HawkHost VS HostGator – Choose the Better Web Host

HawkHost VS HostGator – Choose the Better Web Host

To choose the better web host between HawkHost and HostGator is quite confusing and bothersome for some beginners. Generally speaking, the pricing, performance and features offered by the two hosting companies are quite different from each other.

Both of HawkHost and HostGator are large web hosting companies which have been in the web hosting industry for more than one decade. In below, we would like to clarify the edges and limitations of the two web hosts so as to help webmasters narrow down their choices and make the wise decision.


HawkHost, set up in 2004, has been providing reseller, virtual hosting and shared hosting in several cities, which are mainly distributed in US, Singapore and Dutch, such as Dallas, San Jose, Singapore, San Jose, Washington DC and so forth. It claims to provide customers with quality self-sustaining web hosting solutions by leveraging software development and hosting-related knowledge.

In comparison, HostGator, as a cross-international hosting provider established in 2002, has much richer experience than its rival in delivering VPS, reseller, shared and dedicated hosting service. Up till now, it has served millions of customers ranging from freelancers to world Fortune 500 enterprises in no less than 200 countries. Compared with its competitor, HostGator wins overwhelming appreciation and recognition from the public.

Ease of Use & Technical Support

technical-supportBoth of the two web hosts have cPanel, which is loaded with the auto-installer Fantastico, packed with their shared hosting plans. It means that both HawkHost and HostGator customers are able to have their beloved apps or software instantly installed with least efforts. At this point, the former just on par with the latter.

Here come the most significant differences between HawkHost and HostGator. By scanning the home page of HawkHost, you may shockingly notice that this company only allows customers to contact with them through its Help Desk and forum ways. What’s worse, many users voice that the support is quite wanting, and they cannot get the real issues fixed until one month. In this case, we recommend you to choose HostGator, which commits to answering any phone call and online chat message within no more than 30 seconds.

Pricing & Packages

Pricing has been given high priority from most webmasters, as it can directly affect the pays and gains. HawkHost offers two shared hosting packages which are named as Primary and Professional respectively. It has monthly and yearly billing cycles for each package. The prices start at $2.99/mo and $7.99/mo which are as reasonable as possible.

HostGator provides users with three plans, which only starts from $6.95/mo without any hidden fees regularly. And for visitors who are interested in shared hosting service, this web host offers the unique coupon code of HG45PERCENT, which can be available via this exclusive promotional link to give a 45%-discounted promotion price of $3.82/mo.

HostGator Promotion Link Activation

Free Extras

Their shared hosting plans are set at a similar pricing level. When we take a close look at the extras, however, we find that HawkHost is not as cost-effective as HostGator. We would like to make things clear with a list of what free extras you can get from HostGator.

  • $100 credit for Bing and $100 credit for Google Adwords are available for you to improve your SEO and make a good start.
  • It is possible to access a free domain name, dedicated IP, free private SSL with the purchase of the most advanced plan (from $5.95/mo).
  • HostGator promises a 45-day money back guarantee, which means you can be closer to the service quality.
  • However, HawkHost lacks the feature offerings of such free extras except for free SSL certificate and a 30-day money back guarantee. Thus HawkHost is inferior to HostGator.

    Hosting Features

    HawkHost and HostGator share a lot of commons when it comes to the built-in hosting features. For example, both of them endow unlimited monthly bandwidth, auto-responders, e-mail forwarders, sub-domains, add-on domains, MySQL 5 databases, etc. Furthermore, both of them provide multiple programming languages including CGI, Curl, Python and so on.

    Both web hosts include unlimited disk space and bandwidth with any offered shared plan. However, special attention should be paid that do not overuse the resources to avoid the punishment from your hosting provider. It is necessary for you to read the terms of service. As a whole, both web hosts try to provide everything you need for a website.


    HawkHost declares to offers users 99.9% network uptime guarantee. But reality tells a different story. Over the Internet, many HawkHost customers point out that their servers are unbelievably slow all of a sudden, and it usually lasts for no less than 45 minutes each time. To verify the actual network condition of HawkHost, we have kept continual monitoring on its servers. As a matter of fact, its network uptime only averages 99.88% and it indeed fails to accomplish its promise.

    In comparison, HostGator has been keeping a good record of hosting uptime and page loading speed. And the calculated uptime and server response time of this web host are displayed in below.

    From the chart above, it is convincing that HostGator is a much more reliable and fast option for shared hosting.


    All in all, HostGator is more recommended for web hosting as its good reputation, cheap pricing, adequate features, helpful support and high performance. For more information, please visit its official site of www.hostgator.com.