How to Promote a Blog Using Twitter?

How to Promote a Blog Using Twitter?

It has been more and more popular in using social networking platforms to improve the visibility of blogs, such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. And in this article, our editors mainly introduce how to promote your blog with Twitter.

Created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, and launched in July of the same year, Twitter has soon become the top 10 most visited websites on the Internet, and has been described as The SMS of the Internet. It allows its registered users to follow their friends, experts, celebrities, breaking news, and to post tweets via the website interface, SMS, or a range of apps for mobile devices.

Build your Blog Presence on Twitter

This is a basic step for any social networking when you need them to promote your blog. After signing up a Twitter account, you should complete your personal profile with a high resolution image. Note that you have to keep your Twitter profile relevant to your blog, so you’d better include the URL, brief description, and site name of your blog in your profile section.

Maximize your Followers on Twitter

No matter how fantastic your blog post is, your efforts will be in vain if no one knows. Therefore, the top priority for you is to maximize your blog reach via Twitter, thus once you have put something new on your blog, people will be notified about it. But how to do this? In fact, if have read the Tips to Increase the Google+ Followers, then you will find that this process is quite simple. You only need to follow people who are in the same niche as you, tweets interesting and meaningful content, re-follow those who are following you, as well as reply, retweet, and show your like about other people’s tweets.

Repeat your Tweets

There are a large number of people tweeting on this site, and your tweets will soon disappear if you only tweet about your new piece of content once or twice a day. Besides, Twitter is an international social networking platform, meaning that your followers are composed of people over around the world. Therefore, it is impossible for them to be online at the same time, and you cannot determine the appropriate time for tweeting.

Generally, we suggest you keeping tweeting the same post at least 5 times a day. You will lose nothing if your new tweet has been viewed so many times by your online followers, but you are likely to lose a large number of potential blog visitors if you only tweet the content once a day.

Communicate with Your Followers

Many people who utilize Twitter to promote their blogs usually only tweet the updating information to tell their Twitter audience that they have published a new post. In fact, this practice rarely can grab people’s attention and attract them to your blog, but asking their opinions on the core topic you’ve covered can be a worth trying. Because this gives them a feeling that you are not meant to inform them something, but invite them to discuss with you. For instance, if you have written an article about the uselessness of dedicated IP addresses for search engine optimization, then you’d better tweet “Do you think dedicated IP addresses can benefit the search engine rankings of your site?” instead of “The uselessness of dedicated IP addresses for SEO”.


TweetChat is a pre-arranged virtual meeting or gathering held on Twitter. The participants use the hashtag name of the chat to be linked together in a virtual conversation. In fact, TweetChat offers great benefits for you to promote your blog. If you have the post that meets the topic of a particular chat, then you can participate it to share that piece of content with people on the chat, and to find the potential readers of your blog.

 Promote Blog with Twitter

Answer Questions

People on the Twitter not only express their thoughts and feelings, share their ideas and opinions, they also tweet their problems and ask for a perfect resolution. At this time, you can answer these questions with a professional tone, with a view to making people notice you. And if you have the related article in your blog, then you can answer the question with the content, and give a link directing to this post.


Undoubtedly, Twitter can be a great way for you to promote your blog, but you have to use it in a right way, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. To be frank, the above mentioned tips are really useful, and have been adopted by a large number of bloggers. Therefore, if you want to drive more traffic to your blog, just follow what we have said in this article.