How to Increase Click Through Rate In Organic Results

How to Increase Click Through Rate In Organic Results

Increasing the CTR (click through rate) is one of the most useful practices to generate more revenue to your website. This is because the higher CTR your website achieves, the more business owners will choose you to place their ads.

CTR is mainly used to measure the success and effectiveness of an online advertising campaign. It counts the proportion of visitors who have clicked a specific ad links redirecting them to another page where they can make a purchase or get more information about some products or services.

After knowing the importance and function of CTR, now we’d like to introduce some practical strategies helping you maximize the CTR of your website easily and effectively.

Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Company

Choosing a good web host is the most essential step to increase the click through rate of your website. This is because a truly reliable web hosting service can guarantee you a fast page loading speed and no downtime, allowing you to provide the best viewing experience for your readers. After all, no one is willing to enter a slow and always inaccessible site, let alone click on its ads and links.

While selecting a reliable web host among countless companies is time and energy consuming, we highly recommend BlueHost – the best web hosting provider in the industry with millions of customers all over the world. Below are some benefits you can get from them.

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  • Support – Customers can get responsive technical support from professional support staffs 24/7 via phone call, e-mail, and live chat.

Improve the SEPR Ranking of Your Website

How to Increase CTRAlways remember that the SEPR ranking is directly related to the CTR of your website. This is because when you get better rankings, there are more chances that people can find your content, including the advertisements and special links. To achieve a high ranking, the content creation is among the most importance. After all, the algorithms of search engines are mainly based on the content on a webpage. According to our investigation, webpages that are listed in the front of search engine results contain more than 600 words with unique content. Besides, these posts always include keywords in the permalink, headline, as well as the core content.

Utilize Cutting-Edge Tools

In addition to focusing on the content, you can also utilize some neat tools. For instance, you can make use of some social networking platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln, which allow you to get your webpages noticed and shared. Note that search engines prefer popular webpages with tremendous shares. Some other useful tools include Google Webmaster Tools, rich snippets and SEP plugins.

Add Negative Keywords

This strategy is super basic and useful. With the SQR (Search Query Report), you can find out which queries are not relevant to your ad, thus are able to pick them as the negative keywords. For instance, when people search for “Dior to South Korea” and you know the fact that you don’t ship Dior to South Korea, then “South Korea” can be added to your negative keyword list, preventing search engines knowing that there is little or even no relevance between your ad and search query.

Website Design

The appearance of your website will always be the first thing seen by your visitors. Therefore, you need to make it attractive enough to pique people’s attention at the first impression. To achieve this, quality theme utilization is the easiest and most effective way. Here, we highly recommend Fable – a quality and multifunctional WordPress theme designed for commercial websites mainly. Its spacious, full-width, and long-format style make your website unique and appealing.

How to Increase CTR