HostGator Sucks? Looking for HostGator Negative Reviews? Read this Review

HostGator Sucks? Looking for HostGator Negative Reviews? Read this Review

Looking for the HostGator negative reviews before signing up? HostGator sucks? You shall read this indepth HostGator review based on the HostGator hosting features, performance, reliability, technical support and price.

HostGator, founded in 2001, has been one of the largest hosting company serving for over 4 millions of customers worldwide by providing the rich website hosting solutions including shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated server and reseller hosting based on both Windows and Linux platforms. HostGator doesn’t suck for the service, otherwise it could not have so large number of customers.

But, there are many customers who have concerns with HostGator shared web hosting pricing. If you’re looking for a reliable VPS, dedicated server or reseller hosting plan, you can bypass this review and sign up the account with HostGator worry-free. If you’re looking for a cost effective shared web hosting plan, then you need to check out the following part carefully.

Hosting Charges

HostGator advertises that the shared web hosting plans are starting from $3.82/mo with a 45% discount. Admittedly, the Hatchling plan of HostGator is best suited for new customers setting up a very simple website, with 1 domain on 1 site. Therefore, we highly recommend customers going with HostGator Baby Plan, which costs $9.95/mo originally, but now is starting at $5.47/mo – 45% off the regular rate with the newly launched coupon code HG45PERCENT that can be got by visiting via a special promotional link. Besides, with HostGator 45 days money back guarantee, the purchase is 100% risk-free and worry-free.

In addition, some other customers have complained that the HostGator renew price is a little bit expensive. For instance, the HostGator Hatchling plan charges $6.95/mo for renewal, and the HostGator Baby plan charges $9.95/mo for renewal. But the fact is that almost every we host sets a high renewal price. This deed is aimed at encouraging people to give a fairly long-term payment. In addition, HostGator provides a 10% discount for customers who want to renew their accounts. And if you need this 10% discount, simply contact the professional support staffs at any time via phone call, e-mail, or live chat.

Billing Cycle Hatchling Baby Business Discount
Monthly $6.02/mo $6.57/mo $9.32/mo 45%
2 Year $4.37/mo $6.02/mo $10.46/mo 45%
3 Years $3.82/mo $5.47/mo $8.77/mo 45%

Feature Offerings

Some web hosts play a trick on new customers who are allured by the low hosting charges. There are much limited features inside cheap hosting solutions. With HostGator, however, shared hosting is packaged with rich features.

  • Server Resources: You have no need to worry about the excessive use of disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, etc.
  • Free Extras: Along with the rich server resources, HostGator also provides some extras for free, such as, latest cPanel, $200 ad credits, SSH access, etc.
  • Programming Languages: HostGator is in support for multiple programming languages, PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Hosting Uptime

Just like many other competitors, HostGator also guarantees that their hosted websites will be 99.9% of the time. In the event of the failure, HostGator will provide users with a service credit for the month. It sounds great but the fact needs to be revealed with a monitoring tool. Considering the importance of uptime, our editors have collected the uptime statistics for several months.

HostGator has the capability of delivering more than 99.9% uptime. In the past month, the average uptime is even as high as 99.99%. Thus it proves that HostGator has no problem to keep a fast running of your website content.

Page Load Speed

Before the purchase, it is also difficult to learn how fast HostGator can load their hosted websites. However, there is the need to figure out the ability to deliver page load speed which will directly influence your website traffic and conversion rate. The monitoring tool we have used also contributes a lot to this objective review on speed.

We have monitored that HostGator consumes 338ms for server response in the past 30 days. In fact, this web host has had satisfying speed records during our monitoring. The CDN service is a great benefit to webmasters who need faster page load speed. The closet servers will be responsible for giving responses to visitors.

Technical Support

24/7 technical support is advertised on the HostGator official website. HostGator claims that their support team consists of more than 850 employees. But whether HostGator covers their words is a question for new users. To better answer the question, we have made personal tests for their support quality through live chat, phone, and ticket.

Based on our investigation, we would like to express our appreciation for the technical support. After being well treated, their support representatives are able to give responsive and professional answers. Generally speaking, live chat and phone are prior to ticket in the event of emergencies.

Also, our editors also take a close look at the online resources inside the support portal. There are 680+ help articles and 500+ video tutorials. To fix common errors, we advise you to check whether you can find solutions from the support portal. Sometimes, you have no need to ask for a help from the support team. The detailed guidance will clearly show you how to get rid of the problems.

Website Security

The lack of security puts a website in a dangerous situation. HostGator shoulders their own responsibility to help you fight against attack with the provision of custom firewall rules, DDos protection, and more. However, there is no doubt you need to take some more measures to prevent network disruption.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

With the goal to learn more details, we also listen to the voices from real users who are close to the service quality. We turn our another website a place where real users can submit their reviews about HostGator. So far, we have collected reviews from more than 300 users. In accordance with our own investigation, an overwhelming majority of the users hold an idea that HostGator gives them a happy using experience.

Though HostGator provides a wide range of hosting services, shared hosting has the largest user base. Frankly speaking, shared hosting is enough to run a personal blog and small businesses. One important thing is that the hosting charges are within your budget. More information can be learned from the below review chart.

HostGator Sucks?

Of course NOT! HostGator provides 3 shared web hosting plans, so customers can choose one which suites their needs best. Besides, all of the 3 plans are budget-friendly, with 99.9% uptime, fast page loading speed, rich features, and responsive support staffs. In a word, the service from HostGator is worth a try.