InMotion Reseller Hosting Review & Rating

InMotion Reseller Hosting Review & RatingAs more and more people start to set up their own web hosting reselling business but are not familiar with the hosting firms, we’d like to introduce our readers to a famous reseller hosting provider which is trusted by thousands of customers – InMotion.

This company has been offering reliable reseller hosting for over 10 years with a terrific reputation in the industry.

What’s more, InMotion offers rich features including all the tools to help customers build up their business within minutes.

They also guarantee 99.9% uptime and unmatched hosting performance at affordable prices.

InMotion Reseller Price Value

After reviewing the price offered by InMotion, we find that the price value of this company is really high. This company has 3 reseller hosting packages: R-1000, R-2000, R-3000 which are priced at $27.99/mo, $39.99/mo, and $54.99/mo regularly.

Honestly, this rate is very affordable for most budget-conscious businessmen. Besides, with the purpose of helping customers purchase risk-freely, InMotion also offers 90 days money-back guarantee, which is the longest among all the hosting providers we have reviewed.

PackagesRegular PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount

Different from some other reseller hosting companies that set a low price to attract customers but only offer a few features to save budget, InMotion provides a cost-effective reseller hosting service that is both cheap and rich-featured.

InMotion offers a large volume of server resources to ensure the high quality of reseller hosting service, which include 60 GB to 120 GB of disk space, and 600 GB to 1200 GB of monthly bandwidth. What’s more, all of the 3 packages are featuring Unlimited domains, Unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited email account, free cPanel transfers, free domain reseller account, etc.

Disk space60 GB80 GB120 GB
Bandwidth600 GB800 GB1200 GB
E-mail AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Unlimited Domainyesyesyes
Ruby On Railsyesyesyes
Cron Jobsyesyesyes


By utilizing cPanel control panel, InMotion hosting offers customers with user-friendly service. Besides, with the availability of an easy-to-use 1-click application installer named Softaculous, resellers can provide their own client with tool to install, update, or delete any applications with just a single click. Furthermore, every application installed is hosted on 100% DELL serves that means customers do not need to worry about downtime or any of the other issues happens.

Besides, InMotion also has a complete backup solution. This occurs automatically to avoid the loss of data files.


The page loading speed and uptime of the websites hosted with InMotion is extraordinary. By utilizing the exclusive Max Speed Zone, the company provides customers with 6 times faster speed than other web hosting providers. In order to check out the performance of InMotion reseller hosting, our editors have done a test during the last 30 days as below:

As a result, InMotion has achieved almost 100% uptime and fast server response time of 237ms on average in the real world. The reason why InMotion has such excellent hosting performance is that it utilizes quality DELL servers featuring RAID 5, 15K SAS drives, and CentOS operating system. All the types of equipment make sure that any abusive neighbors will never affect the websites.

In terms of the data center, InMotion has 4 separate network providers with 7 fiber lines with over 20,000 MBits network bandwidth. What’s more, InMotion keeps investing millions of USD on adding/upgrading the servers yearly since 2005.

Technical Support

InMotion takes technical support very seriously. Thus, they promise that the support team is available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. All the support staffs are experienced and professional in solving any web hosting related problems effectively.

With respect to support channels, customers can contact the experts in multiple channels including phone, live chat, e-mail, and ticket system.

If customers want to get some knowledge concerning about reseller hosting, they can also get help from the Support Center with Video Tutorials, Forum, and Knowledgebase.


As one of the best reseller hosting providers with cost-effective packages, good uptime record, fast webpage loading, and excellent support service, InMotion is highly recommended. If you’re looking for a reliable reseller hosting provider like this, do not miss this company, just sign up now!