10 Creative Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your eCommerce Site

10 Creative Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your eCommerce Site

Nowadays, eCommerce is increasingly popular, which makes the competition between online stores more and more fierce. As there might be thousands of stores selling the similar products as yours, how can you retain visitors and convince them to buy from you?

If you are struggling to convert more unique visitors into buyers, then you should find the tips in this post helpful. A single approach among them might not bring a significant change, but when combined, they can make a big difference to the conversion rate of your eCommerce site.

Depending on your niche, what you should do to increase conversion rate could be different, but rest assured that most of the following tips work across various niches. You can also take this as a checklist to your existing conversion optimization plan.

Tip 1: Learn About Your Customers

Knowing your customers as much as you can is always the first thing to do because this will make your future eCommerce marketing plans more targeted so as to convert better. At least you should figure out all of the following questions. The information your need can usually be collected from your existing customers.

  • Who are your customers & where are they?
  • What are your customers’ degree of education and income levels?
  • Do they visit your site via mobile devices?

If you have run your eCommerce site for a couple of months, you can certainly add more questions to this list and then try to find out the answers. The more you learn about your customers, the closer you are to a success.

Tip 2: Provide Great Product Images

If you want to gain customers, you have to deliver the value of your products to visitors by doing things like highlighting the features and prices. However, another easy way for converting visitors which is sometimes underestimated is to provide appealing product images.

As people always want to know what they can get from their cost, high-resolution images are persuasive by giving them what they need. To make your product images even more effective in communicating the value, we have the following suggestions.

  • Provide multiple high-resolution images from several different angles so that visitors gain a better understanding about your products.
  • Pay attention to the lighting and backgrounds of each image.
  • Make the images zoomable if you don’t want to show large images directly on the product page for the sake of your site design. The visitors then can look at any detail they want without leaving where they are.

Besides, to maximize the visual appeal of your eCommerce site, we’d suggest using a professional theme which is easy to customize. In the case that you have built your store with WordPress, take a look at the best WordPress eCommerce themes.

Provide Great Product Images

Tip 3: Highlight the Featured Products

The landing pages of your eCommerce site are good places where you can try to increase conversion rate. Do not mess up these pages with unimportant or unchanged information, and instead, you should collect the most important products and display them there.

These include the latest products, the most popular products, and those products which are currently discounted. Highlighting these products makes your content more appealing.

Tip 4: Provide Appropriate Payment Gateways

The available payment options on your eCommerce site have a notable influence on the conversion rate. The lack of appropriate gateways can easily drive your potential customers away even if they are already in the last step of checkout.

Providing all the possible payment methods across multiple payment gateways is ideal, but this will result in high transition fees. To keep a balance between your visitors’ needs and your revenue, basically you should add PayPal as an alternative to credit cards. Surveys have shown that sites with both of these payment gateways have about 30% higher conversion rates than those offering only one payment option.

Besides, for the eCommerce sites based on WooCommerce, Cash on Delivery, bank transfer and check are regarded to be standard, too. Stripe and Authorize.NET are also popular among eCommerce sites. To make a decision among these choices, you can run a quick survey to know your customers’ preferences.

Tip 5: Display Product Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials

Product reviews and testimonials are crucial purchasing factors as over 70% first-time customers will read the feedback from old customers and then take the reviews into their judgment of the product value. You may not have imagined that reliable and positive product reviews can increase the conversion of a product by more than 70%.

To gain better reviews, higher product ratings and more testimonials, you have to increase the customer satisfaction by taking the product quality seriously and dealing with bad reviews carefully.

If your theme does not come with reviews or testimonials, add these functionalities by using plugins.

Display Product Ratings and Reviews

Tip 6: Simplify the Registration and Checkout Process

The process and waiting time for registration and checkout can impact the conversion rates to a large extent. Longer waiting time and more personal information displease a larger portion of potential customers, which results in more loss of sales. No one wants to spend much time filling out the registration or checkout form, so less is better.

To simplify things, you can enable guest checkout and remove the less important fields. Collecting the information about your customers is good, but it should not be at the cost of sales. One-page checkout is also highly recommended, and you can add a progress tracker to let customers know how many steps they still have to complete.

In terms of registration, a good solution is to enable social logins instead of requiring new customers to open a new account on your site. This brings two benefits.

  • Delivering a simpler and better using experience. Forcing registration will lead to 20% or higher cart abandonments.
  • Helping you collect more information about your customers through their social profiles.

Tip 7: Tackle Abandoned Carts

It’s normal that there are more than half of all carts abandoned for various reasons. This is why many eCommerce site owners do not take the abandoned carts seriously. However, if you deal with these carts with care, many of them may get recovered, and your conversion rate can gain a boost.

Our suggestion is to keep track of the abandoned carts and try to remind the customers of what are missed by email. If you have a discount plan, you can also include a coupon code or discount link in the email to entice the customers to recover the abandoned carts and complete the purchase.

Tackle Abandoned Carts

Tip 8: Make a Good Support System

People nowadays value customer support much. If you want to increase your competitiveness, you should do as much as you can to provide customers with the help they need. The support system of your eCommerce site may include:

  • A FAQs section about a product, your site, the payment methods, etc. This is an affordable and time-saving solution for all sizes of eCommerce sites.
  • A live chat entry from where visitors can reach you instantly to consult anything. Live chat is effective in bringing returning visitors and increasing purchases. And fortunately, adding a live chat system to a website is quite easy to do.
  • A ticket system which is well maintained.

If your eCommerce site is small and you don’t have extra personnel, then invest in a combination of FAQs and ticket system only. Live chat is recommended in the case that you have enough time to stay online.

Tip 9: Attract Customers with Extra Benefits

Providing freebies and extra benefits is a good way to attain sales because such things add the motivation for visitors to complete a purchase. In this aspect, the following tips are helpful.

  • Offer free shipping. The delivery cost usually makes people hesitate when checking out, so if you can afford free delivery, you are winning those customers. However, to reduce your costs on delivery, you may only provide this freebie to the most important customers or those whose order has exceeded a certain monetary value.
  • Offer discounts for returning visitors. Compared to first-time visitors, it is much easier to convert returning visitors. A special discount will probably drive them to the checkout.

Tip 10: Try Email Marketing

If you have collected the email addresses of your existing customers, you can build an email list out of them and then try increasing the conversion rate through effective email marketing. A good suggestion is to provide discounts for popular/latest products or send a roundup of promotions regularly (for example, once a week) to stimulate more purchases. The existing customers are more intended to buy from you.

Keep Trying More Techniques

The tips introduced above are the few techniques that have been tried and tested. In fact, there are far more techniques you can try to increase the conversion and sales, such as increasing the security of your site, optimizing your site for mobile devices, adding clear call-to-action buttons, etc. You can utilize more of them until finding the best ones for your eCommerce.