HostGator vs HostMetro – Which One is Better for Showcase Website

HostGator vs HostMetro – Which One is Better for Showcase Website

We have carried out a HostGator vs HostMetro comparison in this review, aiming to help our readers make the right decision for showcase website. In fact, for people wishing to set up this kind of website to display their favorite photo galleries, a reliable web hosting company that is able to offer a large volume of disk space & data transfer, and guarantee fast page loading speed & no downtime is pretty essential.

As the leading web hosts in the market, both HostGator and HostMetro are able to offer significant server resources and excellent hosting performance; thus, which one is the better option for building a showcase website successfully? To come out the precise answer, we have set a series of strict criteria for the comparison, including price, features, speed, uptime, support, and industry reputation.

Overall Rating – HostGator Wins

Criteria HostGator HostMetro
Popularity rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Performance rating 5 of 5 rating 4.5 of 5
Uptime rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Tech Support rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Features rating 5 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Price rating 3 of 5 rating 5 of 5

This overall rating result comes from verified customer feedbacks collected worldwide and our editors’ real hosting experiences with the 2 companies. Clearly, HostGator gets a better rating than HostMetro in terms of the page loading speed, uptime, support, and features.

Price – HostMetro Wins

Budget-friendliness HostMetro HostGator
Discounted Price $2.95/mo $3.82/mo
Regular Price $5.95/mo $6.95/mo
Full Refund 45 Days 30 Days

Both HostMetro and HostGator have offered beneficial discounts for customers to purchase with a cheap price, instead of the initial rate of $5.95/mo. Customers only need to validate the coupon code in the checkout, then can get HostMetro Superior Web Hosting starting at $2.95/mo, and HostGator Web Hosting starting at $3.82/mo effectively. Undoubtedly, the discounted prices offered by the 2 web hosts are much more affordable than the majority of web hosting companies on the web.

Besides, unlike many other web hosts which attract customers to sign up by offering low initial rates but just double or even triple the prices when they renew, HostMetro offers a renewal rate lock guarantee, which promises the renewal prices will never be raised to be higher than the initial payment.

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Features – HostGator Wins

Feature HostGator HostMetro
Free Domain Name Yes Yes
Disk Space & Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
Free Advertising Credits Yes Yes
PHP & MySQL Yes Yes
Python Script Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Custom Crons Yes Yes
CGI Engine Yes Yes
Perl Script Yes Yes

To set up a showcase website with a large number of appealing photographs, customers need the maximum volume of disk space and bandwidth to store and to upload images successfully. Besides, 1-click software installer and user-friendly cPanel control panel are also very important for smooth website building and managing process. According to the feature listing of the 2 web hosts, both of them have offered these basic features.

In terms of some advanced technologies and programming languages for geeks, HostMetro falls behind, lacking Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

Hosting Performance – HostGator Wins

This server response comparison result is coming from our performance testing carried out with Pingdom for the whole month. The 2 websites are hosted by HostGator and HostMetro respectively with the same content and script, and are monitored uninterruptedly in a 10-minute interval. As tested, the server response time of HostGator is 338ms, 27% faster than HostMetro of 507ms.

In fact, both HostGator and HostMetro have achieved a fast hosting speed. This is because they utilize the most advanced technologies and data centers to boost the hosting performance to the largest extent.

  • HostGator works with the two top-tier data centers. They are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure quality servers work properly all the times, such as redundant power, HVAC, fire detection/suppression, and 24/7/365 monitoring system.
  • HostMetro utilizes quality servers with Intel XEON and CPUs RAID protection, and locates theses servers in the state of the art data centers for stable and fast server connections. Besides, it makes use of advanced technologies to better improve the hosting performance, including CloudFlare, CloudLinux, and Solid State Drives.

In addition to page loading speed, HostGator has also achieved a 99.99% uptime record in the real world, making sure that the website can be accessible at all times.

Support – HostGator Wins

Both HostGator and HostMetro do not outsource the technical support to third parties. The US-based support service is 24/7 available for those who start a live chat, make a call, or send an email. In addition, you can increase the knowledge of how to address common errors from their online resources.

It seems that either of them have well-prepared to provide good technical support. In the real world, both web hosts are always responsive to our quests but HostMetro is often not helpful at all. With a close look at their knowledge base, we are also sad to find that HostMetro fails to enrich the online resources. There are much more helpful articles you can find from HostGator. At the same time, you can have more than 15 days to confirm your choice with HostGator.

With the combination of our personal tests and users’ reviews, we come to a conclusion that HostGator can provider better technical support.

Summary – HostGator is Better

Based on features, speed, and reliability, HostGator is undoubtedly the better option for showcase website than HostMetro. However, for webmasters wishing to save money, HostMetro is more budget-friendly.