How to Add WordPress Live Chat Using Plugins?

How to Add WordPress Live Chat Using Plugins?

Many ways can be done to add a chat option, but the quickest way is by using a plugin. Out of thousands of chat solutions, the Tidio Live and Pure Chat plugins are selected here.

In this guide, we will explain how to use the two plugins to add WordPress live chat. The “Google Talk API” service is also a top choice for those wishing to generate a basic live chat widget with a Google account. But that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial, and the top reasons for using a chat service are available in below.

Why Use A Live Chat Service?

Not only does chat option put you in direct contact with potential customers, but also create a sense of community around your WordPress site. That’s a great functionality that dramatically changes how your audiences interact with you. But there is more to it than that, and we’ve listed top 3 reasons why a live chat service is important for WordPress sites:

  1. Customer Relationship. Nothing enhances a brand than a great customer experience, and adding a live chat lets you neutralize buyers’ objections and provide great aftercare. It shows a confidence in your products and a willingness to develop customer relationship.
  2. Brand Reputation. This goes along with customer experience, and it’s worthy to make a good impression on potential buyers. Remember, your brand reputation follows you at any time and place, and a chat plugin adds authenticity and professionalism to your website.
  3. Conversion Rate. In addition to a phone number and an email address, a live chat option is also a bonus that lets you listen and solve potential problems raised by your buyers. This will boost sales and increase the conversion rates down the line.

Why Use Chat Service

How to Add a Chat Option Using Tidio Live Chat Plugin?

Tidio Live Chat is one of the most popular chat plugins by far, and it combines multiple different facets for presenting a quality customer support system. That’s a complete chat solution by which you can customize every feature of chat experience. The core features include:

  • Keep a record of who is browsing your site.
  • Contact customers via email when they are out of chat sessions.
  • Select among 140 languages and provide offline message form for visitors.
  • Adjust color schemes and initiate chats with customers who are visiting your site.

Free Download:

About Tidio Live Chat Plugin

Generally, you have two different ways to install Tidio Live Chat plugin. One is through the WordPress Repository, and another is generating one line of code via Tidio’s website. Whichever method you are using, a new “Tidio Chat” option will appear on your WordPress sidebar menu. Following are detailed steps to configure this plugin:

Step 1: Hit this new tab and you will be taken to the “Tidio Chat” panel. Just enter your email address and password to create a new account. An operator’s name is also required to complete the registration process.

Complete Account Registration

Step 2: Within this “Appearance” section, you can style the chat widget and page. As shown, there are a few themes and color options to choose from, and it’s possible to enable pre-chat survey and popover. Note that, the sidebar color and position is editable, and the last “Chat Page” lets you take a preview of the chat window.

Live Chat Appearance

Step 3: Scroll down and go to this “Settings” section to personalize your profile. There are many customization options, such as “Chat”, “Operators”, “Departments”, “Shortcuts”, “Notifications” and “Account”, etc. Remember to adjust the project URL, report frequency and email inside “Preferences” tab.

Set Chat Preference

Step 4: If needed, you can add more languages through the next “Multilanguages”. This plugin also comes with apps for Android, IOS, Google Chrome and Windows mobile, with Google Analytics, MailChimp, Zendesk and SalesForce integrated.

Live Chat Applications

Step 5: After those settings, this plugin is all ready for helping you interact with your customers. It is free to use, but you need to upgrade to a Pro version if you want to have unlimited concurrent chats, unlimited operators and automatic messages. It takes $10/mo to upgrade, and both PayPal and Credit Card are allowed.

Upgrade Chat Account

How to Add a Free Chat Widget Using Pure Chat Plugin?

As an award-winning live chat software, Pure Chat lets you chat in real time with website visitors at your desk or mobile apps. Instead of being put on the current webpage, this plugin generates a widget selector in another page. Note that, your “Pure Chat” account is different from the WordPress account, and you shall hit this “Pick a Widget” button firstly.

Pick a Chat Widget

This will open a dedicated dashboard where you’re expected to enter username, email address, company and password. And then, locate and click the “Settings” option from the upper-right toolbar. Here are some customization options available for you:

  • Chat Transcripts – is where to see all past, missed and current chats. The built-in filter tool allows you to find what you are looking for.
  • Customize Chat Box – is where to customize your chat widget from text, title, type, animation and position aspects. It’s possible to add custom images.
  • Manage Your Team – is where to see your team, add new members and edit a team member.
  • Account Settings – is where to set account time-zone and banned IP addresses.

Once completed, click “Save” button. Each option is quite self-explanatory, and your chat window will look really stylish with lots of customization capabilities.

Example Chat Window