GoDaddy Reseller Hosting Review & Rating

GoDaddy Reseller Hosting Review & Rating

To follow the trend that more and more people are beginning to start their web hosting reseller businesses, GoDaddy has already released its reselling hosting product. GoDaddy, as a large hosting firm supporting both Windows and Linux platforms, also offers shared, virtual server and dedicated hosting service.

To be honest, to choose an excellent reseller web host is not easy, especially for some first starters who want to run their own web hosting businesses. Before making the final choice, you’d better take the platform, pricing, features, support and performance factors into account. Abiding by all mentioned evaluation criteria, we make the following reseller hosting review for GoDaddy.

First of all, there are editorial ratings for this company’s reseller hosting quality.

Pricing & Plans

GoDaddy offers a total of three reseller hosting plans, which are named as Economy, Deluxe and Premium severally. This web host prices the plans of $39.99/mo, $79.99/mo and $149.99/mo regularly. Unlike other web hosts offering either monthly or yearly billing cycle, it only endows semi-annual and annual billing cycles for all plans.

For semi-annual billing cycle, the detailed the prices are $37.99/mo, $75.99/mo and $142.99/mo. And for the annual billing cycle, the detailed costings are $35.99/mo, $71.99/mo and $134.99/mo. As a matter of fact, GoDaddy is a little bit pricy.

Platform & Features

godaddy reseller hostingNote that this company’s reseller hosting is only built on Linux CentOS 64 operating system, which makes it inaccessible for people who are using or accustomed to the Windows platform. In regards to the hosting features endowed in each plan, this web host supports many basic ones, such as FTP, email accounts, cPanel and MySQL database.

The reason why reseller hosting is different from shared hosting is that the former comes with much more flexibility in scaling the amount of bandwidth, storage and RAM. And webmasters are allowed to choose the most ideal one according to their preferences and demands. In below, we list the detailed resources offered in each plan.

Features Economy Deluxe Premium
Storage 40 GB 120 GB 240 GB
RAM 1 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB 4 TB 8 TB
Dedicated IP(s) 3 3 3
Free SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes

Special attention should be paid that this web host lacks some necessary site-building and managing tools, such as site builder and script-installer. It means that people have to make more efforts in setting up their own websites than others.


GoDaddy has always been criticized for poor performance. Many injured customers argue that this provider is totally a scam and their servers go from bad to worse since starting to host sites with it. Especially for the speed, GoDaddy customers cry out that all sites hosted on this web host are super-slow beyond imagination, and they have been driven crazy for 90-second page loading speed.

To prove whether the network and server condition from GoDaddy is really disappointing, our responsible team has taken a day-and-night monitoring on its servers for a long span of time. Unfortunately, we discover that this company averages 784ms server response time, which is even more than many common web hosting providers. In this way, the performance can be admitted as the biggest defect of this company to some degree.

Here is the real performance chart of GoDaddy in the passing 30 days.

Technical Support

godaddy reseller hostingIn terms of the effective support methods, GoDaddy only allows people to contact with their staffs through English-based phone call and time-consuming email ticket. Namely, it doesn’t offer live chat contact option for customers who are not proficient or have difficulty in communicating in English.

Even worse, many people complain that their so-called support staffs are unskilled and indifferent in providing any support, and they can hardly contact with the support team especially during the peaks. Besides, if you enter “GoDaddy phone call slow” in the Google, you will find that there are quantities of complaints over the Internet.


By analysing many crucial aspects in choosing an excellent reseller web host, we find that the reseller hosting from GoDaddy is a little bit slow and unreliable, in addition to the unaffordable pricing and limited features. In this case, we have the best reseller hosting recommendations as following.