How to Embed Flash SWF in WordPress Posts

How to Embed Flash SWF in WordPress Posts

SWF files deliver information in the form of multimedia, vector graphic and ActionScript and that has been recognized as a vivid way to express author’s mind. It is also regarded as Shockwave Flash. Since a post in plain text is hard to arouse readers’ interest, embedding SWF files in WordPress posts is accepted by more and more webmasters to make web content as eye-catching as possible.

There are two methods for that purpose introduced in the following guide, including WordPress plugin and lines of code. The selected plugins to this end are Ultimate SWF Flash Display Widget and Ultimate SWF Flash Display Shortcode, which are designed for seamless flash object display.

Embed SWF Files in WordPress Posts with Plugin

Ultimate SWF Flash Display Widget is a flexible plugin with a bunch of customizable features and shows flash on WordPress sidebar. Various options are available for SWF file quality so as to make the embedding flash optimum. It is easy to install and activate this plugin via your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Search for Ultimate SWF Flash Display Widget and click “Install Now” since the following result is found out.

Install Ultimate SWF Flash Display Widget

Go to Appearance > Widgets and check if Ultimate SWF Flash Display Widget is included in the Available Widgets list. If so, drag and drop it to the right sidebar.

Ultimate SWF Flash Display Widget Sidebar

Several options are expanded for widget customization. The Basic Configuration is where to enter flash source and that can be from external URL or internal directory. Here, we are going to insert a SWF file with external URL. Set width and height of that SWF file and match it with your web design suitably.

The Advanced Configuration mode determines how often to allow script access and there are three options available. And then, select a flash quality from the drop-down list and set background color as planned. Click “Save” button to confirm all settings.

Basic and Advanced Configuration

Having all changes done, go to website front-end and check if the SWF file works well on your web page.

Ultimate SWF Flash Display Shortcode enables users to showcase SWF file in anywhere on a web page with shortcode. Install and activate this plugin as the way to finish Ultimate SWF Flash Display Widget installation.

Install Ultimate SWF Flash Dsiplay Shortcode Plugin

Take good use of the source code swf_option = “url” to display a SWF file from internal source. The source code url_source = “YOUR_EXTERNAL_URL_LINK_HERE” is used for displaying flash from external URL. Besides, the width=”300″ and height=”300″ are used to adjust the flash size. Modify the parameters if needed. Finally, insert the shortcode [cd_flash] into anywhere on your site to showcase SWF file properly.

Embed SWF Files with Coding Stuff

If you wish to have a try on coding stuff instead of using a plugin, then the following method is created for you. Search for an eye-catching flash through Internet and resize it according to personal needs. Upload it to your website via Media > Add New.

And then, add the following line of code to a post and replace path to uploaded file to the URL of that file you have uploaded just now. Replace the parameters of height and width according to the size of SWF file. Publish this post and check if everything goes well on front-end.

[kml_flashembed movie="path to uploaded file" height="300" width="300" /]

Here, we are going to embed a SWF file in the bottom of this post and that should be like the following example. We search for this file from Google Image, which is 300 pixels in height and 400 pixels in width. Make sure that this file is in .swf format.

SWF File Example


Both methods are advisable to embed SWF files in WordPress posts. The use of plugin is much more acceptable by users sick of complicated code. Since the line of code mentioned in this guide is easy to understand, it is also accessible for most readers, even for beginners.