How to Add Print Button to WordPress Website?

How to Add Print Button to WordPress Website?

When reading an interesting article, you may want to print and save it for later reference. Honestly, most modern themes have such a “Print Now” button, and all popular browsers still have a key combination for printing, namely “Ctrl+P”.

In case you want to add a “Print Page” button in WordPress to improve readers’ experience, following are several different ways for your reference. Note that, the first manual method requires basic HTML/CSS knowledge, and the second automatic method uses two plugins – Print Friendly and WP-Print.

How to Add Print Button to WordPress Manually?

A printer-friendly button is of great importance for WordPress websites used for online magazines, news sources as well as course management. Adding such a button will let your readers copy and print piece of content or full page, which is not as difficult as you may expect. As for detailed steps, just log onto the WordPress dashboard and go directly to “Appearance” > “Editor” firstly.

Add Print Button Manually

That’s where to store WordPress template files, and you can copy and paste this shortcode to anywhere you need. The “center” tags will keep the print button in the middle of your post.

echo "<center><a href='javascript:window.print()'>Print Button</a></center>";

If needed, you can replace the “Text” link with a preferred image, and below is the configuration code. Obviously, the “Image URL” and “Border” can be replaced with whatever you like.

echo "<a href='javascript:window.print()'> <img src='YourImageURL' border='2.5'></a>";

For demonstration purpose, we’ve added a “Print Button” text link to this single.php file, and here is a sample of how this button looks like. Note that, the above code will print the whole page including the comments, thus it’s better to take a look at this beginners’ guide to get rid of WordPress comment spam.

Sample Print Button

How to Insert Print Button Automatically?

The above method is quite easy to implement, but you can use feature-rich plugins to add more advanced features than just a simple button to launch a printer. The only thing you need to do is install and activate the two plugins as is mentioned in this plugin installation tutorial. More features and customization suggestions are available in the following parts.

1. Using Print Friendly and PDF Button Plugin

Free Download:

As its name implies, this Print Friendly and PDF button will automatically create PDF and printer-friendly versions of pages, without the need to create another CSS file. It doesn’t require any coding, programming or hacking, along with a wealth of cool features:

  • on-page lightbox to place newly-opened PDF documents.
  • precision placement with editable alignment & margins.
  • printable brand/URL for readers to remember your website.
  • professional-looking print and PDFs with the branded headers.
  • up to 25 languages to select, such as English, Danish, German, French, Spanish, etc.

This plugin is easy to set up, and you can easily get all customization settings via “Settings” > “Print Friendly and PDF”. Here are up to 10 different button styles for your selection, and it’s possible to create a custom button with configurable “Image URL”, “Text”, “Text Color”, and “Text Size”.

Pick Your Print Style

Below is the “Button Positioning” section where you can adjust the button margins and disable the drop-down list. Meanwhile, you have an option to display this print button on posts, pages, homepage, category pages and taxonomy pages. It’s possible to add it to template file using the listed PHP function or use the shortcode to target page/post.

Button Positioning & Display

The following “Print PDF Options” allow you to choose what will be printed later, and “Custom CSS URL” can also be implemented. The last “Webmaster Settings” section includes JavaScript, website protocol and “Google Analytics” options, and the Password Protected Content can be switched on/off. Do remember to hit “Save Options” button.

Print PDF Settings

Notes: There is a “Print-Friendly Pro” version that provides ad-free service and real person support at the starting price of $4/mo. However, its annual price will increase to 100 bucks if you want to include sub-domains and remove the “Powered by Print-Friendly” copyright information. As shown, multiple payment options are allowed there, and remember to enter your domain before clicking “Buy now” button.

Print Friendly Pro Version

2. Using WP-Print Plugin

Download URL:

This simple WP-Print plugin will display a printable version of your blog’s page/post, along with two selectable print icons. Within its settings page, you can also add a “Print This Blog Page” button to pages or articles. The “Print Text Link Style” can be configured to your liking.

Customize Print Styles

Next is the “Print Options” by which you can decide whether or not print comments, links, images as well as videos. The final section is where to fill in a custom disclaimer/ copyright text, and HTML is allowed there.

Customize Print Options

Notes: To further customize the appearance of your print button, just go and open this print-css.css file normally included within this plugin. From here, you can add a new logo, adjust the text color, re-configure the width, margin, font size and so on. If you don’t know what you’re doing now, just leave them to the defaults.

Customize button Appearance