Highly Customizable WordPress Themes with Unlimited Customization Possibilities

Highly Customizable WordPress Themes with Unlimited Customization Possibilities

To find some customizable WordPress themes for people who want to create a special website, we have reviewed more than 500 WordPress themes and read 1,000+ customer reviews online. As a result, we have found about 20 themes with unlimited customization possibilities, each of which is highly recommended by millions of webmasters around the world.

All the 20 selected subjects are feature-rich and well designed. In below, we have written a review to list the main information about 8 of the winners to help our readers know more about them and choose the one they like best. Learn details in the following parts.

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Website: https://smthemes.com/sportblog/

SportBlog is a theme with simple and clean design that meets customizable development, with which webmasters are able to build a special site in minutes and customize the site as they like. Because this theme includes unlimited background colors and combinations, users have the ability to change the background color of their sites whenever they want. Besides, the powerful admin panel enables clients to customize sites with the least effort and trouble.



Website: https://smthemes.com/beautysecrets/

With unlimited layout variations, colors and custom backgrounds, BeautySecrets is extensively customizable. With BeautySecrets, webmasters have the ability to change the color and background to meet their own goals. Besides, they also can alert the layout to make their sites unique. In addition, with the custom post types, users are capable of choosing the one they like best to show the posts. If there is anything wrong with the theme, users can get free on-going support to resolve issues and make their websites run well.



Website: http://www.mojo-themes.com/item/crossroads-church-wordpress-theme/

Crossroads is a theme for church, which is used by a large number of webmasters around the world. Powerful, flexible, elegant-designed and easy-to-use, Crossroads has a lot of features enabling users to customize their sites and showcase the coming services. In addition, the Aristech panel integrated with the theme helps users customize logo, change text, select any page to be displayed in the navigation bar, and much more.



Website: http://inkhive.com/product/blain/

Blain is an elegant WordPress theme which is ready for WordPress 3.0 or higher. This theme is suitable for powering both business and personal websites and blogs. With the 18 exclusive skins, 5 sliders and 9 page templates, customers are able to design an exceptional website that is different from any other websites. In addition, with the skin constructor, clients are allowed to create their own skins easily.



Website: http://www.woothemes.com/products/upstart/

Upstart is a premium WordPress theme which can be used for creating many kinds of websites. Built on top of the encore framework, this theme is featured with numerous stylings and options, which enables users to set up a particular website with the least problems. Moreover, Upstart comes with many social sharing tools, giving users the chance to share their blog or website content with more friends and advertise their business.


On Topic

Website: http://www.woothemes.com/products/on-topic/

On Topic is a beautiful theme with a pile of tempting features that are extremely useful for building a stunning website. With the numerous shortcodes, users are able to create a complex and beautiful layouts easily without delving into the complex codes. In addition, the developers insure this theme is compatible with most popular browsers, so sites will look great no matter which popular browser the visitors use.

on topic


Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/sky/

Sky has four unique colors, enabling users to choose the one they like to decorate their websites and make the site look gorgeous. By using this theme, users are capable of building a unique website easily without spending more money. To ensure customers have a good experience, this company has employed many staffs to help customers deal with issues and run websites without any hitch.



Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/lightbright/

LightBright has a lot of outstanding features that can’t be found in other themes, especially the free themes. With this theme, users have the ability to custom their logos. Besides, there are 2 advertising blocks for users to advertise their products. Furthermore, four colors integrated with LightBright give users the chance to build their sites with their favorite color and change the color immediately no matter when they want.