Why Hong Kong Is the Best Place on Website Hosting for Business in China

Why Hong Kong Is the Best Place on Website Hosting for Business in China

Is Hong Kong web hosting a good option for web masters who wish to start their businesses in China? The answer is definitely Yes. As investigated, almost 75% of people online choose Hong Kong hosting providers to build their online stores or corporate portals in China, and 93% of them are highly satisfied with the hosting service. Why can it be so popular and successful? In the following, we’d like to answer this question by presenting some of its attractive benefits.

No Need for ICP license

licenseAs compared with any other Chinese web hosting, Hong Kong hosting service is much more convenient and time-saving. This is because any website hosted with Chinese web host must get the ICP license to get a site online. This process is complicated that requires days or even months to operate, bringing some negative impacts on business development.

With Hong Kong hosting, however, there is no need to worry about this problem. Any hosted websites built in China don’t need the ICP license, which means customers can run their websites promptly without waiting for a long period of time.

Great Popularity

Hong Kong can be regarded as one of the largest economy centres in Asia region. With more and more IT companies and experts flooding into this area during the past years, it gradually becomes a hot spot for web hosting service as there are so many professionals and advanced technologies available. To be frank, with this powerful technical background, Hong Kong web hosting is absolutely worth trying.

Unmatched Page Loading Speed

speedAs researched, many companies in Hong Kong guarantee a faster web page loading speed in China than many other Chinese and American hosting solutions. Generally speaking, web hosts in Hong Kong offer 2 types of bandwidth that are suitable for local and international customers respectively. As the bandwidth plays a vital role in page loading, customers can choose the most suited one according to their real situations.

To be honest, the local bandwidth may lead to a slower speed than the other one as it has no access to international exchange network. However, some web hosts like Bisend that use their exclusive super-fast network can achieve an excellent Ping track record of 30ms on average.

Hassle-Free Technical Support

Hong Kong is an international metropolis, so everyone working here gets used to speaking both Chinese and English in case any language issues. In this circumstance, the technical support offered by Hong Kong web hosting companies are bilingual, with which customers of any nationality can get their problems resolved without worrying about the language barriers.

Quality Data Center Infrastructure

data centerAs a hub of the global network, Hong Kong has the world-class data centers that are built by some international corporations with a strong financial background, such as the five-star NWT, Hong Kong PCCW, and Hong Kong NTT data center. All of these server spaces are coming with solid facilities and the latest advanced technologies to make sure the web servers can work properly all the times. Thus, webmasters can enjoy a reliable hosting environment with peak performance.

Budget-Friendly Price

The competition in this industry within Hong Kong area has become more and more fierce, so many companies choose to cut down the price with attractive discount to win customers and stimulate consumption. Thus, as compared with many other Chinese web hosts, Hong Kong companies offer the cheaper price.