How to Enable Infinite Scroll in WordPress with Jetpack Plugin?

How to Enable Infinite Scroll in WordPress with Jetpack Plugin?

Simply speaking, Infinite Scroll allows end-users to load the next content continuously as they scroll down the page. This kind of feature has been prevailing among many social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and you can have a look at the basic implementation of how to use “Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll” in the following parts.

As the “Jetpack by” plugin requires a piece of your theme information to work, we will cover how to enable the Infinite Scroll function in both supported and unsupported themes. Now, let’s get right to the point.

How to Set Up Jetpack in WordPress?

In the online market, there are several plugins to achieve the Infinite Scroll feature, but we prefer to use the highly-reputable plugin – Jetpack. Developed by a distributed company called as Automattic, Jetpack is a perfect option for serious webmasters who want to extend blogging experience, including the infinite scroll. Pay attention that, this WP plugin is compatible up to WordPress 4.2v, and the latest 3.5v is free to use through the following URL.

Download URL:

About Jetpack Plugin

Setting up the Jetpack plugin can be done in a few ways, but we recommend you to do it from the WordPress dashboard as follows:

  1. Firstly, log onto the backend of your WordPress using username and password.
  2. Secondly, move your mouse over this “Plugins” tab and then click on the “Add New” option from the left sidebar menu.
  3. And then, type in “jetpack” in the search text box and select out the newest version located at the top of the result lists.
  4. Just click on the “Install Now” button next to the name of this plugin. Once installed, remember to make a hit on the “Activate Plugin” link. Note that, this newly-added plugin would be stored as one of the “Installed Plugins” as below.
  5. Installed Jetpack Plugin

  6. Next, click on this “Jetpack” option and you will be prompted to press a green button labelled as “Connect to”.
  7. Press Green Connect Button

  8. Note that, this will open a pop-up window where you are required to login with account. To put an end to this setup process, click on this “Authorize Jetpack” button.
  9. Authorize Jetpack Plugin

How to Add Infinite Scroll Experience within Supported Themes?

As one popular module provided by Jetpack, this Infinite Scroll can work well with well-crafted themes only, namely the default WordPress themes like TwentyTwelve, TwentyEleven and TwentyTen. Enabling Infinite Scroll is quite similar to enabling post thumbnails (namely featured images) which requires this add_theme_support () function.

By embedding a few pieces of snippets when using the add_theme_support (), you can integrate Infinite Scroll with the existing theme seamlessly. If you are using a well-crafted theme just like the default WordPress theme, then enabling Infinite Scroll in WordPress is an absolute cinch. Assuming that you have a TwentyTwelve theme, you can at the very least need to copy and paste the following shortcode to the functions.php file within your “Template” folder.

function infinite_scroll_init() 
    add_theme_support('infinite-scroll', array('container' => 'content'));
add_action('after_setup_theme', 'infinite_scroll_init');

Note: To access the above-mentioned functions.php file, you can go to “Appearance” > “Editor” as below. After done with all settings within this “Theme Functions” file, do remember to click on the bottom “Update File” button.

Upgrade Your Theme Functions

How to Add Infinite Scroll Experience within Unsupported Themes?

To be frank, adding Infinite Scroll in a not-so-well-crafted theme is more sophisticated, which may get you stuck into code. To activate this Infinite Scroll function, you can simply add the following configuration code to your functions.php file.

function hr360_infinite_scroll_init() 
    add_theme_support('infinite-scroll', array(
        'container' 'content',
        'render' => 'hr360_infinite_scroll_render',
        'footer' => 'wrapper',

add_action('init', 'hr360_infinite_scroll_init');

Note that, this neat solution makes use of the WordPress loop to load your new posts/pages for endless scrolling. To have a working Infinite Scroll, you still need to add the snippets in below to the same functions.php file.

function hr360_infinite_scroll_render() 

Till present, your Infinite Scrolling would be live in action on your WordPress site. If not, it is more than likely that your current theme hasn’t been coded just like many other themes to support the Infinite Scrolling function. To check more practical solutions, just visit this official Jetpack Infinite Scroll page.