main Settings section, you have replaced the default WordPress User function with the CRM function. In this case, all your customers that are originally stored in the Users section now can be found by clicking CRM > All People.

All People

As you have already determined what information will be showcased for your customers in the UI settings, this overview page can be displayed totally based on your needs.

In addition, it is possible that you want to find the customers based on some specific attributes such as the products, user types, services and many more, you can leverage the right hand filtering tool. Actually, this great tool is powerful enough for you to figure out who are interested in what you have offered.

Filter Tool

Now, you can track the information of each of your customer. For instance, let’s check the information of Christine04L. You just need to click the username of this customer, and then, you can see his/her information on the next page. As for what information to be shown along with the priority of each attribute, you have already decided them in the Data settings part.

Customer Information

Surely, you can learn his/her by knowing the display name, can contact this customer using the email address or the phone number and can figure out his/her interested items based on the purchasing history.

Create and Track for Your Potential Customers

This plugin gives you an easy way to keep track of your existing customers who have purchased something on your website. In addition, you can also manage the information for your potential customers. For this, you need to leverage the default Contact feature of this tool.

Here, you can click the CRM > Settings > Shortcode Form to find the form shortcode that needs to be pasted into your Contact Us page for the proper display of this form. In the Fields section, you can decide what need to be shown on this form. Besides the default name field and email field, we highly recommend you to display the product field or the service field. This way, people can notice you of their interested things when contacting you.

Shortcode Form

In addition, you’d better check the box that allows the display of the text area so that people can leave some messages to you, such as asking the information of your selling items.

Contact Form

Now, once people send the contact message to you, this plugin will create the profiles for them automatically, which include all of their crucial information and their wanted products.

In addition, they may send you some words when contacting you. To check what they inquire, you can click CRM > Messages.


It is possible that you have answered these people by calling them or sending the emails. If so, you can even record this practice as the user activity history. To do so, you can click the All People button again and find this potential customer. In the Activity History section, you can leave a note for this practice by clicking the Add Message button.

That’s it! Now, you can keep an eye and keep track of your current customers and the future customers easily by leveraging this special WordPress CRM solution.