HostPapa VS HostGator – Choose the Better Service for Your Website

HostPapa VS HostGator – Choose the Better Service for Your Website

Recently, we have been frequently asked a question that which company between HostPapa and HostGator is the better choice.

Hence, we write this HostPapa vs HostGator comparison to offer detailed information about the two companies’ services. In view of aspects including prices, features, performance, and technical support, we found both of them are advisable choices for web hosting service, whereas HostGator is preferable. In below, we closely review the services and reveal the secrets.

Overall Ratings

Both HostPapa and HostGator are huge names in the field for offering high quality web hosting service for more than 9 years. However, after our comprehensive analyses, there is still a gap between them in web hosting services. In the following we work out a clear table of editorial ratings which is on the basis of our real using experience for at least 3 months and feedbacks from hundreds of verified customers.

Rating HostPapa HostGator
Overall 3.5 stars 4.5 stars
Features 3 stars 4.5 stars
Loading Speed 3 stars 4.5 stars
Reliability 3.5 stars 4.5 stars
Technical Support 3.5 stars 4 stars
Price $3.95/mo $3.82/mo
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You can easily see from the above table that HostPapa is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars in overall, reliability and technical support, while HostGator has won 4.5 out of 5 stars in feature, loading speed and reliability, etc.. In below, we carefully review the service and lift their veil.


HostPapa is starting at $3.95/mo, coming with billing cycles as 12/24/36 months. By contrast, HostGator offers 3 packages which are named as Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. The current price starts at $3.82/mo with the 45% discount available for customers using the coupon code HG45PERCENT via this promotional link. For your convenience to check more detailed information about their price, we make a table as following.

Price HostPapa HostGator
Plan in Comparison Starter Hatching
Regular Price $7.99/mo $6.95/mo
Discount 51% 45%
Discounted Price $3.95/mo $3.82/mo
Money Back 30 Days 45 Days
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Besides, both companies support payments via credit cards and PayPal, but they differ in money back guarantee. HostPapa offers 30 days money back guarantee whereas HostGator provides 45 days. To tell the truth, HostPapa is really affordable but still nothing compared with HostGator when considering the discount and money back guarantee.


featuresBoth HostPapa and HostGator are green energy web hosting providers featuring unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access, email accounts and so on.

Utilizing the most popular cPanel as the control panel, customers are able to get a user-friendly graphical interface and realize the simplified management of websites including data, files, setting etc.. Furthermore, the web hosting services offered by them are highlighted for the following features.

  • Softaculous that enables customers to quickly install hundreds of free scripts with minutes and a few clicks.
  • Climate friendly and green web hosting.
  • Scripting languages including PHP 5, Perl and so forth.
  • Security protection such as password-protected directory and share SSL support.

However, there is still disparity between them in features. Please check the table in below for specific information.

Price HostPapa HostGator
Plan in Comparison Starter Hatching
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Shared SSL Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Python No Yes
Perl No Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes
Free Backs No Yes
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performanceMainly operated in Canada, HostPapa owns 2 data centers. The self-build One is situated in Canada and the collocated one is in New York. The company equips its data centers with advanced facilities and technologies including fire suppression systems, water detection systems and 24/7 manned security.

In contrast, HostGator houses its servers in multiple data centers which ranges from 22,000 to 78,000+ square feet. Besides, these data centers come with redundant power, HVAC, fire detection/suppression systems and 24/7/365 network monitoring. In the following list, we show their uptime respectively, according to our real time monitoring in the past month.

  • HostPapa : delivers 99.87% uptime averagely in the past 30 days;
  • HostGator : averages 99.99% uptime in the past month;

At the same time, we also monitor their performance in server response time. The results manifest that HostPapa takes 519ms, whereas HostGator takes 338ms. Actually, the server response time of HostPapa is outstanding, but still 54% slower than HostGator.

Technical Support

supportWhen it comes to technical support, both companies offer technical support backed by highly experienced and professional technical staffs who have an excellent grasp of knowledge and skills on the building and administering of websites. Customers can always successfully seek responsive help via a variety of means including phone, live chat and email.

Despite the support for the multiple contact methods, the two web hosts include online resources on their official website. Faced with most common problems, you are not bothered to ask for a real-personal help. With HostGator, you can also register on the forum to access the complete resources in the platform.

According to hundreds of customer comments we have received, HostPapa has got 80.0% customer satisfaction rate, while over 98% of the HostGator customers are satisfied with the technical support.

Customers Votes

The customers’ feedbacks from another website show the greater reputation HostGator has over the rival. There are more than 90% reviewers who have hosted their website on web hosting. It is not odd because web hosting is a cost-effective choice. However, HostGator gives you more room to grow with the release of dedicated hosting.

As one of the leading hosting providers, HostGator lets HostPapa in the shadow with the much higher customer satisfaction rate. The sharp gap between them lies in their ability to guarantee the service quality in the real world. With the combination of our previous words, you should have a comprehensive understanding of why HostGator is the recommended web host for your website.

Conclusion – HostGator Recommended

In conclusion, HostPapa pales in comparison with HostGator for its limitations in feature, server response time and technical support. Based on our real hosting experience and hundreds of real customer reviews, we objectively think HostGator is a better option for its budget price, rich feature, great uptime & server response time, and prompt technical support.