Hosting24 Review and Secret Revealed

Hosting24 Review and Secret Revealed

Hosting24, established in January 2007, is a cross-international company whose services cover shared hosting up to virtual private servers. As a member of Hostiner International Ltd group (an ICCAN authorized registrar), this web host is confident to offer ICANN-accredited hosting products.

However, there is little information about the founder of Hosting24, which indicates this company may be privately owned and run. It locates two data centers in Asheville NC and Dallas, and both of them are privately collocated within the data centers of Immedion. After this short introduction, let’s take a deeper look at its services from the pros and cons.

Hosting24 Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 3 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Price
    $4.84/mo, no discount available!

The Pros of Hosting24

1. Scalable Hosting Plans

Hosting24 is relatively new to the web hosting industry, but it provides a good range of shared, reseller and VPS hosting packages for small to medium-sized businesses. All plans are built on Linux OS.

  • Shared Hosting – There are 2 web hosting plans available through Hosting24 – Silver and Gold. The starting prices are $4.84/mo and $7.84/mo, which are meant for 3-year registration. Each plan allows for unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases as well as email accounts. The main difference between them is that only Gold account includes custom nameservers, anonymous FTP, add-on domains and a dedicated IP address.
  • Reseller Hosting – Hosting24 offers 2 options for reseller users, and they are Starter and Business. As shown, the discount prices for the plans are $14.84/mo and $24.84/mo. Every plan comes standard with cPanel accounts, MySQL databases as well as email accounts. Besides that, the “Automatic Weekly Backups” is provided along with a dedicated IP. Note that, the Starter plan limits bandwidth to 500 GB, disk storage to 50 GB, excluding any website creation tools for reseller clients.
  • Hosting24 Reseller Hosting

  • VPS Hosting – This allows webmasters scale their server needs from 1024 MB memory, 1,000 GB bandwidth, 10,000 MB disk storage and 1,000 Mhz CPU speed through a 30 MB/s connection. There are up to 8 VPS hosting solutions, and the price ranges from $14.84/mo to $118.72/mo. It supports multiple OS templates, such as CentOs, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
  • Hosting24 VPS Hosting

2. Profitable Affiliate Programs

There are two different affiliate program schemes for Hosting24 customers to earn money via referral links. One option is a just standard flat rate (one-time $75 for “Silver” and reseller “Starter” plan sales, and one-time $105 for “Gold” and reseller “Business” plan sales), while the second one gives 50% commission of a referred client’s hosting fees, regardless of hosting plans and billing cycles.

Hosting24 Affiliate Program

As above, this doesn’t require any coupon code and instead will place a cookie within visitors’ browser to remember affiliate ID. If the cookie is deleted with customer’s affiliate ID, an IP address will be saved to make sure all sales are recorded correctly. Really rocks!

3. Fast Access Speed

Hosting24 utilizes up-to-date software and quality hardware to ensure high performance. Furthermore, it has a policy of a maximum of 300 users each server. According to our monitoring result from, the loading time of this company averages 1.37s. This is up to the mark.

Hosting24 Speed Report

The Cons of Hosting24

1. Frequently-Occurred Downtime

Hosting24 promises all customers will benefit from 99.9% network uptime and also displays server uptime statistics for the past 7 days and 24 hours. To enhance data security, it makes use of advanced RAID disk arrays. However, quite a few users of this company complain that their websites are regularly down 3-4 times one month, and there is no any explanation each time.

Hosting24 Uptime Reviews

2. Low-Satisfactory Support

Hosting24 hires a batch of highly-trained staffs to supply professional assistance in installing software and developing websites. Also, customers can request their tickets to be forwarded to the CEO of this company and receive VIP support.

Hosting24 Support

However, support tunnels offered by Hosting24 appear to be fairly limited. In general, the support options include ticketing system, live chat, email address and fax number, excluding phone line. Hosting24 Facebook page indeed responds to certain queries, but many users requesting this kind of support are often sent back to the ticketing system.

3. Questionable Cancellation Policy & Account Transfer

Hosting24 provides an industry standard 30-day refund guarantee for its users. In this way, unsatisfied customers can expect a full payment if they submit cancellation requests within the first 30 days of purchase. However, this company is blamed for disallowing a refund, be full or pro-rated, for account cancellation. Also, many angry customers point out that when they try to cancel their accounts and get their money back, they never get any specific answer and are always treated indifferently. You can give this company a try, on condition that you want to waste your money and time. Below is our proof.

Hosting24 Cancellation Policy

Website transfer process seems to be tricky for new timers, and thus Hosting24 offers account transfer at no charge. This is meant to help customers transfer large chunks of data from other hosts, but we can find many negative reviews stating that it always takes long for name servers to start pointing at a domain.

4. Security Issues

Recently, security has been attached more and more importance by the public, as its strong consistency with server performance. Pity for that Hosting24 doesn’t offer the necessary TLS or SSL manager in the Silver plan. Plus, not a few users voice that their servers have been attacked more or less, and they have never expected to receive responsive and effective solutions. And finally they are left to upgrade to the next level plan.

Final Verdict – Not Recommended

From this Hosting24 review, we can notice that Hosting24 indeed has advantages in view of speed, hosting plans as well as affiliate program. However, this company isn’t recommended for serious webmasters who emphasize support and speed. Below are the top hosting providers that have excellence and professionalism at the above points.