GreenGeeks VS HostMonster – Find the Better One for You

GreenGeeks VS HostMonster – Find the Better One for You

The GreenGeeks vs HostMonster comparison tries to answer how you can make a clear decision among the two web hosts on the basis of their similarities and differences. With the rapid development, GreenGeeks and HostMonster have ranked themselves as two popular web hosts. With the goal to provide quality and affordable hosting services, both web hosts never stop the steps to make the plans more budget-friendly and improve the quality of hosting services. Therefore, it is not a surprise that both have served a huge number of webmasters.

You can find a solution from GreenGeeks and HostMonster no matter what you are in want of: reseller hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, or shared hosting. However, we would like to focus our eyes on the Linux shared hosting due to the popularity among webmasters.

Rating GreenGeeks HostMonster
Feature 4.5 stars 4.5 stars
Uptime 5 stars 5 stars
Support 4.5 stars 4.5 stars
Price 5 stars 4.5 stars
Speed 4.5 stars 5 stars
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Similarities between GreenGeeks and HostMonster

Rich features

With GreenGeeks and HostMonster, you have an access to unlimited storage, data transfer, mailboxes, FTP users, databases, and other server resources. In most cases, there is no need for you to worry about that you will reach the limit of storage and data transfer. However, it is necessary for you to have a comprehensive understanding of the privacy policy because you may fall into troubles due to the violation of some terms.

In addition, there are more features you can get from GreenGeeks and HostMonster, such as free extras, cPanel, multiple programming languages, popular open source scripts, a 30-day full refund policy, etc. It is worth your attention that both web hosts come with a free domain name, daily backups, and website builder. What’s more, you cannot get the money back if you terminate your account after 30 days.

Excellent uptime

Under normal circumstances, web hosts have the ability to guarantee a reliable hosting environment as long as they have built a stable data centers which are featured with quality servers, redundant power systems, multiple bandwidth providers, and on-site monitoring. GreenGeeks and HostMonster are not exceptions whose uptime is around 99.99% on average, which is based on our record in the past 30 days.

Good support

To be honest, it is convenient for you to ask for a help from GreenGeeks and HostMonster. When you send an email, open a chat, or make a toll-free call, the support team will guide you out of troubles in a quick way. As a whole, problems can be addressed within 15 minutes during our test.

It is also possible for you to find solutions from general inquiries from the knowledgebase and website tutorials. For your convenience, both web hosts have created many articles with regards to the commonly asked questions.

Differences between GreenGeeks and HostMonster

GreenGeeks is a green hosting provider

With deeply environmental awareness, GreenGeeks tries to compensate for the polluting power with wind energy credits. Partnering with U.S. EPA Green Power, GreenGeeks can make your website’s carbon footprint negative. If you are an environmentalist, there is no doubt that you will give high priority to GreenGeeks on the condition that it can provide eco-friendly hosting service.

GreenGeeks offers more cost-effective plan

To attract new comers, both web hosts have launched a promotional campaign with which you can better control your budget. In the regular time, the starting price of GreenGeeks is $9.95/mo and that of HostMonster is $9.49/mo. After discounts, both web hosts set a same price for new users at $3.95/mo.

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However, GreenGeeks offers more cost-effective plan when we not only find how much you need to pay but also survey what features you can get. Since HostMonster includes different server resources with the three plans, you will be charged more if you have more needs. Things turn different with GreenGeeks who includes everything you need with an all-in-one plan.

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HostMonster delivers a slightly faster speed

For the maximum performance, both web hosts equip servers with advanced technologies. In detail, the GreenGeeks servers are featured with the energy efficient Intel Xeon processors, Juniper and Cisco switches, SSD Acceleration, and BGP4 smart router. HostMonster utilizes high performance quad processor servers, a nationwide fiber network, and multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections.

At the beginning, we take it for granted that GreenGeeks will shape a faster hosting environment. However, our monitoring proves that we are wrong because the server response time of HostMonster (about 340ms) is 10% shorter than that of GreenGeeks (about 370ms). The main reason may be that HostMonster also works with CloudFlare CDN.

Find the Better One for You

In a big picture, GreenGeeks and HostMonster are two quality hosting providers. There are many similarities between them, which make it hard for you to make a choice. However, you will find a way when you take a close look at the differences.