Best Tips on How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Site

Best Tips on How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Site

What happens when visitors come to your page and leave after visiting only that one page? This first page is usually the homepage. It should manage to capture the interest of the visitors enough to compel them to explore more pages of the website. The bounce rate is a measure of the effectiveness of a website. It determines how many people visiting your website leave after only a single page session.

Having a higher bounce rate is an indicator that you need to change your website’s design strategically to attract more visitors and convince them to stay longer on your website. There are certain tactics that can be used to decrease the bounce rate of your website. This article lists some of those tactics below.

Deliver what is expected from your website

Make sure that your website has content related only to the topic it has been created for. If a website is about the art of origami then, it should not have any information about painting. When readers come to the websites homepage, they should see exactly what they are looking for. If they see any unrelated matter, the wisest thing to do can be to leave the website after that first page.

Improve the brand storytelling

Work on creating your unique brand experience for the visitors of the website. Let them know what you stand for and what you have to offer them. You have to let the people know that you are reliable. You must make yourself stand out amongst your competition. Communicate with potential clients in a language they understand. Make them feel like you know what you are talking about.

Be social media savvy

Be Social Media SavvyNowadays, the first place to learn about new things is through the social media. You can better advertise your brand and website when you post about it on Facebook and Twitter. Whenever someone wants to learn more about something, they turn to the social media. Therefore, if you engage with people, then you can better reach out to them with your message. This is a very powerful way to use.

Have a better design for your webpage

If your web design is top-notch then, it is guaranteed to decrease your bounce rate. There are some things that you must keep in mind when you design your webpage. Provide for clear navigation links to all the content in your website. If people can’t get to what they are looking for, they may just try somewhere else.

Follow all the guidelines to create an effective landing page. It is best to have a website that is responsive and can adapt to any screen and device. Make the design look aesthetic and attractive. A professional looking design can make visitors feel like your website can be trusted to deliver.

Make sure that the content on your website is regularly updated

You have to send any old posts you have into archive after a certain period. Displaying decade old information does not create a good impression on a first-time visitor. When a person visits your website, they usually need the latest information. It is very important to make sure that the content of your website is fresh and not stale.

Improve on the readability of your website content

Improve the Readability of ContentMake use of the different fonts, sizes and colors available to customize the look of your textual content. Separate the different topics and sub-topics discussed in your website using headings and subheadings.

The size of the font and color should allow the visitors to read it with the least amount of difficulty. If there is related content presented on your site then, you must provide links to it. Note that you must make sure that you include the correct number of links.

You can also include media such as pictures, graphs, audio clips and video clips to make the content more interesting.

Have a clear Call-to-Action button

The Call-to-Action button placed on your landing page has to be clear in telling the visitor exactly what action he is taking if he presses it. You should never have several such buttons on a single landing page. Also, the number of fields in the form must be limited in number.

The UX must not be disrupted

The user experience must not be disrupted at any cost. Avoid using pop-ups on the first page itself. Make sure that any ads a reader might click on are opened in a different window.

Adding Autoplay audio and video is also not a very good idea. Many readers might not like it if an audio or video suddenly starts playing without them knowing where it is coming from.