A Beginner Tutorial on Google Analytics for eCommerce: The Importance & Benefits

A Beginner Tutorial on Google Analytics for eCommerce: The Importance & Benefits

Google Analytics is recognized as a useful auxiliary tool for webmasters to map out conductive eCommerce marketing strategies. Besides, plenty of useful eCommerce solutions like TomatoCart and PrestaShop are integrated with Google Analytics. Therefore, there must be some reasons making Google Analytics so important and popular for successful eCommerce.

This time we aim to work out a comprehensive reference of Google Analytics for beginners as a beneficial tutorial. You may have learned that it is a considerate service provided by Google which gives detailed statistics of your eCommerce. While the following content analyzes the importance of the service and the benefits it brings to eCommerce in detail.

Enhance Advertising Performance

If you want to know whether your advertising campaign is working or not, refer to advertising reports which enable you to learn the conversion rates through multiple channels. Furthermore, you are able to get comprehensive real-time reports of your worthwhile marketing campaigns. Moreover, Mobile Ads Measurement is a preferable tool for you to have better performance for your mobile-friendly site.

a beginner tutorial on google analytics for eCommerce enhance advertising performanceAs for remarketing with better performance, you are able to use Google Analytics with integration of Google Display Network to help find customers who show interests in your goods and services, and then display them some related information of these products when they surf the internet.

Moreover, the SEO reports in Google Analytics are approachable for you to have a understanding of how Google search queries lead visitors to your website, which means that you should create attractive content to catch eyes of visitors.

Utilize Analysis and Testing

You can refer to the built-in Advanced Segment for detailed analysis of traffic and traffic sources of your website. Moreover, it is sensible for you to take advantage of the Annotations to understand what causes traffic issues. Therefore, you are able to the greatest extent, avoid these traffic issues.

Moreover, Content Experiments with easy setup process in Google Analytics is a good way for you to test variations of pages and summarize which design or part is most attractive for visitors.

a beginner tutorial on google analytics for eCommerce utilize analysis and testingAs a beginner, you should pay attention to Dashboards which utilize drag-and-drop widgets for easy and quick customization. In particular, you can have a comprehensive summary of various reports on one page with Dashboards.

Moreover, if you want to master the situation of your store, particularly how many people are visiting your website, where they are from and what are viewing, you should take advantage of real-time reporting to know exactly what you want.

Know Your Visitors

In the middle of the competitive eCommerce market, you need to have full-round knowledge of your customers and potential consumers if you want to have an advantageous place in the fierce competition. As for this aspect, Google Analytics helps you a lot. To be specific, its Audience Data & Reporting and Customer Dimension are 2 quite useful tools which offer you a large amount of information of your visitors.

In particular, you are able to master the visitors’ characteristics and behaviors, including how they find your store, what they are interested most and their purchase history. In addition, if you want the more detailed analysis of the path which leads visitors to your site, you can regard Flow Visualization as an approach. If you have multiple selling channels like popular social platforms, Social Reports is a good access to show you the influence of these social media.

Comprehend Your eCommerce Performance

a beginner tutorial on google analytics for eCommerce comprehend your eCommerce performanceIt is sensible for you to use Google Analytics to comprehend your website performance. To make it clear, you can use Event Tracking to measure visitors’ activities like video plays, downloads, mobile Ad clicks and more. Moreover, the Site-Speed analysis aims to show the status of loading time of you site, which means that you are able to fix slow pages according to the analysis.

The eCommerce Reports offers a comprehensive review of your selling performance including best-sellers, the most powerful promotional campaigns and much more. Also, you are able to refer to Sales and Conversions for more details. Therefore, you can adjust the selling strategies in time to build customer loyalty and promote sales.