Is the Reseller Hosting from HostNine Worth Going?

Is the Reseller Hosting from HostNine Worth Going?

HostNine is a young web host launched in 2006. In the past few years, it has experienced fast development and has set up multiple data centers in US, UK, Netherlands and Singapore. Currently it is able to provide all typical web hosting services including reseller hosting, web hosting, cloud VPS and dedicated hosting.

Our editors have made an in-depth review on its reseller hosting by considering its plans and pricing, performance, features and technical support. We aim to give you an objective picture of its reseller hosting. Read the following chart or ratings given to some factors that matter most.

Plans and Pricing

There are five reseller hosting plans from Level 1 to Level 5. The price starts at $18.95/mo (Level 1) and goes all the way up to $93.95/mo (Level 5) for a one-year contract. The company itself does not introduce any favorable coupon or discount for people visiting the official site directly. By the way, any 1-year plan includes a free domain for a year.

As mentioned at the very beginning of this page, HostNine has servers located in four countries. Their customers can select or change server location as they like. The price of a particular plan is the same in any country.


HostNine Reseller Hosting FeaturesAll reseller plans claim to meet enterprise standards with rich features including cPanel, a free license to WHMCS and API integration. To be more specific, every domain setup is given a unique cPanel account which allows domain owners to manage their websites independently. The WHMCS license lets resellers access necessary tools to sell and manage their hosting. And API allows developers to create their own apps that integrate with the Reseller Central.

We have carefully studied the demo of the Reseller Central and found the interface neat and user-friendly. It is an account control panel where users can check disk space usage, bandwidth usage and account statistics. They can create, view, modify, suspend/unsuspend, upgrade/downgrade, terminate or migrate an account. They can also easily customize a package for their own customers.

As the plans are designed for customers with different needs, they differ from each other in terms of basic resources. Here we have selected three plans which respectively stand for the cheapest, most popular and most expensive one.

Features Level 1 Level 3 Level 5
Resold Accounts 100 300 500
Storage Space 50 GB 150 GB 250 GB
Bandwidth 500 GB 1500 GB 2500 GB
Price (1 year) $18.95/mo $43.95/mo $93.95/mo

Frankly speaking, the numbers are not impressive at all. Taking Level 5 for example, it has only 500 accounts to be resold whereas the best reseller hosting plans in most web hosts usually offer unlimited accounts. A more competitive company would charge only half the price for a package like Level 5.


The company promises fast, stable and secure reseller hosting for all their clients. They are able to do so because of several factors. First, their data centers are widely available and of good quality. Customers can choose the nearest one for fast site speed. Secondly, their servers are located in different places. In case of server breakdown, users can easily switch for another server.

Thirdly, all servers have backup hardware and components on-site to cover any chance of hardware failure. Besides, their facilities are equipped with network intrusion prevention systems and the latest networking technologies to guarantee security.

Technical Support

HostNine Reseller Hosting Technical SupportHostNine provides technical support to resellers on a 24/7 basis. However, the support is limited both in terms of support channel and scope.

For one thing, HostNine’s help desk is the only official channel to ask for support. If resellers have any questions related to the server or account, they can only send a message via the help desk. Just imagine how long the handling process would be. For general questions, live chat or phone can be a choice but the availability and accessibility are not guaranteed.

For another, HostNine regards resellers themselves to be responsible for their own customers. It reserves the right to help end users as well as the right to assess an advanced Support Fee of $35 per hour.


Based on this detailed review, we come to the conclusion that HostNine is not a good option for reseller hosting. Its price and features are not competitive, the performance is mediocre and technical support is so limited.

On the contrary, we recommend you some other reseller hosts whose products feature affordable price, rich resources, quality performance and professional technical support.