HostNine Coupon – Get the Best Discount from HostNine

HostNine Coupon – Get the Best Discount from HostNine

We have found the latest HostNine coupon codes for subscribers, with which a tempting discount is revealed. Indeed, people are able to save much money by applying the coupon TECHNEWS15 and TECHNEWS5 to the shopping cart. However, we still concern much about the authenticity of the promotion. Detailed pricing and extras are comprehensively analyzed in below.

HostNine holds three hosting packages named as Personal, Business and Enterprise priced at $3.45/mo, $5.95/mo and $8.45/mo respectively. Here is a premise that people need sign at least 1-year contract with the company, otherwise the regular prices become different. See pricing details as follows.

Term Personal Business Enterprise
1-Month No $6.95 $9.95
3-Month No $6.95 $9.45
6-Month $3.95 $6.45 $8.95
12-Month $3.45 $5.95 $8.45

TECHNEWS15: this is a standard hosting coupon giving 15% off the first invoice, which is suitable for longer terms purchase. After applying the coupon for 6-month and 12-month term, the total expenses for each of the plan are $20.15/$35.19, $32.90/$60.69 and $45.65/$86.19.

TECHNEWS5: this is a standard hosting coupon giving $5 off the first invoice, which is perfect for monthly subscription. People may refer to the discount total prices after using the coupon for 6-month and 12-month term for all the packages: $18.7/$36.4, $33.70/$66.4 and $48.7/$96.4.

Besides, $100 Google AdWords credits open free to customers who need them to help with promoting business. Note that this kind of generous offer is only valid for new Google AdWords accounts and US customers only.

In addition, the company declares 45 days full money back guarantee to customers ensuring a worry-free and risk-free purchase. In any case of dissatisfying with the hosting service, customers have chances to claim all their money back within the first 45 days.

Asking for Advanced Features?

hostnine coupon priceAll hosting packages are designed with useful features including unlimited web space, bandwidth and FTP accounts. Besides,the company adopts cPanel as control panel integrated with Softaculous script 1-click installer which increases the power of cPanel by giving easy access to numerous popular applications.

If customers want a free domain name, dedicated IP or a SSL certificate, they have to choose Enterprise because Personal and Business require additional fees of $15/yr for a domain name, $2/mo for per dedicated IP and $39.95/yr for SSL certificate respectively.

Getting the Best Discount from HostNine?

No matter using the first coupon saving 15% off the total expense or the second cutting $5 down, the applied price is not satisfying enough for people who have no domain name at present and webmasters demanding a secure website on a shared server.

To help people get a real sense of the best discount, we select the following reliable web hosts. First of all, they charges reasonable prices and offer outstanding technical support. Secondly, one free domain name is sent to customers for the first year that helps save a certain amount of money.Finally, more features are included in hosting plans requiring no additional fees.