InMotion Hosting VS WPEngine – Which Is Better for WordPress Users

InMotion Hosting VS WPEngine – Which Is Better for WordPress Users

WordPress is a widely-used CMS used for website building, so choosing the best WordPress hosting provider is a long-lasting topic among webmasters. At present, InMotion Hosting and WPEngine are the hot options that are recommended by many WordPress users. The former one focuses on the cost-effective hosting solution that is suitable for all the common webmasters, while the latter one aims at offering the managed WordPress hosting for site owners who require the advanced service.

To figure out which one offers the better service for WordPress users, we have made an InMotion Hosting vs WPEngine comparison in the following, with which you can find the most suitable choice to host your site.

Editorial Rating Chart

Before telling you something in detail, we first want to showcase the editorial rating chart to demonstrate how we view these two web hosts based on our reviews on their prices, features, technical support, speed and reliability. Clearly, InMotion Hosting wins over WPEngine.

Rating InMotion WPEngine
Technical Support
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Brief Introduction to InMotion Hosting and WPEngine

Established in 2001 in Virginia Beach, InMotion Hosting is a leading provider that has been dedicated to offering a wide range of hosting solutions for small and medium sized business owners. With years of hosting reputation, the company has earned itself a good reputation and reached millions of users worldwide.

As for WPEngine, this company is relatively new to the hosting industry, being established in 2010. However, it has undergone a fast growth both in the company’s size and user numbers. Unlike many other web hosts who have set feet in various hosting services, WPEngine merely focuses on WordPress hosting with a goal of becoming a leader in the field.

Why InMotion Hosting Is Better?

In fact, InMotion Hosting is the leading web host, coming with millions of websites under management. Being in this industry for more than 15 years, they know how to achieve a great hosting environment when it comes to the cost-effectiveness, hosting performance and the support service. As compared with WPEngine, moreover, InMotion Hosting succeeds in doing a better job for these 3 aspects.

Offers the Cost-Effective Hosting Packages

InMotion Hosting offers 3 hosting plans for WordPress users, which are charged starting at $7.99/mo regularly. At present, however, this web host releases a special promotional link, with which you can purchase starting at $3.49/mo only, already 56% off the initial charge.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

WPEngine also provides 3 shared WordPress hosting plans that are suitable for personal blog owners, professional webmasters and businessmen. To get them, you need to pay $29/mo, $99/mo and $249/mo respectively, which are much more expensive than the charges of InMotion Hosting.

Prices InMotion WPEngine
Plan in Comparison Launch Personal
Before Discount $7.99/mo $29/mo
Discounts 56% Off N/A
Discounted Prices $3.49/mo $29/mo

In order to guarantee the cost-effective hosting service, InMotion Hosting not only promises the cheap charges, but also the rich features, such as the unlimited server resources, user-friendly cPanel control panel, free extras, free data backups, SSL, SSH, as well as the PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL and Ruby that are coming with the latest versions.

As for WPEngine, this web host also provides a long list of features that ensure a smooth running and management of WordPress users. When comparing with InMotion Hosting, however, they simply lack behind for disallowing the free advertising credits, cPanel, solid state drives and some more.

Even, InMotion Hosting provides a 90-day money back guarantee for users to try out its WordPress hosting services. In any case that this company fails in living up to users’ expectations, it will issue a full refund without asking any questions. WPEngine, by contrast, shortens this period to 60 days.

With the purpose of making it easier for users to check the companies’ feature offerings, we have selected two plans, namely Launch and Personal from InMotion and WPEngine in respective to make a comparison as below.

Features InMotion WPEngine
Plan in Comparison Launch Personal
Storage Unlimited 10 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
SSL & SSH Yes Yes
cPanel Yes No
Advertising Credits Yes No
SSD Yes No
Free Backups Yes Yes
Discounts 56% Off N/A
Discounted Prices $3.49/mo $29/mo
How to Claim Promotion Link Not Recommended

As the above table shows, InMotion Hosting not only allows more server resources but also includes all the basic and advanced features within its hosting plans to support users’ online journeys to successes.

Guarantees the Slightly Better Hosting Uptime

The hosting uptime is important for all the webmasters, and is influenced by the server machines and data centers. Therefore, when comparing for this aspect, we have searched for the information of their servers and server spaces, and have started an online monitoring with two same WordPress sample sites that are hosted by them respectively.

First of all, we have to admit that both of them pay much attention to their server quality. InMotion Hosting, in particular, uses the DELL branded server components to ensure the unceasing delivery of website data.

As for the data centers, they all rent multiple options that are coming with the advanced technologies to ensure the uninterrupted running of server machines, such as the UPS to avoid the power outage, cutting-edge cooling system for automatic climate control, 24/7 facility monitoring for the instant reaction to any unexpected situation, and some other great systems for fire suppression and water prevention, etc.

Backed by these technologies, both InMotion Hosting and WPEngine claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. According to our monitoring, it is true that they all keep this promise. However, InMotion Hosting is slightly better with the 100% uptime.

When it comes to WPEngine, as the following chart shows, the company has achieved an average of 99.96% uptime in the real world. Technically speaking, this uptime is quite outstanding than most web hosts available in the industry yet still inferior compared with InMotion Hosting.

Achieves the Faster Hosting Speed

InMotion Hosting is a well-known fast hosting provider. They establish the long-standing partnership with the top-notch bandwidth provider, state-of-the-art routing technologies, and multiple server locations to ensure the super-blazing network and hosting speed.

In addition, this web host replaces the traditional hard drives with the SSD drives to ensure the low latency for data accessing. Also, they offer the free package of CloudFlare CDN, so that the physical distance between your website data and your readers can be reduced greatly with dozens of caching points, boosting the speed of content delivery significantly.

As tested, InMotion Hosting achieves a fast server response speed that is only 237 ms, which is much faster than the speed of WPEngine that is up to 400 ms.

Provides More Effective Technical Support

InMotion Hosting has won a great reputation by offering the Premier Support Service which is available all the times even during the Christmas Eve. To ask for help, you can choose the following channels.

  • Dial the toll-free support number that can respond you within seconds.
  • Open a support ticket and get the reply within 15 minutes.
  • Send them the emails that reply you in no more than 30 minutes.
  • Click the live chat button for the instant online conversation.
  • Check the large knowledge base for some self-learning.
  • Leave the questions on their Q&A community.

Based on our personal testing on their support service, the support representatives are patient and knowledgeable enough to ensure the best troubleshooting process.

As for WPEngine, they also offer 24/7 technical support via various channels including the phone support, live chat support, email support and the ticket system. However, the live chat is only valid from 6 AM to 8 PM, and can only be found from the User Portal.

Why WPEngine Is Better?

Unlike InMotion Hosting that offers various hosting types and supports for different online scripts, WPEngine only focuses on the WordPress hosting. Therefore, their hosting environment is optimized for WordPress. This is the main aspect as how can WPEngine edge over InMotion Hosting. Check the rest aspects in the following.

Hires WordPress Experts as the Support Representatives

All the support representatives of WPEngine are WordPress professionals. They know every piece of this content management system, and can offer you the best resolutions to tackle your issues.

Offers the Managed WordPress Hosting

As InMotion Hosting only offers the common hosting solution that is 100% WordPress compatible, WPEngine provides the managed WordPress hosting service. This not only guarantees you a well-optimized environment for WordPress running, but also gives you enough freedom to handle your website content only. All the rest tasks are the responsibilities of WPEngine.

Provides Some Useful Extras

Despite the fact that WPEngine hosting services are provided at high prices with unmatched limited resources, it indeed has done something good. A real example is that this company offers some exclusive features that are great for the management of WordPress sites.

  • LargeFS that ensures you the sufficient storage for media files.
  • GeoIP that delivers your contents to readers effectively based on the geographical locations.
  • Staging management that allows you to copy your site instantly for online testing.
  • Multiple featured plugins that are allowed by default.


Based on this InMotion Hosting vs WPEngine comparison, both companies deserve the name of quality WordPress host. Otherwise, they are not able to be favored by a considerable number of users around the world.

However, when compared more extensively, InMotion Hosting is surely better than the rival when offering the WordPress hosting for common webmasters. With this highly acclaimed company, you can enjoy a fast and reliable hosting service with great technical support and cheap rates.