HostGator VS WebHostingPad – Shared Web Hosting Comparison –

HostGator VS WebHostingPad – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

HostGator VS WebHostingPad – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

HostGator and WebHostingPad are two award-winning web hosting providers offering quality services with a high level of affordability and reliability. So choosing between them might be difficult for a lot of webmasters. Under this circumstance, our professional editors have carried out a comprehensive comparison between them with the goal to help our readers have a better understanding about their hosting solutions and choose a proper one.

Before coming out the detailed comparison, we’d like to present an editorial rating table based on our real hosting experience with the 2 companies. The table is relevant to the price, features, uptime, page loading speed, and technical support.

Rating HostGator HostGator WebHostingPad
Plan in Comparison Hatchling Baby Power
Reliability 5 of 5 5 of 5 4 of 5
Loading Speed 5 of 5 5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Technical Support 5 of 5 5 of 5 5 of 5
Feature 4 of 5 5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Price 5 of 5 4 of 5 4 of 5
Sales Now! 45% Off 45% Off 60% Off
Starting At $3.82/mo $5.47/mo $1.99/mo
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As compared with hundreds of web hosts we have reviewed so far, both of the 2 companies set prices which can be afforded easily by the majority of website owners all over the world, even the poor students.

Price HostGator HostGator WebHostingPad
Plan in Comparison Hatchling Baby Power
Regular Price $6.95/mo $9.95/mo $4.95/mo
Sales Now! 45% Off 45% Off 60% Off
Starting At $3.82/mo $5.47/mo $1.99/mo
Money Back 45 Days 45 Days 30 Days
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By default, HostGator offers a 20% discount that reduces the price down to $4.76/mo, $7.16/mo, and $11.16/mo for its Hatchling, Baby, and Business plan respectively. However, in order to give more people the opportunity to sign up with its hosting service, this company now has released a special coupon code HG45PERCENT via this promotional link, with which customers can purchase starting at $3.82/mo only, 45% off the regular rate.

In terms of WebHostingPad, it also provides customers with an attractive discount that allows them to sign up starting at $1.99/mo only. However, this cheap rate is only valid for the 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year plan, meaning that people might be locked to a long billing cycle.

Easy Hosting

If you are a beginner, you must care much about whether it is easy to get your website started and manage your online presence. The good news is that both HostGator and WebHostingPad ensure easy hosting, simplifying the tasks to set up website, install scripts, and manage your website without requirements on advanced knowledge and coding skills. Both web hosts provide you with the below tools and features.

  • Site building tools: Both web hosts allow you to create take your idea online with drag-and-drop website builder which gives you an easy website building experience. HostGator creates their own website builder and WebHostingPad works with Weebly website builder.
  • 1-click script installer: It is very easy for you to quickly have the scripts you want installed on your website.
  • cPanel control panel: With this most popular control panel, you can manage your website in a simple way. The control panel is featured with intuitive interface where you can fully control over your database, files, domains, email, etc.


Both of the 2 companies don’t disappoint us in this respect, offering almost all the necessary features to help customers build and manage their websites without any hassle. For instance, they allow an unlimited allocation of disk storage and monthly data transfer, unlimited e-mail and FTP accounts, free site builder, free advertising credits, cPanel control panel, 1-click script installer, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Cron Jobs, Perl, Python, and many more.

However, as compared with HostGator, WebHostingPad falls behind as it lacks some advanced technologies like Curl, GD 2, and Ruby on Rails. Besides, according to its official site, some security technologies like SSL certificate and SSH access are only available in the Power Plus plan. This means customers need to pay extra money to upgrade their packages if they are looking for a more secure hosting environment.

Price HostGator HostGator WebHostingPad
Plan in Comparison Hatchling Baby Power
Server Resources Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Hosting 1 Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes Yes
MySQL 5 Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes No
SSL Yes Yes No
SSH Yes Yes No
Learn More Learn More Not Recommended


As the leading web hosts available in the market, both of them know the importance of hosting reliability. They leverage the power of robust web servers and world-class data centers to guarantee at least 99% uptime to all of their registered customers.

HostGator has built a long-term partnership with SoftLayer, DELL, Cisco, AT&T, Global Crossing, HVAC, electrical and network systems, etc. This means all the hosted websites are accessible via a fast and stable network with the best web servers that are located at cutting-edge server spaces.

WebHostingPad uses the dual Xeon Intel raid protected servers, along with a state-of-art data center featuring a high level of redundancy, security, and efficiency.

Hosting Speed

To be honest, people view the hosting speed seriously nowadays for it has a direct influence on the search engine ranking and reader’s browsing experience. Therefore, both of the 2 companies try their best to guarantee customers an excellent hosting performance with the solid web servers and data center infrastructure.

To compare them in this aspect, we have started a performance testing with 2 same personal blogs. After monitoring their server response time for almost 3 months, we find that the blog hosted with HostGator is 134% faster than that hosted with WebHostingPad. With HostGator, the strategic utilization of the CyrusOne Houston West facility and Ace Data Centers facility gives the flexibility to deliver the performance customers need to succeed.

Technical Support

Both of these two web hosts allow you to ask for help from a group of professional technicians who are in-house and are available 24/7. The contact channels include hotline, email, live chat, and ticket so that you can choose one based on your ultimate convenience.

However, when it comes to the support efficiency, HostGator is better than WebHostingPad. We can get a real troubleshooting email from HostGator within 10 minutes. As for the email reply of WebHostingPad, we have waited for 2 hours and only got a rigid email template for responding. Similarly, HostGator also makes quicker responses through live chat and phone calls.

Besides, HostGator has a large knowledgebase that is comprised with hundreds of textual tutorials and video tutorials. Although WebHostingPad also has the knowledgebase, the content is not as informative as that of HostGator. Besides, its tutorials haven’t been updated for a long time.


According to this in-depth comparison, HostGator is absolutely a better web hosting provider than WebHostingPad. HostGator offers a more cost-effective hosting solution and faster hosting speed. Besides, with the hassle-free 45 days money back guarantee, customers can feel 100% risk-free and worry-free.