GoDaddy Renew Discount – Why GoDaddy Renewal More Expensive

GoDaddy Renew Discount – Why GoDaddy Renewal More Expensive

GoDaddy officially doesn’t provide any discount for renewal, but if you meet a nice salesman, you may get 10% discount for yearly billing. Generally, it’s in vain if you’re trying to look for a GoDaddy coupon code, promo code, source code or referral code for over 30% discount as the first bill. This is the web hosting industry rule that almost all the web hosting companies are providing a huge discount for taking customers, then charge them for the regular price which is more expensive than the initial billing.

Take the BEST-VALUE GoDaddy Deluxe web hosting plan as an example. It’s pricing for $5.94/mo, $6.29/mo and $6.64/mo for 36/24/12 months subscription regularly. Some customers may purchase the GoDaddy Deluxe plan with an additional 20% discount in holiday/off-season promotion for $4.75/mo, $5.03/mo and $5.31/mo for 36/24/12 months subscription effectively. Whatever, GoDaddy charges this plan for $8.99/mo for any subscriptions in renewal that it is over 50% more expensive.

The GoDaddy shared web hosting pricing for new customers and renew customers:

GoDaddy Economy GoDaddy Deluxe GoDaddy Ultimate
1 Year $4.74/mo $6.64/mo $9.49/mo
2 Years $4.49/mo $6.29/mo $8.99/mo
3 Years $4.24/mo $5.94/mo $8.49/mo
Renewal Price $5.99/mo $8.99/mo $14.99/mo
More Expensive 41% 51% 76%

Disclosure: Why GoDaddy Renew Discount NOT Allowed?

Many technicians choose to transfer the websites to other web hosting companies by themselves, but, unfortunately, a large portion of the customers are not knowledgable for the website migration, or are scared of the potential website downtime. Compared to the shared web hosting plans, it’s very expensive to hire a professional helping on this work – usually it charges $100 per hour. So, based on the research and analytics, many web hosting companies including GoDaddy don’t allow discount for renewing. They choose to make more profit from the large number of non-technical customers, although they know they may lose some technical customers.

Free Site Migration – Stop Looking For GoDaddy Renew Discount

Now, there are many web hosting companies provide the FREE SITE Migration service. Sign up a new web hosting account from these companies, and tell them the existing GoDaddy hosting account. Their technical support staffs can take over the whole work of website migration. You only need to site down and take a cup of coffee, your websites start to work over the new server in a coupon of minutes, without any downtime and affection to the visitors.

In this way, you can continue to get the huge discount for an affordable rate without risk and time wasted instead of looking for non-existent GoDaddy renew discount. After reviewed 100+ web hosts since 2010, we had come out a list of the following Top 3 Web Hosting companies that provide Free Site Migration service.

InMotion Hosting is the best recommended choice for taking over your existing sites. We have hosted with InMotion hosting for nearly 2 years, and have never gotten any serious down time or security issues. Based on the 113 verified customer reviews received, 99.3% of the InMotion hosting customers are satisfied with the overall web hosting services.

With the InMotion Hosting 90 days FULL money back guarantee and ANYTIME post-rated money back guarantee, your purchase with InMotion hosting is 100% risk-free. Particularly, InMotion hosting is one of a few web hosting companies charges the same in renewal. You won’t be worry about the further site migration anymore. Following this InMotion hosting promotional link to claim the exclusive 50% discount for $3.49/mo now.