How to Make QR Codes in WordPress to Improve User Experience?

How to Make QR Codes in WordPress to Improve User Experience?

QR code, the abbreviation of Quick Response Code, is a type of matrix barcode that has been used by online communities and virtual stores. This kind of code is different from the traditional barcode seen on the product packaging, and it contains several types, such as Model 1, Micro, IQR and LogoQ.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to use a handy plugin named QR Code Generator to make a QR code in WordPress. Note that, the most popular “Model 1 QR” code will be used in this example, along with some example uses of QR codes.

How to Make QR Codes in WordPress?

Though as a free plugin, this QR Code Generator plugin does much of what the premium items do. For instance, it lets you insert a QR code that includes the site URL to the post or page editor. It’s possible to change the data in the QR code from the URL of your site to anything else by embedding a parameter to its shortcode.

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About QR Code Generator

To start, you need to install and activate the “QR Code Generator” plugin firstly. Generally there are some parameters that can be used to configure a QR code. For example, you can modify the content that would be extracted by the barcode scanner, adjust the display size of QR code and decide whether include a credit link to the plugin developer or not. Below is an example of how the shortcode looks like:

[qrcode content="Your Site Content" size="100" alt="Qr Code" class="qrcode" credit="FALSE"]

Alternatively, you can add the QR code to a text widget in the WordPress sidebar. As shown, simply go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” and move the QR code widget to anywhere you like on the right hand. This also requires you to specify the title and size for QR code. Remember to “Save” changes at last.

Add QR Code Widget

Note: If you’re not about to create multiple QR codes within post content and also don’t mind displaying them elsewhere, then this QR Code Generator tool is the best option. This tool is available in both free and premium versions, and it supports plenty of types, including URL, Text, SMS, vCard, phone, etc.

QR Code Generator

How to Use QR Codes for Different Purposes?

Usually, QR codes can be used to scan and acquire bits of data from smartphone or a webpage. No matter you use the QR code for whatever reason, it’s best to use them properly to ensure they will benefit your audiences. Following are several example uses:

File/App Download Links
Firstly, you can make a QR code that provides a file or mobile application link for your visitors to download. The file can be a PDF file containing a resume or an audio file for an album.

File & App Download Links

For app downloads, you can direct scanners to apps offered by others and meanwhile redirect them to the very online store based on the current mobile devices.

Contact Page
Aside from the standard MailChimp email contact form, QR code is another great way to let your visitors keep in touch with you. Once QR code is embedded to the contact page, your users will be able to send an SMS message or email right from their phones. To get rid of enquiries about your services, just encourage customers and clients to use SMS (Short Message Service).

Contact Page QR Code

vCard & A Location Maker
As is known, vCard is a kind of business card that is often attached to an email message. It’s great to add the contact details of vCard to a handy QR code. This can facilitate your users and your information (both “General” and “Address”) will be stored as one of their contacts without any user input.

vCard QR Code

Also, you can add a QR code that redirects visitors to an online map to a contact page. In this way, users can look up and locate your address straight from their mobiles. This is also helpful when they’re trying to make their way to your location.

Identity Confirmation
This can be the most practical use for a QR code. By entering both WordPress username and password, you can only allow a trusted device to scan the QR code from a login page. If you still want to receive a confirmation email during the first login, then this Rublon plugin is an ideal option. Above all, 1-click download and activation are available, without any extra configuration.

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