How to Add WordPress Photo Gallery

How to Add WordPress Photo Gallery

Since WordPress 3.5 release, there’s an inbuilt gallery feature by which you can display images in a grid-like view. Depending on personal needs, it’s also possible to use a handy plugin to create an image gallery for WordPress posts and pages.

Note that, the steps to add WordPress photo gallery via the built-in functionality will be firstly introduced. And the plugin chosen in this guide is – Grand Flagallery, a fabulous choice amongst the best photo gallery plugins.

Option 1 – Using WordPress Gallery Feature

The whole process is quite simple, which covers three main steps:

Step 1 – Enter WordPress Media Uploader

To start, log onto your WordPress account and “Add New” post/page from the administrator interface. Here, enter your post title and press “Add Media” button located at the upper-left of post editor.

Enter Gallery Manager

Step 2 – Select Images for Your Gallery

From this pop-up WordPress media uploader, go to “Create Gallery” tab and drag and drop the needed images to your “Media Gallery”. Alternatively, you can choose “Upload Files” option and then select files from a local computer. To upload multiple images at a time, just hold own your “Shift” key. Note that, the maximum upload file size is 8 MB.

Upload Images to Gallery

As shown, the selected images come with a blue border, and you should enter more attachment details, including image title, caption, alt text and description on the right side. Once done, hit the button saying “Create a New Gallery”.

Create a New Gallery

This will open the “Edit Gallery” window where you’re allowed to deselect the unused images and specify the display columns, display order and image size as well. Meanwhile, you can set the links of image to an image file or an attachment page. Do check the “Insert Gallery” button finally.

Insert WordPress Gallery

Step 3 – Insert Your Gallery to Post/Page

If done correctly, a box will be inserted to the post body area under the “Visual” view; while a line of gallery code will appear within the “Text” Editor.

How Photo Gallery Looks Like

Just take a preview of your gallery before publishing it, and this is an example of how your gallery will look like on the front-end.

Option 2 – Using Grand Flagallery Plugin

If you are serious about your photos and want to create a photo gallery out of box, then this Grand Flagallery is the smart choice. It not only includes 3D gallery skins, but also works well on both desktop systems and mobile devices. Plus, the background music and image slideshow can be a visual and auditory feast for audiences.

Download Address:

About Grand Flagallery Plugin

Assuming that you’ve installed and activated this plugin, below are the detailed references on how to use it:

  • Step 1: To create a new gallery, just go to “FLAGallery” > “Manage Galleries”. Here, type the name of your gallery within the text field of “Add Gallery”.
  • Create an Empty Gallery

  • Step 2: Then, enter the next “Upload Images” tab and upload the images you need from the hard disk. Meanwhile, this plugin allows you to import images that have already been in your gallery folder through the next “Import Image Folder” section. Here, you can see the progress of every image when it is being uploaded.
  • Upload Your Images

  • Step 3: Below are the boxes for music, video and banner, and you will be able to import mp3, video and banners from respective server folders. Be sure to edit the image title, URL and description from this “Image Gallery” area.
  • Edit WordPress Image Gallery

  • Step 4: There is an abundance of skins for photo, music, video, banner as well as widget. It’s at your option to use the default skins or upload a custom one from the PC. As different skins have different properties, you should re-define these properties via “Active Skin” Options.
  • Edit Image Skins

  • Step 5: To upload images from your iPhone device, “License Key” and “Remote App Access Key” are required. Just in case you want to change these keys, press the “Blue” tab at the bottom of this page.
  • Upload Images from iPhone

  • Step 6: The last step is to go to” Posts” > “Add New” and press this “FIAGallery” button to add your image gallery. This will prompt you to make customizations for “Galleries”, “Albums”, “Skin” and “Music”.
  • Insert Flagallery Photos