How About Site5 VPS Hosting Service

How About Site5 VPS Hosting Service

As numerous webmasters are wondering about whether Site5 is an advisable choice for VPS hosting, our editors have done an in-depth review based on its features, price, uptime, page loading speed and customers service. We do believe that when finishing reading, they can have an overall impression about this company and its service.

Established in 1999, Site5 strives to catch up with some reputable hosting providers such as BlueHost. In recent years, it is true that this company has made great progress especially in technology. However, on the other side, it also exists some shortcomings.


As a matter of fact, the prices of its plans are beyond many people’s reach. Even the cheapest plan VPS2 is priced as high as $55/mo. Besides, when the fees of control panel, backup and site builder are added, the price increases to $72/mo. Among all the VPS plans our editors have reviewed, this price is much higher than the average. Other advanced plans, such as VPS6 and VPS10 which are priced at $205/mo and $670/mo respectively, are not affordable at all. Read the detailed price information in below.

Price VPS2 VPS6 VPS10
Regular $55/mo $72/mo $205/mo
Discount N/A N/A N/A
Money Back 15 Days 15 Days 15 Days
How to Claim Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended

Besides price, money back guarantee is another concern of customers. This company promises a 15-day money back. However, the money paid for domain name registrations, transfers and renewals are not qualified for the refund policy, which poses risks for customers who have subscribed its packages. Furthermore, this company pushes off a $1/mo policy for the first month trial. Note that this policy is only applied for the VPS2 plan.


The company provides three kinds of VPS packages which are fully managed, unmanaged and Cloud VPS. Considering that most people are inclined to choose a managed one, our editors will mainly talk about the packages included in the service.

site5 featuresIn general, 10 plans are provided and each of them possesses different features. For example, VPS2 has 2 cores, 1GB memory, 50GB disk space and 800GB bandwidth. To be honest, 1GB memory is not sufficient for most VPS users.

In order to meet the demands of medium-sized businesses, this company offers a mid-range plan that is VPS6. This plan has a better configuration that includes 4 cores, 4GB memory, and 200GB disk space and 3TB bandwidth. Apart from these plans, the company also offers high-range plans such as VPS10. This plan is much better than the former two for it provides 8cores, 16GB memory, and 800GB disk space and 6TB bandwidth. Learn more information about the features in the following table.

Feature VPS2 VPS6 VPS10
Cores 2 4 8
Disk Space 50GB 200GB 800GB
Bandwidth 800GB 3TB 6TB
Databases & MySQL Yes Yes Yes
cPanel $10/mo $10/mo $10/mo
Remote Backups $7/mo $7/mo $7/mo
RVSiteBuilder $5/mo $5/mo $5/mo
FTP & SFTP Yes Yes Yes
Root Access No No No

Undoubtedly, this company is really considerate for it offers a lot of plans to be chosen from. However, it is also true that all these plans exist fatal demerits. For example, this company fails to provide free control panel, backups and site-builder. All of them are charged and this can obviously lay heavily financial burdens on customers. Besides, some other features like root access are not included, either.


site5 performanceAs this company utilizes the quality server and guarantees no overloaded and oversold servers, it is confident to say that it can provide 99.9% uptime. In addition, if the company fails to keep its promise, customers can request their money back.

Besides, the company keeps its page loading speed by using its own datacenter, which is well managed with full-time monitoring and climate control. In order to figure out the real situation about its speed, our editors have carried out a performance test. We set up a new website which is hosted by Site5 and as a result, its server response time can be really less than one second.

Technical Support

site5 technical supportCustomers can get their problems solved through various ways. The company offers phone call, live chat as well as email. All their staffs are experts who have been well trained. Thus, all the customers can get professional advice from them. Usually, this company is able to give quick and responsive answer to any problems. Thus, it is so confident that it offers a $1 credit when fail to be contact beyound 6 hours.

Better Alternatives

After reading all the content above, a deep impression of this company has come in formation. It is undeniable that this company has good performance and technical support. However, when it comes to price and features, this company is not the best and perfect choice. Thus, for people who are looking for cost-effective VPS hosting companies, we have carefully picked three reliable and trustworthy companies for them.