How to Use Google Forms in WordPress

How to Use Google Forms in WordPress

At present, you can find a large number of WordPress form plugins to add any kind of forms into your website. These forms can be used for submission, survey, contact, email registration and many more. However, before choosing and installing any of these plugins, why not have considerations on the Google Forms tool? In the following, we have come out a beginner’s guide on this Google service. And also, we’d like to tell you how to use Google Forms in WordPress.

What Google Forms Is

In fact, Google Forms is one of the free online services offered by Google. You just need to have a Google account, and then, you can generate any kind of responsive forms that ensure the same functions as those created by WordPress plugins, such as encouraging subscription, collecting email addresses, starting the quizzes, gathering the feedbacks and many more.

However, the difference is that the Google Forms will store all the form information at the same location. In this case, even if you use the form at different websites, online platforms or even the email lists, you can check the results easily from your account of Google Drive.

In addition, as the versatile form tool, Google Forms provides plenty of templates. These options cover a variety of usage, which can be customized via the intuitive interface.

How to Use Google Forms in WordPress

Before starting the utilization, you firstly need to have a Google account. After the login, you can enter the Google Forms via the Google Drive dashboard. Here, you simply need to click the New button. The Google Forms button can be found from the More option in the drop-down menu.

Google Forms Button

Create the New Form

Now, you can find a lot of form templates and a blank option. You can use the pre-defined options to generate the form easily. Or, you can do everything on your own by clicking the Blank option. Note that different templates are suitable for different kinds of surveys.

Template Gallery

No matter which option you choose, you have to enter the form content in the next step. Here, we take the blank one as an example. With this one, you firstly have to enter the title and description of the form.

Enter Form Title

Then, you should hit the Add button to add the content of this form. The content and fields can be various options, such as the drop-down options, checkboxes, date and time, paragraphs and many more.

Add Form Contents

Enter the Form Contents

Note that no matter which options you choose, you can decide their display order and whether they are the required fields to finish. Even, you can insert some additional contents, such as images and videos.

In addition, if you want, you can change the color scheme of your forms. From the same page, you have the freedom to preview this form easily.

Preview Form

Next, you can set up some form settings. These settings decide how your forms are accessing and working. For instance, you can enable the multiple responses via a single user, require people to log in, shuffle the fields order and many more.

While everything is finished, you can click the Save button.

Display the Forms on Your WordPress Site

If you feel satisfied with your Google form, you should make it available online. Here, you can click the Send button from the right top corner of the screen. Note that the form can be shared via a link and email. Here, you need to choose the last option to insert the form through the HTML code.


Now, you can display the form on your WordPress site via two methods. Firstly, you can do this manually. For this, you just need to copy and paste the HTML code into the editing screen of your wanted pages or posts.

The next method is to use the Google Forms plugin. After clicking the Google Forms > Add New Google Form button, you can enter the URL of your previously created form and set up some extra features. For instance, you can decide the display style, enable the alert message, turn on the validation feature, allow the CAPTCHA feature and many more. After publishing the form, you can insert the form using the exclusive shortcode. You can find the code by clicking the Google Forms button.

Google Forms Settings