Does GoDaddy Offer Quality VPS Hosting Service?

Does GoDaddy Offer Quality VPS Hosting Service?

GoDaddy, originally operated as Jomax Technologies in 1997 and renamed in 1999, is the world’s largest domain registrar. Besides domain business, its web hosting service has also been chosen by millions of users, a majority of which are small businesses.

It has varying plans for hosting services. Today we are going to review its VPS hosting service to find out whether it lives up to its reputation. As usual, the review shall take into account its price, features, performance and technical support. Hopefully, you can get a better understanding of their VPS hosting.

This GoDaddy VPS hosting review is based on our true experience in recent one year and intends to provide pertinent suggestions for potential VPS users.

Price and Features

GoDaddy offers five VPS plans for potential users. They are 1 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM, 3 GB RAM, 4 GB RAM and 5 GB RAM. All plans can be run by Linux or Windows with a slight difference in their price and features. Usually the monthly price for Windows hosting is $15 higher than that of Linux. The other features are basically the same. Specific price and features for Linux users in the 3 affordable plans are listed here for your reference.

Feature 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 40 GB 60 GB 90 GB
Root Access Yes No No
Dedicated IP 1 3 3
cPanel No Yes Yes
Regular Price $43.98/mo $58.98/mo $72.98/mo
Discount 15% 25% 28%
1-Month $36.98/mo $43.98/mo $51.98/mo

According to this table, 1 GB RAM is supposed to be more popular than the other four plans given its moderate price and sufficient resources. In terms of payment methods, GoDaddy provides some basic and convenient methods such as Paypal, bank cards of VISA, AMEX, Union Pay, and its own gift card.

Besides resource differences, the plans share the following features:

  • Free one year SSL Certificate;
  • Free setup;
  • FTP access.

Given the server resources and features of these VPS plans, their prices seems high because you can get an even better plan at much lower prices. For example, InMotion Hosting provides a managed VPS plan with 4 GB RAM, 60 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth, cPanel and SSD at $14.99/mo only.


GoDaddy VPS Hosting PerformanceGoDaddy promises to provide fast, reliable and secure VPS hosting for all their users. To achieve this goal, it has equipped itself with the best servers, firewalls, routers and network infrastructure. Specific measures they have taken are as follows:

  • To guarantee speed for users around the world, GoDaddy places its data centers in United States, Asia and Europe;
  • To guarantee 99.9% uptime, GoDaddy utilizes fully redundant UPS power system and fully integrated monitoring system. Multiple power paths and network connectivity are on standby in case of any interruptions;
  • To guarantee security, GoDaddy has installed advanced fire protection, suppression and detection system. Besides, it has a 24/7 Network Operation Center and on-site security staff.

Apart from these efforts made to deliver quality performance, GoDaddy has also taken extra steps in support of green hosting. For example, eco-friendly refrigerant is used for water chillers; low-sulfur fuel for diesel generators approved by EPS and green products for specialized cleaning.

However, according to our monitoring, the company has performed well in uptime, but it needs further improvement in speed. Read the following chart for real-time GoDaddy server response time.

Technical Support

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Technical SupportTo help their customers stay focused on their business, GoDaddy is ready to handle all technical problems that may occur throughout the hosting process. It offers physical support and network monitoring on a 24/7 basis. Users can ask for technical support by phone or email, but not live chat. This is a disadvantage cause live chat is a direct and convenient support channel favored by users.

Standard technical support for VPS users include network failure and hardware failure within their facility, setup failure and password errors, etc. If users need more advanced support including performance analysis and optimization, MySQL optimization, server setup, intrusion prevention, database management, DNS setup, software installation or any other support that fall outside the scope of a certain plan, they can pay for their Expert Hand Services. These fees are not refundable.

At last, GoDaddy’s customers are from different countries, so you must be very cautious when you choose GoDaddy VPS cause you need to read their policies and restriction clauses careful in case it conflicts with local laws in this field.

Money Back Guarantee

GoDaddy’s refund policy specifies the available period of refund: customers can request full refund for annual plans within 30 days, and for monthly plans within 48 hours. Further more, you can also apply for in-stored credit for unused time in monthly plans as well as annual plans if your refund application is after its refund period.

In fact, you have to apply as early as possible once you want to cancel your order because you have to deal with a kinda complex process because their service team might be busy and your request must be reviewed and approved by some related department like billing department. Another precaution is that some additional services are eligible for refund.


In conclusion, GoDaddy can be a good choice for small businesses, but it is not as good as it’s cracked up to be. It is able to provide quality VPS hosting, but the loading speed needs some improvement, and the prices are much too high.

We have also reviewed dozens of other VPS hosts and found some really good ones. Here are the 3 alternatives with reasonable prices, outstanding performance and responsive technical support.