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HostMonster VS WebHostingHub – Hosting Comparison

With a view to this HostMonster vs WebHostingHub comparison, their similarities and differences can be known to you. This comparison comes after a collection of much information from their official website, online forums, our personal tests, and verified customer feedbacks. During the process, we value objectivity and accuracy very much so that you can have a clear idea which is a better choice.

To measure a web host, price, feature, uptime, speed, and support are the factors which need to be considered. Based on what we have collected, we would also like to give an overall rating of these items. Then it will be easy for you to get a general idea by reading the below rating table.

Price4.5 of 5 Star5 of 5 Star
Feature4.5 of 5 Star4.5 of 5 Star
Uptime5 of 5 Star5 of 5 Star
Speed5 of 5 Star4.5 of 5 Star
Support4 of 5 Star4.5 of 5 Star
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Similarities between HostMonster VS WebHostingHub

Affordable shared hosting

At present, their shared hosting solutions are at an affordable price after considerable discounts.

Price InformationHostMonsterWebHostingHub
Plan in ComparisonBasicSpark
Regular Price$9.49/mo$8.99/mo
Billed Annually$5.95/mo$3.99/mo
Billed Biennially$4.95/mo$1.50/mo (3 mos) +$3.99/mo (21 mos)
Billed Triennially$3.95/mo$1.50/mo (3 mos) +$3.25/mo (33 mos)

The good news is that the WebHostingHub price can be as low as $1.50/mo for the 1st 3 months. The extra discount is available for multi-year users.

Good hosting environment

The smooth and fast running of your website will have a good first impression on your audience. On their side, both web hosts understand a lot about your concern and never stop the steps to optimize the data centers, servers, and more. For example, SSD is a common technology both web hosts equip in their servers.

As a result, both web hosts won’t disappoint those who need a reliable and fast hosting environment. Their average uptime has been recorded to more than 99.9%, just as they advertise on their official website. And to deliver less than 400ms server response time is not a problem for both web hosts.

High support quality

To improve their customer satisfaction rate, both web hosts also attach great importance to the technical support. With either of them, you can choose to start a live chat, make a call, and send an email/ticket. Also, rich online resources are available in their knowledge base, user forum, community Q&A, and more.

Pros of WebHostingHub

Rich server resources

At the same pricing level, it is WebHostingHub that provides rich features. This is a conclusion which can be drawn from the below table. Their basic plan is chosen as a comparison target to deepen your understanding.

Price InformationHostMonsterWebHostingHub
Plan in ComparisonBasicSpark
Disk Storage50 GBUnlimited
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts5Unlimited
Hosted Domains12
Free Domain1 for 1 Year1 for 1 Year
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Free Website TransferYesYes
MySQL & PostgreSQLYesYes
Website BuilderYesYes
1-Click InstallerYesYes
SSL CertificateYesYes
Ruby on RailsYesNo
Ad CreditsNoYes
Promo Price$3.95/mo$3.25/mo

Good refund policy

It is normal that you probably lack the courage to take the first step. With the consideration of that, HostMonster supports a full refund within 30 days while WebHostingHub sets the time duration for a full refund as 90 days. Also, there is a pro-rated refund for WebHostingHub users who cancel their account after that time.

Pros of HostMonster

Enough hosting freedom

Chances are that your limited budget only allows you to start with shared hosting. That’s fine because you have the freedom to upgrade your plan when your needs grow and economic conditions allow.

The fact is that WebHostingHub only has a single goal to provide shared hosting service since the creation. But HostMonster also comes with VPS, dedicated hosting service, which gives you enough hosting freedom in the future.

Free backup service

HostMonster safeguards your website with the provision of automatic online backup service. However, WebHostingHub charges extra $1/mo for the backup service. Otherwise, it will take you much time and energy to make your own backups on a regular basis to avoid data loss.

Ruby on Rails

There are some instances where you are looking for a web host who supports Ruby on Rails. With which, you are able to build fantastic applications. If you have the need, HostMonster should be your choice.

Wrap Up

Things can be clear after the understanding of their similarities and differences. Both HostMonster and WebHostingHub are good hosting providers but they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Thus the final choice should be according to your own situation. There is no clear winner between the two web hosts.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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