How to Install Magento Theme to Boost Visits & Sales with Beautiful Design

How to Install Magento Theme to Boost Visits & Sales with Beautiful Design

If you want to run a successful eCommerce store with Magento, you have to assure yourself sell high quality products, and at the same time build a powerful website with delicately-designed web presence, which can be achieved by installing premium Magento themes.

There are two ways to install a Magento theme either via Magento Connect Manager or via placing appropriate theme folders in the Magento Installation. you with little technical knowledge had better choose the former method, while for someone who have a certain degree of related background, they are suggested to follow the later method to fully extend the potential of new attractive themes.

Install Themes Via Magento Connect Manager

Magento Connect has a huge pile of collection of premium themes. If you found some high quality ones there, you are able to install them in an easy manner without any technical skills demanded by following the guidance below.


  1. Select a template you would like to have installed: before downloading the favorite theme, you should check whether it goes compatible with the released version of stores you are running. Once the compatibility is covered, just browse a theme in Magento theme archive.
  2. Open the theme’s direct URL: after opening the theme, there is a button called ” Get Extension Key” right under the theme image. Click the button and agree to extension license agreement.
  3. Copy the ext key and paste it to install field: as soon as the extension key is visualized, you need to copy it and then go to “Magento Connect Manager” under “System > Magento Connect” to paste the key to the install field. At last, move install button.
  4. Install the theme and save the configuration: after the installation is donce, you should go back to open System > Configuration > Design > Themes in Magento Admin Area, then activate the theme to Save Config button.

Now, a totally new theme is correctly presented in the front page.

Insert New Theme Template in Existing or New Magento Installation

The process contains three steps: download a theme, upload and activate the theme. There are lots of places to download well-designed Magento themes, most of which are usually with ultimate functionalities. No matter where you download a theme, it is ended up with a file in .zip format. Just place it at somewhere of the computer and unzip it.

magento-install-twoMagento themes have four parts containing layout, templates, skins and locale, which need to be integrated into the Magento Installation. Follow the detailed steps below.

  1. Copy the entire app folder and skin folder of the new theme naming the file with an additional suffix like new_theme. Next, upload all the files to the server using FTP.
  2. Login to Magento store admin, then go to System-Configuration and select the design tab, and type the name of the new theme of the copies in Magento installation in front of skin input box and click “Save Config”.

You should make sure you have browsed into both of the folders while having the new theme unzipped on computer hard drive that the files have been installed on the website’s root. After all these things are done, you are able to see the theme just uploaded with a name came up with by themselves.

Referring to the methods mentioned above, you have chances to customize their Magento store right now. It is high time for merchants decorated their online store presence to boost visits and sales as eCommerce is gaining increasing popularity among customers all over the world.