How to Build a Special and Successful Online Store by Yourself

How to Build a Special and Successful Online Store by Yourself

It is a global phenomenon to hold online store for making profits. Actually, having an online store is greatly lucrative. Therefore, an increasing number of people start having interests in online business and want to set up their own stores. However, most of them are not familiar with the process of creating an online store website.

With the purpose of helping them find a time-saving and money-saving way to build a special online store with ease, we learn from not only our own experience but also plenty of other online business owners’ advices. Finally, we work out the following conductive and beneficial steps of how to set up an online business. Now, go straight to the details.

Step 1: Develop a Business Plan

It is quite essential for you to figure out thoroughly that what kind of goods you want to sell prevailingly and what type of store you are fond of. Whether you want to sell common goods or digital products, do make clear about their main characteristics. For example, you should quite well know that whether your products are easy to deliver or keep in storage.

Furthermore, finding reliable suppliers and forming a win-win corporate relationship are an indispensable part of a stable and successful business. In specific, it is advisable for you to have a field study before you choose product supplies. Moreover, do remember to sign contracts to ensure your legitimate interest.

Step 2: Choose an eCommerce Solution

choose an ecommerce solutionAfter completing these preparations, you need to select a suitable ecommerce solution to assist you in creating a store site. On the market, there are various self-hosted platforms and hosted platforms. Due to the practicability and availability, the self-hosted ones are more advisable. The following ecommerce solutions are standout in the sea of ecommerce software. Study them carefully and find a proper one for your own need.

  • Magento: the solution coming with a lot of useful features is focused on business and enterprise websites. Importantly, it also enables you to reach the mobile commerce which is full of potential consumers.
  • PrestaShop: a flexible and open source one is suitable for small and medium size websites. It is one of its main strengths to support multiple payment gateways, including Google checkout, Authorize.NET, PayPal and much more.
  • OpenCart: this robust ecommerce software aims to help people run multiple stores. Moreover this platform is highly highlighted with its integration of shipping ways and comprehensive reporting.

Step 3: Install the Open Source Solution

install the open source solutionSince a reliable server is a backbone of these solutions, you need to utilize an appropriate web hosting package. We pick some cost-effective web hosts which powerfully host websites after reviewing thousands of companies. In below, we list main information of some of these web hosting companies.

  • HostGator: a trustworthy one with high reputation which is proven to have incredible uptime, fat speed and professional technical support services. Besides, it uses high-end technologies to offer rich features like unlimited disk space, domains and others.
  • BlueHost: it has been engaged in offering high-quality hosting services for over 15 years. Moreover, it provides some appealing packages which meet customers’ various needs. As for performance, BlueHost equipped with cutting-edge technologies has been through many users’ tests.
  • InMotion Hosting: established in 2001, it has been dedicated to serving for small and medium size online business. According to many real customers’ comments, it is worthy for trying due to its awesome performance and high reliability.

As for installing the software, many of them offer one-click installers to automate the installation of dozens of ecommerce application, so you just need to find the tool in the control panel and have several clicks when needed. Usually, they also prepare a lot of helpful documentations and tutorials which you can refer to.

Step 4: Extend the Functionality and Beautify Your Site

extend the functionality and beautify your aite In order to manage your site efficiently and effectively, it is sensible to extend the functionality. In detailed, you are able to choose any functionality to extend according to your own purpose. The most common way for accomplishing this task is to install plugins and modules which enhance the flexibility of your management.

It is quite crucial for you to have a beautiful and personalized website for attracting consumers. In particular, choosing a responsive theme to match your site well is highly advisable. On the market, there are all sorts of themes covering hotel themes, app-store themes, fashion themes, and more.