How to Block Spam Emails in WordPress Using CryptX Plugin

How to Block Spam Emails in WordPress Using CryptX Plugin

Powerful as WordPress is, it’s still swarmed with spammers who are trying to look for email address and send spam emails without your permission. One of the ways that they use to do that is by using bots or an email spam domain to crawl on your site and cause serious damages there.

There are a number of tools to restrict spammers, such as security questions, CAPTCHA protection and email confirmation, etc. Among those prevention methods, we suggest using a handy plugin named CryptX to block spam emails. Meanwhile, some alternative options of third-party websites are also included.

How to Block Spam Emails Using CryptX Plugin?

A good practice to block spam emails is by encrypting/hiding your personal email address. Some WordPress users use this anti-spam function introduced from the WordPress Codex to covert every email character into respective HTML entity. This method is useful enough to detect and block spam bots, but you can still rely on this “CryptX” plugin to:

  • convert email address characters using UNICODE or JavaScript.
  • hide all of your email addresses with or without a mailto-link.
  • replace email with PNG image, along with selectable font size and color.

Free Download:

About CryptX Plugin

1. Install & Activate CryptX Plugin

To start, just download “CryptX” plugin via the above link and then upload its folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Once done, log onto WordPress dashboard and activate this plugin through the “Plugins” sidebar menu. As shown, there will be a new “CryptX” label appearing under the “Settings” area.

Install CryptX Plugin

2. Customize Presentation Settings

Firstly, you will be prompted to define a unique “ID” or “Class” within the blank text field. The default characters for “@” symbol and “.” are [at] and [dot], but you can choose to use custom characters in email address. The other options let you enter URL for image, text for link, title-tag for image and select title-tag from folder.

Customize Presentation Settings

To have your “Text Scrambled by AntiSpamBot” or “Covert Email to PNG-Image”, just check the radio buttons on the left side. By default, the font size and font color are set to “10” and “000000”. Do remember to save changes after all settings.

3. Make General Settings

Scroll down and decide where you’d like to apply CryptX, such as content, custom fields, excerpt, comments and widgets. Below is the “Excluded IDs” that are usually separated by comma. There are two types of decryptions to hide the email link, and you can choose between
JavaScript and Unicode. It’s possible to load your JavaScript in the footer or header of the webpage.

Make General Settings

There is an option to embed mailto to all unlinked email addresses, and you’d better think carefully before resetting CryptX options to the defaults. If needed, you can apply CryptX to your template file by pasting the offered configuration code.

How to Use CryptX

Alternative Options to Block Email Spam

To meet different demands, we’ve compiled a list of tools to help you combat with various spam emails. All of those plugins are non-commercial, along with different characteristics and functions.

  1. Spamhaus DBL
  2. Spamhaus DBL is such a mail server software that lets you identify, sort and reject emails containing domains that are involved in sending or hosting unsolicited bulk emails. This tool also helps prevent spammers from registering into your WordPress site. It is maintained by a team of experts and includes URIs (hostnames/domains) that are used in sending malware or viruses.

    Download URL:

    About Spamhaus DBL

  3. Spam Master
  4. As the ultimate spam protection plugin, Spam Master protects your WordPress powered site from thousands of known spam emails, IPs and domains. The inbuilt “Spam Learning” function makes your WordPress blog become a fighting spam enforcer, and a large amount of statistics are available, including:

    • total website users, total number of comments & total spam blocked comments.
    • selected protection level & total number of approved, pending or trashed comments.
    • status of RBL spam servers, comments list, user registration list, date, name & user status.

    Download URL:

    About Spam Master

  5. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam
  6. As one of the most popular anti-spam plugins, this WP-SpamShield plugin includes two layers of spam blocking, including both human and automated spam. There is a feature to reject email harvesting bots so that your email addresses will be protected on posts, pages, excerpts, comments as well as text widgets. This multi-functional plugin is also compatible with many other plugins, such as Gravity Forms, BuddyPress and Contact Form 7, etc.

    Download URL:

    About WP-SpamShield Plugin