HostGator VS iPage – Pick a Right Cheap Host for Personal Sites

HostGator VS iPage – Pick a Right Cheap Host for Personal Sites

This HostGator vs iPage comparison mainly aims at helping our readers make the right decision between the 2 award-winning web hosting providers. Undoubtedly, both of the 2 companies are reliable and affordable, coming with an excellent industry reputation, but which one is better in terms of cost-effectiveness?

This comparison includes almost every aspect of the hosting service, such as price, features, speed loading speed, uptime, technical support, and user reviews. See details as below.

HostGator iPage
Reputation 4.5 4.0
Feature 4.0 3.0
Loading Speed 4.0 4.0
Reliability 4.0 4.5
Tech Support 5.0 4.5
Price & Value 4.0 4.5
Sales Now 45% Off 83% Off
Now $3.82/mo $1.99/mo
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HostGator VS iPage > Price

HostGator provides 3 Linux shared hosting solutions – Hatchling, Baby and Business. Priced from $6.95/mo by default, the 3 plans are available at $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo for visitors purchasing the service by using the coupon HG45PERCENT via this special promotional link.

Each of the 3 packages comes with 45 days full money back guarantee. Besides, $100 Google AdWords credits are available.

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As one of the most affordable web hosts, iPage is serving more than 1 million customers worldwide. This company has released an all-in-one shared plan called as Essential and priced at $11.95/mo regularly, but visitors subscribing to this plan by going through the following exclusive link are able to get it at $1.99/mo with a 83% discount.

With low price, Essential still comes with a pile of extra benefits, including $300 marketing suite, $100 security suite, $50 design suite and $50 support suite. Moreover, a free domain name for a year, 30 days full refund is included.

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HostGator VS iPage > Feature

Due to the fact that the HostGator Hatchling plan likes a sandbox for beginners setting up only a simple site, and the Business plan is designed for business websites with tremendous traffic at a very high rate, we mainly compare the iPage all-in-one web hosting plan with the HostGator Baby plan as following.

HostGator iPage
Plan In Comparison Hatchling Personal
Domain Hosting Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes No
PHP & MySQL Yes Yes
Python Script Yes No
Perl Script Yes Yes
Custom Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Secure Shell Access Yes No
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According to the result, the 2 companies has included all the basic features into the web hosting package, including unlimited disk space & data transfer, the latest version of PHP & MySQL, e-commerce support and advanced software & scripts. However, iPage falls behind in terms of some technologies and programming languages like Python, Perl, Cron Job, SSH, etc.

HostGator VS iPage > Ease of Use

Easy hosting experience is really important to those who are a green hand to host a website. Due to a lack of coding skills, it is hard for most of you to complete the complicated tasks. Even if you are an experienced user, you are bothered to spend much time in website creation and website management manually. A good web host will give you a hand with the provision of some useful tools. In this way, you can focus on the improvement of your content quality and web design.

Both HostGator and iPage offer a drag-and-drop website builder so that you can set up a website effortlessly. The main difference lying between the two web hosts is their control panel. HostGator allows you to use cPanel which comes with an intuitive interface, graphical icons, automation tools, and more. In contrast, iPage works with vDeck control panel.

As a whole, both control panels have a large user base due to the ease of use. If there is a winner, there is no doubt that cPanel stands out in the competition. Since most web hosts use cPanel as their control panel, you are likely to be a fan of cPanel when you transfer your website to HostGator.

HostGator VS iPage > Uptime

Uptime is the amount of time that a website keeps visible online without interruption. Most web hosting companies claim to achieve 99.9% uptime. HostGator and iPage have the same guarantee.

We have set up 2 websites hosted with these web hosts, and scanned the site availability in every 5 minutes by utilizing a 3rd party monitor tool named UptimeRobot. According to the results, HostGator has performed the best reliability that the site hosted with them is nearly 100% uptime in the real world. Read the uptime chart in the past 30 days as following.

HostGator VS iPage > Speed & Customer Satisfaction

In addition to uptime, speed is another one of the most important factors for a popular site. Besides, the server response comparison of the 2 companies listed as below clearly shows that the page loading speed of HostGator website takes approximately only 0.67 second, which is 65% faster than iPage.

According to the real customer feedback received at BestHostingSearch, both of them have achieved a high satisfaction rate on page loading speed-up. Particularly, over 65% of the HostGator customers are positive in the review.

HostGator VS iPage > Eco-Friendly

As the environmental-consciousness has grown significantly nowadays, HostGator and iPage devote itself in offering green web hosting service.

HostGator purchases Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s), and has invested heavily in Wind Energy to help offset server emissions. iPage also purchases enough Renewable Energy Certificates to reduce the carbon footprint, and to offset the energy usage by 200%.

HostGator vs iPage > Free Extras

Here, we have to admit that both HostGator and iPage have offered a long list of necessary hosting features into each of their hosting packages. With them, you can easily set up, start, run, manage and configure your website with the least efforts.

In addition to these basic offerings, they also provide you with some extra features that are ensured without any charging.

With HostGator

HostGator offers the Weebly website builder for free, along with many other blog builders that allow the easy drag and drop of your website components. In addition, this hosting provider ensures 4,500 website themes for free. With them, you can easily customize your site appearance without the need to spend even one penny.

Besides, HostGator promises the free transfer service for you. In this case, if you are looking to transfer your website or domain from some other hosting providers, migrate your website script and transfer the MySQL database, you can feel free to benefit from HostGator transfer service.

Furthermore, this hosting provider ensures the $200 advertising credits for free, half of which is offered for Google AdWords and another half is for Yahoo and Bing.

With iPage

If you choose iPage, you can also get a lot of extra offerings for the better hosting experiences.

  • After signing up with this hosting provider, you can get a free domain name.
  • When talking about the website creation, iPage makes it an easy thing by offering the Weebly site builder, hundreds of responsive templates and enough flexibility to set up any kinds of sites.
  • Each new customer of iPage can grow the online business and better market the site using the free Google AdWords credit that is valued $100.
  • You can store your website files in the cloud with the free account of 1 GB JustCloud.

HostGator VS iPage > Support

Responsive technical support can be seen as the core ingredient of the reliable web hosting service, so both of the 2 companies view this aspect seriously.

Once customers need help, they can contact the professional support staffs day and night through phone, e-mail, and live chat. Besides, there are so many useful articles and video tutorials available in knowledgebase, which give customers some basic knowledge about the web hosting offered by the 2 companies.

HostGator VS iPage > Brief Conclusion


HostGator offers a broad range of hosting services, but is best known for the web hosting solution with 3 plans. The most basic plan named Hatchling (starting at $3.82/mo with a 45% discount) is a 1-domain package without parked or add-on domains, but it would be fine for newbie to set up a simple website or blog.

If customers want unlimited domains, dedicated IP, and private SSL, they need to choose the Baby or Business plan which has been priced starting at $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo. In a word, the cheap Hatchling plan is limited in feature, and the rich-featured Baby or Business plan are a little expensive.

It is worth mentioning that HostGator provides great convenience for new beginners, by offering the most popular cPanel control panel which allows customers to handle complex tasks with few clicks in a single graphical interface. Besides, the self-developed SimpleScripts 1-click installer integrated with the cPanel supports the automated installation of 150+ web applications to set up a website easy.


iPage provides one of the cheapest web hosting services in the market, starting at $1.99/mo with 30-day money back guarantee, free $170 advertising credits ($100 Google AdWords, $20 Yahoo!/Bing Credits, $50 Facebook Credit), and free domain transfer/registration.

However, there are 2 main drawbacks about this web host. First, iPage doesn’t support some essential features, including SSH (Secure Shell), Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, PostgreSQL, custom cron jobs, especially SSH which is responsible for secure data communication and remote command execution. Second, many customers have complained about the server slowness and occasional downtime. We analyze this might due to the fact that iPage has oversold shared servers in recent years, as well as the low rate does not allow them to upgrade the servers and network.


We recommend HostGator as the best budget & high performance web hosting company compared with iPage in this review, based on price, uptime, speed, features, and technical support. To learn more about HostGator, visit